Xanthi: Gestures of solidarity with hunger strikers in Greek prisons

Several solidarity gestures with the hunger strikers have taken place in the city of Xanthi (northern Greece):

– on 9/3 a banner was hung against type C maximum security prisons;

– on 13/3 the municipal radio station was symbolically occupied by comrades, who read a text on air, titled “Let’s Bring Down All Prisons”;

– a giant banner was dropped in a central area (Prokat), reading: “Solidarity with hunger striking prisoners who struggle for abolition of terror-laws (187, 187A), hoodie-law, type C prisons, for delimitation in the use of DNA, and the release of Savvas Xiros – Autonomous Hangout of Xanthi”;

– on 15 & 20/3 PA’s gatherings took place with distribution of counter-info texts;

– anti-prison documentaries were screened at Xanthi’s autonomous hangout;

– on 28/3 a demonstration was organised in solidarity with the imprisoned hunger strikers;

– on 1/4 the city hall was symbolically occupied by supporters of the hunger strikers;

– on 2/4 another PA’s gathering took place in the city centre;

– three more banners were hung at highly visible locations in Xanthi.