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Zurich: Action against a branch of Adecco

After the attacks that occurred this week against representatives of the Swiss arms industry, against several branches of Swiss Credit (here and there), and other actions against the partners of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the building of Adecco, located in Oerlikon, was decorated with a different paint job in Zurich.

As an explanation, we want to retake the text already written on the role of Adecco.*

Regardless of whether it is against the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) or the WEF, their partners and profiteers: the resistance remains feasible and necessary in all forms!

Against the summit! Against the State and Capital!

Smash WEF!

Translated from French, originally in German.

* The text in question claims an attack against a branch of Adecco in Zurich in the night of 18th to 19th January 2015. The communique specifies that Adecco, as a large temp work agency and strategic partner of the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2015, freely exploits the unemployed by adopting a policy equivalent to zero-hours contracts, not hesitating to get rid of workers as soon as they are no longer sufficiently profitable. They achieved sales growth rates of 15-21% in countries such as Spain and Portugal.

Bern: Swiss Credit attacked with paint

In the night of 21st to 22nd January 2015, we attacked with paint the Swiss Credit Agency in Köniz, Bern.

Swiss Credit is again like every year a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos [1]. The rich and powerful of this world meet once again this January in Davos to discuss together the future of their business. Just as the rich and the powerful organise in Davos and promote the daily exploitation of people, animals and nature, we organise our resistance against this.

Whether it be in Davos, Basel, Zürich or Bern, no peace in the backcountry for the summits!

Smash WEF!

Translation note: Davos is a municipality in the canton of Graubünden, located in the west of Switzerland, bordering with Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein. Translated from French, originally in German.

Zurich: Attack against two Swiss arms companies

In the night of the 19th to 20th January 2015, we attacked with fireworks RUA Defence (located in the building of Tiergarten 7, Zurich) and NEOSOFT AG (at Üetlibergstrasse 132, Zurich) as part of the campaign against the World Economic Forum (WEF). The attack is directed against two representatives of the Swiss arms industry, of which RUAG is a state enterprise. The arms contracts and the military agreements reached at the summit of the WEF in Davos emphasis here the importance of this annual meeting for this economic sector.

On the 19th September 2014, the mandate on war material that regulates the exports of Swiss arms was eased by the Federal Council, after parliament promoted this move in March 2014. The context of this derestriction was due to complaints from large arms companies (like UAG or MOWAG), that their sales were collapsing due to severe export restrictions. Since 2008, exports of war material were prohibited to countries where human rights are “systemically and seriously” neglected. This excerpt was then removed in Autumn last year, so now the export of arms is legal again, as long as there is only a small risk that the weapons will be used for “serious and systematic” violations of human rights.

Winterthur, Switzerland: Wipe out WEF!

This solidarity banner, reading “Freedom for Marco – Solidarity as a weapon”, was hung out of the prison in Winterthur, where communist Andi Stauffacher is incarcerated since May 13, 2013.

Click image to read an open letter of Andi, who declared work strike from 22 to 26 of January 2014 as a small contribution to action days of resistance against the WEF (World Economic Forum) in Davos—the annual recurring international meeting of the rulers of politics, Capital, sciences, their strategists and lackeys—but also in solidarity with the revolutionary prisoner Marco Camenisch, who went on hunger and work strike from December 30, 2013 until January 26, 2014.

Switzerland: Marco Camenish on hunger strike and work stoppage

Marco Camenisch is on hunger strike since the 30th of December 2013, contributing to worldwide resistance, the fight for total liberation, and common revolutionary solidarity beyond the various tendencies, calling out everyone to fight against all forms of domination, exploitation and repression, but also against the class war conducted from above on the occasion of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF, in Davos, from 21 to 24 January 2014).

His hunger strike began the day when he was put into solitary confinement in the Lenzburg forced labour camp of the Swiss Nazi justice system, because he refused to give urine sample. The prison administration cancelled his visitations during the disciplinary detention. Furthermore, they took away for six months the pc he was using, which is a costly loss for the comrade and his contact outside of prison walls.

On January 6th, 2014 Marco informed that he came out of the disciplinary cell, announcing that he prolongs his hunger strike, also conducting work strike (all inmates in Swiss prisons are subjected to forced labour), at least until the 26th of January.

You may send solidarity letters to the following address:
Marco Camenisch
PF 75, 5600 Lenzburg (Switzerland)

sources: switzerland.indymedia i, ii, radioazione i, ii

[Worldwide] Decentralized action days for the immediate liberation of anarchist Marco Camenisch – Marco himself on hunger strike again

From the 18th to the 25th of January 2013 I take the initiative—always weak but still an initiative—to conduct a hunger strike so as to break once again the lengthy silences imposed by repression and inaction, to raise yet another voice, a weak voice but at least one of solidarity, appreciation and participation in the initiatives of those who continue to act and build solidarity and active struggle, of those who continue to dare and enhance continuity inside and outside the prisons.”

—Excerpt from Marco Camenisch’s latest communiqué from Lenzburg prison, in Switzerland, against the upcoming annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos and always in solidarity with either imprisoned or fugitive comrades in struggle, as well as in support of the various initiatives and groups that fight for comrades’ liberation across the world.

