EXPLOSIONS TAKE PLACE WITHIN US! Two arrests and booby-traps sent to embassies and european dictators

November 1st : A parcel having the mexican embassy in Athens as a receiver, ignites in a courrier service company office in Pagrati (central Athens), slightly injuring an employee’s fingers.

Two young men 22 and 24 years old, are arrested a little later in the area carrying -according to the cops- two parcels, targeting the belgian embassy in Athens and the french president Nicola Sarkozy, as well as two glock-type pistols.

During the next hours/days:

  • Bomb disposals of parcels targeting to the belgian and dutch embassies, as well as the one targeting Nikola Sarkozy ( which had the name of the greek government’s vice-president Theodoros Pagalos as a sender), take place by police squads.
  • A parcel inflammates at the swiss embassy without any injuries.
  • There is a controlled explosion of a parcel targeting the bulgarian embassy.
  • A parcel found – targeting the chilean embassy – went on a controlled explosion outside the parliament.
  • Bomb disposal of a parcel at panama’s embassy.
  • Bomb disposal of a parcel found at a courrier company in Athens, targeting the german embassy.
  • Bomb disposal of a parcel at the russian embassy.
  • Bomb disposals of parcels found in Athens’ airport targetting the Europol offices in the Netherlands and the European Court of Justice.
  • Bomb disposal by german specialists in Angela Merkel’s office, with the greek ministry of economy as supposed sender.
  • Bomb disposal of a parcel targeting Sylvio Berlusconi at Bologna airport in Italy, having as a “sender” mr Lykourentzos (rightwing member of parliament).
  • Bomb disposal of a parcel at a courrier company when the french embassy sent it back, judging it as “suspicious”.

As a result of the terror hysteria of the media and their disgusting reportages, there were many “bomb disposals” of parcels that the police squads thought of being “suspicious” but prooved to be just usual parcels.

After the detection of a parcel in a cargo plane at Bologna, the greek authorities suspended the overseas mail and packages carriage for 48 hours.
We should notice that no booby-trap was strong enough to seriously injure somebody. Even the german media characterised the incident at Merkel’s office as”incendiary”, while the greek media were overmagnifying the slight injury of the employee mentioned above.

The two arrested refused to respond to any questions or give fingerprints and DNA, stating that they are political prisoners and they do not recognise the procedures. The cops of the anti-terror squad cooperating with the media finks, a short time after the arrest gave to the tv channels and websites photos of the arrested, so as to get information by “citizens” who would anonymously call some special phone numbers.Moreover, the arrested relatives refused to recognise them so the cops pressed charges on them, without the necessary identification.

A few hours after the arrests, the cops gave the media the photos of 5 more “suspects” , asking again for information from”citizens”!! The photos of the “suspects” -like the ones of the arrested- travel around the world targeted as”wanted”, something that goes even beyond the limits of the constitutions of their filthy republics.

For the 22 year old arrested there was already a warrant accusing him of being part of the “conspiracy of cells of fire” group.  On November 4th, they were both put into custody for 4 misdimeanours and 4 felonies, denying to apologise to the inquisitor saying that they are political prisoners.

At the night of November 2nd there were arson attacks against 8 luxurious cars and 7 state cars in Athens, on solidarity to the arrested. There were also solidarity banners in smaller cities and a solidarity rally at the court.