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Hamburg, Germany: Solidarity with the worker of AGR-Clarin (Argentina)

After employees of the printing of AGR-Clarin newspaper were layoffed, the workspace is occupied for more than two month and the employees are on strike. The demand is to revoke the layoffs. At the moment the employer tries to break the strike by printing the Sunday edition of the newspaper in Chile. The strike and the occupation found a massive echo and many unions and syndicates solidarized with the fighting employees.

This all happens while the government of Macri attacks workers’ rights as part of an austerity policy and tries to break the resistant of the unions and syndicates. So the AGR-Clarin strike is one part of massive struggle for preserve workers’ rights.

Free Wokers Union – Hamburg

[Cybrigade] Update following yesterday’s shutdown of espiv server

On July 8th, 2014, members of the Cybrigade admin crew, as well as representatives of the Proledialers (call-centre workers, whose blog is hosted on espiv), went to the Panteion university premises. Their presence was enough to put the server back in operation.

The attempted silencing of hundreds of collectives that use the espiv infrastructure was averted. Certainly, this does not mean that similar attempts by either the authorities or private individuals cannot occur in the future.

Espiv is not owned by one administrative group, but rather is an infrastructure already used by a big part of the movement. Therefore, the struggle in defense of espiv server concerns us all. Faced with an attempted attack on struggles within the labour movement, on infrastructure of the antagonistic movement, on islets of freedom of expression and speech, solidarity is our weapon.

We support the new call by the Proledialers, for Monday the 14th of July at 9am in the office of the Labour Inspectorate located in 10, Agisilaou Street, Athens.


Athens: Intervention in solidarity with migrant worker who was beaten by his boss

‘With class solidarity and organization, we make war on the bosses and the fascists —Base union of waiters, cooks, and other workers in the food services sector’

A migrant was working for 5 months, for more than 12 hours a day, 30 days a month, at the ‘SCHERZO’ bar restaurant, located on 8, Vorea Street in Maroussi (northern suburb of Athens). His day’s wage was only 10 euros. In addition to washing dishes and doing general cleaning, he was also sent out on various errands for the sake of the business but also for personal affairs of his employer. As if that were not enough, the boss Dimitris Tyrologos owed him money. One day, as the dishwasher/utility worker was waiting to get some of his unpaid wages, the boss brutally beat him and even stole his backpack, with personal documents and money inside. The migrant worker had to be admitted to hospital, where he remained for three days. Despite a daily exploitation and intimidation at work, he promptly denounced his boss to the Labour Inspectorate after the beating, claiming his dignity as a worker, and contacted social spaces and his base union for immediate solidarity.

On Saturday, February 22nd, 2014 a first intervention was carried out by collectives and base trade unions outside the ‘SCHERZO’ bar restaurant in Maroussi. The protest was organized by the Athens base union of waiters, cooks, and other workers in the food services sector, in solidarity with their fellow worker, member of the same base union, who was employed by this business, and recently beaten up by the boss for asking to be paid overdue wages… For almost two hours, more than 200 people shouted slogans, distributed texts and pamphlets and informed passersby and nearby stores about the incident. Shortly after the gathering, protesters held a demonstration in the neighbourhood.

Any boss’ hand raised against workers should be cut off.

Greece: Reportback from protest in downtown Athens against the “White Night” on December 28th, 2013

Liberalization of shop opening hours, work on Sundays; they’ve stretched our whole life to the limit… Workers’ interests come first!

They speak of gains and losses — We speak of human lives
Luxury display windows — Unpaid workers

On Saturday evening, December 28, 2013 the Attica base union of workers in the book–paper sector together with colleagues from the commerce sector and other labour sectors, alongside members of trade unions, workers’ and unemployed people’s collectives, and neighbourhood assemblies, carried out a series of interventions in the city centre of Athens against the “White Night” and the extension of shopping hours until 11pm(!), conditions imposed on workers in retail stores by the mayor of Athens, Giorgos Kaminis, and the bosses.

At 7pm, more than 300 protesters gathered outside the ‘Public’ department store in Syntagma Square carrying banners, shouting slogans and distributing texts. Later, participants held a large and lively demonstration along Ermou Street, the major commercial road downtown. Then they moved through Aiolou Street, passed from the old city hall at Kotzia Square, and marched to Stadiou Street and then on to Panepistimiou Street, where they concentrated at the entrance of major bookstores (‘Ianos Bazaar’, ‘Ianos’, ‘Eleftheroudakis’ and ‘Papasotiriou’) which remained open in the context of Athens “White Night”. During all these interventions, demonstrators from the Attica base union of workers in the book–paper sector threw fliers and pasted posters reading “Shops as in White Prison Cells? No Thank You!”

Some of the many slogans chanted along the entire route were:

“You don’t lack the hours to shop; you lack the money and hours to live”

“Never work on a night or a Sunday; we’re better off without becoming competitive”

“The ministers, the mayor and the bosses can work Sundays and nights, for all we care”

“Flexible working hours, Sunday jobs; they’ve made our whole life fully stretched”

“Flexible working hours, unpaid work; terrorism, in one word”

“If we do not resist in every store, we will all become slaves for a bit of bread”

“Worker, there’s only one way to win; organization and resistance in workplaces”

“Luxury display windows; unpaid workers…”

Everything continues…

source/more photos: bookworker

Greece: The deadly effect of work

Walls across Attiki (Athens) and the city of Patras were pasted with 2,000 copies of this poster. The reason that kitchen and home delivery workers at ‘pizza fan’ stores (pizza franchise chain in Greece) made this flyposting was to speak about the death of Bulgarian-born Radka Nikolova at work in the Patras pizza fan store on Aghias Sofias street. Her death was largely and conveniently attributed to heart condition. However, the poster text describes the working conditions during the morning shift (i.e. when Radka lost her life).

We will either raise our voices, or be forced to work ourselves to death

Radka Nikolova, 38, was a kitchen worker in the pizza fan store in Patras. On Monday, January 14th, 2013 she was found dead at work, locked inside the store. Early estimates said the woman died due to heart failure. The story was covered up.

It is relatively known that a heart condition alone is not enough to cause someone’s death. But yes… with a job at pizza fan, our heart does not seem to last long enough.

As men and women employed in these stores, we have experienced first-hand what it means to work in the kitchen. Those of us who have worked Monday mornings for pizza fan know that one person bears an incredible workload. Too heavy deliveries of food products must all be placed in the freezers or refrigerators, supplies that often reach a weight of nearly half a ton. The store itself requires great preparation because it is left almost empty after the weekend, and additionally all spaces must be thoroughly cleaned. On top of all this, the worker has to run errands for the store’s supervisor on that day (i.e. accept deliveries, check the various products, sign paperwork, arrange payments, deal with bank deposits, pick up the phone that is incessantly ringing for different tasks). All the work is done by ONE person.

What’s more, the pressure from employers is equally unbearable. All this is often carried out under the eye of the bosses who monitor their entire store from their homes, through surveillance cameras, and make phone-calls to intervene with on-the-spot remarks.

At the time of her death in the workplace, Radka was probably an undeclared worker just like many of the workers in pizza fan chain stores.

Pizza fan is not the exception but the norm in catering businesses and restaurants as in many other sweatshops whose profits rely on our ever-tougher exploitation.

Athens: Workers’ protest against the Eurovision Song Contest

This year’s Greek Eurovision Song Contest:
Courtesy of the suffering laid-off employees of the Metropolis Stores

Andreas Kouris (owner of MAD Media Group and the Metropolis Stores) claims that he has no money to pay wages and compensations owed to his laid-off employees, nor his debts towards the State; well, he sure seems to have enough to organize the Greek Eurovision Song Contest directly assigned to him by the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT)…

Protest Rally outside the Greek Eurovision Song Contest
At GAZI MUSIC HALL (corner of Piraeus Street & Iera Odos), downtown Athens
Monday, February 18th, 2013, at 19:30

Our struggle continues until its final vindication
Laid-off employees of the Metropolis Stores

More info in English here

original English version here

Athens: Intervention at public transportation stations, and agitation of ‘Never Work on Sunday’ strike


On Saturday, December 29th, people’s assemblies and other groups intervened into metro and tram stations by unfolding banners and sharing informative material for the right to free movement, in public transport and beyond. The participants started from different points of the city until they reached the Syntagma metro station, where they tried to approach passengers and spread the need to skip paying the fare, as a form of protest. Continue reading Athens: Intervention at public transportation stations, and agitation of ‘Never Work on Sunday’ strike

$hile: Of Martyrs and Executioners —with English subtitles


In the year 1970; a group of men marching. One youth looks at the camera, raising his fist; others join him lifting a banner that reads ‘VOP’ (Vanguardia Organizada del Pueblo, ‘Organized Vanguard of the People’). We undertake a journey into the events of the past, reconstructing the history of repression in Chile and revisiting the adventure of a group of revolutionary youths which, embedded in the action of the 70s, would later be repressed by the very government of the Unidad Popular (‘Popular Unity’).

The assassination of the former vice president and interior minister Edmundo Pérez Zujovic on Hernando de Aguirre street in Santiago on June 8th, 1971, as well as the deadly assault on the headquarters of the Police of Investigations on General Mackenna Street in Santiago on June 16th, 1971 are perhaps the most memorable, yet not the only acts of the VOP (1969–71). The VOP is considered one of the few revolutionary organizations that decided to continue conducting urban guerrilla warfare once the Unidad Popular government came to power. Their unpardonable provocation was answered heavily by the Allende government that tried to bury them with blood, torture, imprisonment and oblivion.

The documentary De Martires y Verdugos was made possible by the Proyecto Documental Uno in October 2009. The names of its protagonists, the militants of the VOP, don’t appear on any memorial or in any official report of the Chilean State. Nevertheless, their story clearly establishes that those who appear to be the martyrs of democracy were and are the executioners of the people.

video with French subtitles here / references i, ii, iii, iv

[Greece] Announcement of Athens IMC collective, 22.12.2012

state emergency management

On Thursday, December 20th, 2012 Nikos Stavrakakis, president of the POSDEP (the so-called Pan-Hellenic Federation of University Professors–Researchers’ Associations), made sobbing statements about the occurrence of violence inside Greece’s faculties, asking the State to wipe away any occupied space in universities but also to get rid of Indymedia Athens. These statements were made under the pretext of two incidents at the National Technical University of Athens (Metsovio) and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Aristotelio), incidents which are not connected with each other and have obviously no relation whatsoever with the administration crew of Athens IMC.

These statements have been vulgarly reproduced by the television media of society’s mass deception, which used spectacular titles like ‘terrorism in faculties’ and distorted the real facts. Every evening, the same mainstream media are selling fear to society, licking the State’s boots and supporting the bosses, thus assisting their plans dearly.

The president of the POSDEP represents a bunch of conservative university professors who use nice-sounding words like ‘democracy’ and then ridicule themselves as they condemn violence wherever its comes from, while at the same time they are demanding the violent eviction of self-managed spaces, the violent silencing of any voice like Indymedia Athens that criticizes the establishment they loyally serve, the violent suppression of any kind of protest mobilization, either of workers or students, and the violent elimination of the probability of any struggle. They want to make their dream for universities-industries of obedient citizens come true with the new education bill. But the POSDEP failed to comment on the labour rights of the contract workers in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and their recent struggle.

In addition the POSDEP statements, which were directed against Indymedia Athens exclusively, reveal a striking similarity to the respective queries of the Golden Dawn party’s neo-Nazis in the Greek parliament. [Update in Greek:] It’s also no coincidence that these statements were spread at the same time when neo-Nazis started celebrating due to the state repression against Villa Amalias squat. The POSDEP delegates can camouflage themselves wearing the mask of a peace-loving democraticness but their words are identical in their essence: the essence of totalitarianism and squelching of any free expression.

We are not stunned by the umpteenth targeting of Indymedia Athens and self-managed occupied spaces. This is precisely a period in which attacks of Power unfold against each and every fighting and resisting part. And the courtiers of Power now float to the top and make froth.

Indymedia Athens is part of those who fight and resist the frontal attack of State/Capital. Therefore, Indymedia Athens gives a voice to those who have no voice and combat the ugliness of capitalism.

Solidarity with self-managed occupied spaces inside and outside the academic faculties. Solidarity with the just struggle of workers in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and elsewhere.

Indymedia Athens will only be shut down when the end of the world is nigh.

Athens IMC collective

Barcelona: Testimony of Ester Quintana, protester who lost an eye to police brutality on November 14th, 2012

November 29th —press cc button to enable English subtitles

Ester Quintana, 42 years old, lost an eye to the impact of a projectile fired by the Mossos d’Esquadra (the Catalan anti-riot police) during the 14N general strike in the city of Barcelona. Her version frontally contradicts the statements of the Catalan minister for Home Affairs, Felip Puig.

Your contribution is very important to Ester: If you were in the area of Passeig de Gràcia between the Gran Via and Plaça Catalunya (calle Casp) on November 14th from around 20.30 to 21.00pm (local time), or you saw anything relevant to the case from a window or balcony of a flat, you are kindly asked to contact Ester’s relatives and friends immediately at: animsester@gmail.com

Athens–Greece, September 26th: Yellow trade unions, GSEE and ADEDY, finally declare a 24hour general strike

Terrorism is a lifelong installment debt (A)

Greece’s private sector union GSEE called for a 24hour general strike against the upcoming devastating interventions [sic] of the government and the EU/ECB/IMF Troika in labour and social security issues. The public sector union ADEDY will also participate in the strike on Wednesday, September 26th, 2012.

Day by day the people’s psychological and physical misery grows, labour conditions and unemployment get even worse, and all this time the sold-out, bureaucratic syndicalism loyally serves the employers’ interests. It now seems that GSEE and ADEDY try to keep up appearances.

Let’s make the first post-election general strike and the demonstration in central Athens a beginning for the self-organization of people through grassroots unions and self-managed struggles. The yellow, collaborationist unionists and politicians will receive our response in the streets.


‘Globalize the fight’ by the Iberian Federation of Libertarian Youth (FIJL)

June 16th, 2012

Mining, transport, education… these are just the tip of the iceberg of a latent situation in all labour sectors of Asturias – and Spain. The metal industry, commerce, hotel and catering industry, public services, etc. have all been fragrantly abused by the bosses and the State, who want us as submissive and silent slaves.

However, it is not only the diverse work sectors that suffer such aggressions; the entire civil society is witnessing attacks against the gradually fewer rights that we possess, and which are mocked both through laws and by criminalizing resistance – as is the case with the miners – but up until this moment there has been no proportional response to such an infamy.

The path to follow is marked: Strike! But one which is general, extended with solidarity and made indefinite until victory, in order to make and unmake things according to our criterion – the criterion of majority – by disregarding and rejecting all those who only are attempting to take advantage of our struggles, sufferings, injustices and victories.

Since 2009, a series of barbarities have been succeeding one another in the form of labour reforms, pensions, retirement age, wage cuts, unjustified EREs [which end, shorten or suspend workers from their contracts], the close-down of profit-making enterprises, more than 300,000 million euros to the banking system… and, ultimately, a bailout which they tell us is not actually a bailout, and above all an intervention – nationalization of the puff [debt whose payment was evaded by fraudulent means] – in Bankia, as well as a corruption within the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), where no one is held responsible, nothing is being investigated and the culprits – of the crisis and our current situation – come out covered in roses.

They get away with it, they lie to us, they laugh in our faces; they spit on us and say it is raining!

Now, however, it looks like we can start to articulate a response on the basis of the conflicts that these weeks shake the land we live in. The miners showed us the way of struggle, the transport workers the way to victory (having totally and utterly won their claims, something which has been silenced in the media), the education workers the way of fighting back the injustice… while the political parties showed us how to act differently depending on the scope and their own particular interests (from the ‘People’s Party’ to the ‘United Left’, passing through the ‘Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party’, and with special mention of the extra-parliamentary radicals who neither act, nor do we expect them to do so).

It is for this reason that now all the workers and the whole of the civil society should all together in the same direction be supporting every labour sector and worker in the struggle for dignified conditions of living and a future which is not a misery. In particular, we should support the miners whose actions, strike and sabotages have been incriminated, as they have been accused of being vandals and terrorists (on several occasions by the very CCOO and UGT mainstream unions), without ever hearing the same terrorism accusations against those who are trying to destroy the coalfields – and with them the whole of Asturias – or those who are throwing thousands of families into the street by evictions.

We must stand in solidarity with the sectors in struggle, and go even further, creating links with all employment sectors that get belligerent against the policies and strategies of Capital.

But, above all, the path to follow is marked by the need to globalize the fight, making it general as is occurring in the mining regions, with all the work and social sectors going as one, not only for our own particular claims but for also for our comrades’ claims (making them our own) and, consequently, for general vindications that affect us all.

The path to follow is marked: Strike! But one which is general, extended with solidarity and made indefinite until victory, in order to make and unmake things according to our criterion – the criterion of majority – by disregarding and rejecting all those who only are attempting to take advantage of our struggles, sufferings, injustices and victories.

Towards the undefined general Strike! Towards solidarity between workers!


Cyprus: “Would you like to work with us? Then, you have to pay us 25 euros in advance!”

We learn from the commercial website of Cyta Hellas that, “Cyprus Telecommunications Authority, otherwise known as Cyta, was founded in 2007 in Greece as a subsidiary of the National Telecommunications Organization of Cyprus, with the aim of implementing its strategy for the expansion of its activities abroad.”

And how, indeed, could the well-known company not expand itself when it requires from job applicants €25 in advance as a precondition for sending their CVs?

Yes, you read that correctly; if prospective employees wish to apply for job vacancies in the specific business they are obliged, in the company’s own words, to “pay the price of €25 in order to submit their job application (the respective price must be paid in full before the definite submission of each application).” Brackets were obviously used for no other reason but to make us fully comprehend what’s being required.

Also, the company, in a headlong rush to make things even clearer in the same notice, adds that, “The required fee for the application’s submission is €25 and will not be refunded.” This company is so simple and unadorned…

Those who thought that the constantly mounting offensive against workers will not be extended to “we will pay beforehand to be able to work”, think again. Cyta leads the way.

Without any need of further comment, you may read the particular notice of vacant positions in Cyprus for yourselves (in Greek), in the corporate website cyta.com.cy.

Source: Katalipsi Esiea
“Katalispi Esiea” stands for the assembly of salaried employees, various precarious workers, unemployed and students in the mainstream media sector, in Greece, a project that was initiated shortly after the December 2008 riots, specifically during the occupation of the ESIEA building in Athens (the headquarters of the Journalists’ Union of the Athens Daily Newspapers) that lasted from 10th to 16th of January 2009. The comrades hold weekly assemblies and carry out counter-informative actions to date.

Athens: “Ink stains”, communiqué by SMED, base union of workers in the field of translation, editing, proofreading and subtitling in Greece

Note: Contra Info translation network is neither a collective of “certified specialists”, nor affiliated to the SMED itself, therefore only disseminates the following communiqué to make a very typical case of employer’s immunity in Greece wider known.
Truism No.1
Melani (“Ink”) Editions delegated the translation of a book to a colleague, after having approved sample of her work, agreed on her payment and signed a lawful agreement. However, following the translation’s delivery, “mistakes” and “deficiencies” were discovered (how extremely rare, odd and outrageous in our work…), so the translator was asked to correct the translation herself, in other words to do unpaid work for the publisher’s sake, which ought to be delegated to a practicing editor in the first place. The employer was killing two birds with one stone. We are, of course, well aware of the fact that the publishers (who otherwise show excessive interest in the quality of their books) would like to find (or rather construct?) the ideal type of worker, the person who will do all required jobs for the price of one: translator, editor, proofreader, even typesetter/layout designer and typographer/printer; perhaps also vendor, carrier and warehouse worker —an inexpensive and useful multi-tool, and above all dumb, as all tools ought to be.

Truism No.2
For a year and a half, although the lady publisher had the translation in her hands, not only refrained from publishing the book, but did not care to even start paying the predetermined fee to the translator for her work (i.e. the immense amount of 120 euros per 16 pages of a highly densely written original text, for only the translation of course; the editing was considered the worker’s nonprofit offering to the enlightened boss), despite the fact that the colleague could all the while constantly be reached. When finally the “Association of Translators, Editors and Proofreaders”/SMED intervened in favour of the colleague, demanding her immediate payment in full, the publisher stated that it is only reasonable that she cannot pay the agreed, citing, among several innovationisms (see below), some standard lines: the market conditions, the economic difficulties of her own, the drop in sales, even… the plight of the country. Moreover, it is known that, as far as book publishers are concerned, translators and editors—oddly enough when it’s the time to be paid—are portrayed as “collaborators” who “have” to bear the damages of businesses, if not of the very country itself, namely to share the losses, while they never share the profits.

Next to all these trivialities, however, also some brilliant originalities appear:

Innovationism No.1
Even before SMED’s intervention in the case, the publisher had already announced on the editions’ website that the book is due to be published, translated by… the publisher herself(!), although the agreement with the colleague remains in force and the translation is ready since a year and a half. The colleague protested, and the publisher hastened to hide the post in question from her business website. A promising start for the even more imaginative sequel:

Innovationism No.2
After successive meetings, discussions and controversies, the publisher refused to settle the colleague’s payment, this time in a definitive manner, arguing that the translation is “bad” and in need of “lots of revisions,” for which “there is no money.” She was merely implying a fez (Turkish work used for unpaid debt) under the guise of quality. So, when you earn a living as a translator, not only should you become an editor of your work, too, but also if the publisher doesn’t want to, he/she might not pay for your work. Whether an employee will be paid for work already done, in these gloomy times of violent circumvention of any kind of rights, depends entirely on the employer’s moods and appetites. Nevertheless, everyone can realize the obvious: if a translation is no longer good or satisfactory, and becomes “bad” and “unacceptable”, depends solely on whether the publisher wants to pay or not. “Errors” can be “discovered” in any translation, and are nothing but pretexts for publishers so as to speculate at our expense.

Innovationism No.3 (a venomous one)
The publisher, in an unprecedented move, had the nerve to send to the colleague an extrajudicial document, asking for compensation for escaped profits due to the non-publication of the book and the loss of the rights issue that had been granted from the foreign publisher. This is an unheard demand. A publishing company is asking for compensation from an eternally indebted translator for not publishing a book for which the sole responsibility lies with the company itself. No reference whatsoever was made to the “escaped” (for a year and a half) fee of the colleague, neither to all of the tricks to which the publisher has resorted in order not to do the obvious: pay in full the colleague’s fee for the translation.