Anarchist comrade Marco Camenisch has been incarcerated for a little over 21 consecutive years, thus he qualifies for early conditional release since he has already served 2/3 of his sentence. For this reason, solidarian prisoners in Italy have also agitated for actions against targets-structures of Swiss interests.

Here’s a worldwide call of decentralized action days for 5–6 February 2013:

“Anarchist prisoner Marco Camenisch has been confined in Italian and Swiss prisons for two decades. In the 70s and 80s, he took part in the militant struggles of the anti-nuclear movement. The first time he was incarcerated was in 1981. After he escaped from the Regensdorf hellhole (near Zürich), he was locked up again in Italy in 1991. In 2002 Marco was delivered to the Swiss authorities by the Italian statist thugs. By 2012 he had served two thirds of his prison sentence. The usual practice in Switzerland is that prisoners who have exhibited so-called good conduct are released from prison on probation after serving two thirds of their sentences. Since Marco never ceased to struggle even in prison, and firmly expressed his hatred towards the dominating system as well as his green-anarchist perspectives, his release from prison was repeatedly denied.

Marco is just one among many. There are people incarcerated worldwide who have not been suppressed by these exploitative relations of domination, and continue to fight for their ideas. And prisoners are only a small part. Everywhere people are fighting against the oppression of authorities and institutions outside the walls. Along with our everyday struggles, it’s always important not to forget our comrades who are behind the walls and not let them rot in prison.

Prisons are an expression of a society based on repression and exploitation. More and more individuals who have opposed the established order are being locked up or labeled as mentally ill. Custody is the suitable instrument in the hands of Power that gives the dominators the opportunity to get rid of resistant people and still maintain their hypocritical constitutionality.

Let us not be intimidated by their threats and repression apparatuses!

It is clear to us, freedom must be fought for!
It cannot be asked for as a claim to the State!

No need to wait until then. February can only be the peak of action. There is an ongoing solidarity campaign which began with the December 2012 hunger strikes of anarchists Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and Elisa Di Bernardo in German and Italian prisons, respectively, as well as a solidarity action in court by the anarchist prisoners Theofilos Mavropoulos and members of the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire in Greece.

Arm yourselves now… until Marco is free!

Switzerland: Communiqué by ecoanarchist prisoner Luca ‘Billy’ Bernasconi about his participation in prison protests against the World Economic Forum (WEF)

Prison separates us physically from the struggles. It isolates us from our loved ones and from the daily complicity of our paths of struggle, denying us our own desires. However it doesn’t manage to take them away from our head, nor the fight from our spirit. On the contrary, the rage and hate we feel against these walls and our jailers roots them further on into our soul, into our flesh.

The thought becomes even more impelling than on the outside: ‘what can I do?’ Therefore, when opportunities to take part in outside mobilizations from the inside of these walls arise, it’s lived as something much more than symbolic. It’s a moment I seize and make fundamentally mine, deep inside where no guard, no cop, no one else whose intention is to abuse their power, should ever be allowed to lay neither hand nor eye. There, inside us, where nothing is symbolic but everything is tension.

Leaders of different sorts of dominion (politicians and contractors, of the media and spiritual means) will meet this year at the World Economic Forum in Davos. There they will confront each other with various subjects in order to trace new models that will anchor even deeper their own privileges and allow them to get richer. Among those subjects, one that stands out is the one relative to ‘the new technological social models’ and, more precisely, ‘to the next wave of technological innovations, especially in the sciences of life, in nanotechnology, in the artificial intelligence’.

It is well known that times of crisis are very propitious periods for the elite in power to force passages that previously were impracticable, thereby introducing changes that allow the system to consolidate even better its power over everyone’s life. Crises are, in fact, what the system needs to renovate in itself and the world around it.

These days, a problem that they make us perceive with exhausting continuity is not much about the climate change (that for some is a deception, while big companies, despite putting on a greener dress, don’t care more about the planet than considering it an instrument to exploit in order to secure their business) but rather about the necessity of finding innovations in order to perpetuate this shitty society; by eliminating or delaying its most visible negative aspects such as ecological unbalances with its consequences in the changing of the climate, or the proliferation of diseases that stigmatize our health.

A turning point has thus arrived for them, in which they come up with an act of renewal that will guarantee the perpetuation of the current system of exploitation besides the imbalances and iniquities that have been accumulated all these years, especially since the latter postwar. The goal is not to solve them, because to really solve the unbalances produced, it would be necessary to question the system itself in its basic operation. In a much more simple and cunning manner they jump with both feet over it, transferring the production of harmfulness to new, more complicated and submerged levels that cannot as easily be connected directly to the system we depend on and its fundamental dynamics of production.

In this sense, nanotechnologies and biotechnologies have several very promising aspects, and the same goes for every aspect or productive sector of the techno-industrial system we live in. They’ll talk about them in Davos because at WEF ‘big’ industrialists and worldwide contractors can meet ‘big’ scientists and hi-tech pioneers from whom they get inspired, then later share a drink with some ‘big’ sponsors in order to convince them to invest and subsequently chat with some governmental authority (or nongovernmental, the roles often get blurred) in order to illustrate to them the goodness of the coming developments and researches. The moment in Davos is a privileged one. This is where the owners of this world and their accomplices (scientists and media) get inspired towards new shared (between them) strategies for their enrichment, the defense of their privileges and of their domination, naturally confirming the tendency of the last years to a sense of social and environmental responsibility (a façade).

