Call of Albanian immigrants for the antifascist gathering of 8th October in Attiki Square, central Athens


It is the policy that promotes interclass conflict in order to strengthen
state power and sovereignty of the capitalist system.
This is the policy of state power through which the immigrants of the ‘second and third generation’ are used as tools against the so called ‘new’ immigrants.

The same fascist logic that until yesterday was striving against us
today is using us as a tool to serve their political interests and racist purposes.
Do not forget that we the Albanians immigrants always represented “the rubbish” from which they want to ‘clean’ the squares.
Do not forget that our common enemy is the exploitative and oppressive
system, the state and its tools.

Gathering of Solidarity at Attiki Square, 8 October, 18.00

Against the social and state racism.
Against the fascist and nationalist logic
Solidarity is our weapon against the racist policies that aim at the
discrimination of immigrants and sustain racial discrimination.
For a self-organization of immigrants and a common struggle
via anti-racist collectivities for a life of freedom and dignity.

Forum of Albanian Immigrants