Video about the immigrants and the fascist attacks in Greece

Video-documentary from the Norwegian state media channel about the fascist attacks and the experiences of immigrants in Greece and especially in central Athens. The video exposes the difficulties and the brutality that the immigrants experience by the Greek state and some fascists living in Athens.

Nevertheless, we don’t agree either with the character and the perspective of the documentary or with the terminology used in it (illegal immigrants, the efforts of the police, etc.).

The video is not objective about the reactions of Athens’ citizens. The fascists you see in the video chasing immigrants from the squares are not everywhere. It’s a huge problem in some areas in central Athens. There, some fascists (and not “Citizens of Athens” that they use as a name), with the cooperation of the police and the Municipality, organize pogroms and brutal attacks against the immigrants.

On the other hand, there are many people that fight neo-fascism and pogroms, trying to express their solidarity to the immigrants with actions. Of course, the enemy is the whole State and not only some dozens of fascists. We should also mention that the left-wing parties are totally absent in front of the huge problem, preparing for the elections.

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