Actually, concerning nanotechnologies, one of the key issues during the sessions in Davos will regard exactly how to ‘understand every single danger before unpredictable consequences will impact the public support for nanoscientific research in a negative way’.

It’s clear, isn’t it? Their concern is not the harmfulness that they enclose, but for people to keep on believing their promotion as a miracle of science; and to not even cross people’s minds to refuse them, as already happened (and continues to happen) with biotechnologies in the dietary field, since their development could be determining for the renovation of the system in act, and give it a more respectable facade, which, consequently, would make it more dominant. And this happens thanks to this crisis.

In order to participate in the outside struggles from within, during the WEF week, from 20th till 29th of January, I will abstain from prison food and work, which is compulsory here. This refusal is also intended to be an answer to Silvia’s recent isolation in the psychiatric section of the women’s prison in Hindelbank, as well as to the decision of the prison authorities not to grant visits of friends and comrades without a dividing glass, and in support of Marco Camenisch, whose hearing concerning the decision regarding his release on parole will take place in the next months (May 2012).

I take the opportunity to return hugs of complicity and solidarity to the comrades detained in Greece, Chile (forza Tortuga!), Mexico, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Spain, the US, UK and anywhere in the world; to the comrades of Fuoriluogo in Bologna on trial, to the people from Florence and to the antifascists from Cuneo, to the rebels arrested or charged in Val di Susa (Susa Valley) and to everyone fighting inside and outside infamous walls.

From a concentration camp for re-socialization
Regensdorf, January 15th, 2012


Switzerland: Communiqué by ecoanarchist prisoner Silvia Guerini about her hunger strike from 20th to 29th of January 2012

Nanotechnologies are going to be one of the discussion points of the World Economic Forum (WEF). This is exemplary of how, along with biotechnologies, they are something more than a simple technological development. They represent a strategic and fundamental choice for the survival of this techno-industrial system; they are the bricks with which the system will rebuild itself in every sector.

‘Control the oil and you will control the nations, control the food and you will control the populations.’ (Kissinger, 1970)

Control on basic food supplies, on resources, on rare and raw materials, to hold entire populations in check, but mostly to expand and develop a techno-industrial system. The project to achieve the strategic aim of control over the global food security started in the USA in the 30s with the creation of the corporation field of agribusiness. An empire which financed the ‘Green Revolution’, the oil and chemical corporations monopolized the field of the patents, of the seeds; they imposed and introduced the genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the southern countries. These corporations reorganized themselves as ‘life science’ businesses, at the same time as sterile GMO seeds left their laboratories. Continue reading Switzerland: Communiqué by ecoanarchist prisoner Silvia Guerini about her hunger strike from 20th to 29th of January 2012

Switzerland: Marco Camenisch, Silvia and Billy on hunger strike against the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos

This is a flyer (in Italian) that was distributed during the demo against the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Bern on January 21st, 2012.

Comrades from Villa Vegan Squat in Milan, Italy, are translating the communiqués of Marco, Silvia and Billy about the strike, so they will be available soon.

The three green anarchists imprisoned in Swiss prisons decided to join the week of mobilization against the World Economic Forum, which will be held in Switzerland during these days. Marco and Silvia are conducting a hunger strike for 10 days (January 20th–30th, 2012). Billy is abstaining from prison food and refusing to work (working is compulsory in Swiss prisons), in order to protest against the WEF, but also as a response to their prison conditions, more precisely for the liberation of Marco Camenisch in May 2012 and against the glass separator during the visits of friends.

Marco Camenisch was incarcerated in Switzerland in 1991. He’s always been active in green anarchist struggles. Silvia and Billy were arrested, along with Costa, in April 2010 in Zurich for having attempted to attack the construction site of a new nanotechnology research center of IBM with explosives.

We’re not surprised by the fact that this year in the schedule of WEF they will also deal with nanotechnologies, because, as with all the technological systems and even more the new technologies (nanotechnologies, biotechnologies and cybernetics), they are not neutral but subjected to the ones who manage economics, and a further tool in the hands of those who hold power.

While the government leaders and corporations’ bosses meet with each other to impose the new world economic developments, inside the labs experts and researchers study to create new means with which to increase social control, strengthen the soldiers, try to make our lives even more artificial and automatized, till the point of manipulating the living; manipulations that provoke devastating and irreversible effects in the earth equilibriums and on human and non human animals.

We will always fight against those who are turning the earth into a land of plastic and concrete, commodities and technologies, industries and offices: a world devoid of life.

Against the State and Capital which, with their dominating and exploitative logics want human beings to be slaves, the animals to be merchandise and the planet to be an infinite source of things to sack.

The WEF occasion cannot but increase our rage and desire to keep on struggling, inside and outside prisons.

Solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike!