8th of October: Antifascist demonstration & police brutality

On 8th of October, an antifascist gathering took place in Attiki square in Athens in solidarity with the immigrants of the area. Around 1500 people, immigrants and locals, protested against the fascist attacks, police brutality and pogroms. The gathering turned into a dynamic demonstration in the streets of Attiki, and many immigrants joined the demo.

Many cops with full equipment were blocking the streets that lead to “Agios Panteleimonas”, the district with the most fascist attacks in the last months. We should mention here that every day this district is guarded by fully armed cops, protecting the pre-elections campaign of the fascist para-state group “Chrysi Avgi”.

After the end of this great demo, most protesters took the metro to return in the center of Athens but a few immigrants decided to go back on marching. The cops grabbed the chance to attack the immigrants and as a result around 10 of them (among them some kids) got badly injured and went to hospitals with broken arms and legs.