The messages are clear by now: Firstly, owners of publishing companies can refuse to pay translators and editors at their own discretion, on the pretext of the “poor quality” of their work. Secondly, colleagues who claim their fees are likely to be found in courts. Thirdly, workers that do any job not only won’t know if they’ll get paid for it, but they better wish that they won’t have to pay their employers out of their own pocket.

Faced with this “civilization” of unpaid labour, of every fez and extrajudicial order, the civilization of our impoverishment, we respond with the civilization of solidarity, collectiveness and dignity. SMED will continue to struggle until the full payment of our colleague for her work, helping her by all unionist and legal means. No intimidation will go unanswered; no publisher will continue to represent the “culture bearer” at the expense of practitioners and workers who toil to ensure the production and quality of books and prints.

None colleague should be left alone
Now and ever, united against the undervaluation of our work

smed.gr / syl.smed[at]gmail[dot]com

Athens: Thuggish prosecution against a leftist antifascist who helped an immigrant escape arrest in Kallithea

Public denouncement by an initiative of builder workers in Kallithea

Hands off our fellow worker Nikos Katsifis

Our initiative of builder and construction workers denounces the arrest of the builder worker Nikos Katsifis that was made on Sunday, May 13th, 2012, outside his home by plainclothes cops. This followed a massive rally of Greek and immigrant workers, the previous evening, against the fascist attacks with the police’s tolerance in the district of Kallithea and beyond. Our fellow worker, who lives in the same area, participated in the protest gathering, too.

The thuggish-terrorist arrest of Nikos Katsifis, who is a builder worker and unionist (member of the Builders Syndicate and in particular the section of Kallithea, having many years of consistent active participation), clearly proves that what the hand of the para-State cannot touch, is touched by the official State’s hand, and vice versa. It seems that the bourgeois bloc of the Memorandum, of poverty and misery, is annoyed when the working movement takes to the streets to claim, struggle, raise embankments against the capitalist barbarity, the repression, against racism and fascism.

They should know all too well that we will not leave any fellow worker (Greek or immigrant) alone facing their terrorism.
They should rethink before messing once again with the working movement.
And from now on, they will keep finding us against them.


Initiative of builder and construction workers

Nikos Katsifis was detained in the police headquarters of Athens (GADA) and were to appear before the prosecutor today (14/5), initially accused of disturbing the peace, resistance against the authorities, removing a detainee from police, insult, attempted simple assault —charges introduced by police officers who had tried to arrest an immigrant during the antifascist rally in Kallithea on Saturday (12/5), an incident where Nikos was also present, among other protesters that managed to set the immigrant detainee free, in a direct and combative way. It has also been reported that Nikos’ arrest resulted from a testimony by a thug affiliated with the neo-Nazi party Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn. The trial was postponed for Tuesday, May 22nd, and Nikos was released and left the Evelpidon courts together with his 150 supporters, who chanted slogans earlier in the courtroom, demanding his immediate release and stating that this is a purely political prosecution.

Montevideo, Uruguay: Anarchist comrade arrested for clashes with scabs on May Day

Freedom to comrades prosecuted for fighting
They touch one, they touch us all! Solidarity with the fighters!

On Wednesday, May 9th, police detained two comrades, one of them at his working place and the other one at his house. They were both transferred to the Department of Special Operations, and in the morning of Thursday, May 10th, they were taken to the Court to testify.

The one was released, while comrade David was taken in custody once again, accused for attacking a scab taxi driver, who was working on May Day.

The sentence might extent from 3 months up to 3 years’ imprisonment, and the judge will take his decision during the next 10 days. Comrade David is been charged with physical assault and material damages on vehicles.

What the State condemns is not just the aforementioned incident, but the attack against the crutches of its bosses, since it is not very convenient for their world of exploitation; what is being convicted is the rupture with the life conditions that are imposed by the State and the Capital.

At the same time, they try to generate fear to all those that will not bow their head or look away, all those that do not resign, and all those that do not accept this way of living. This is why we address a call to stand in solidarity, so that we make it clear that no comrade will be left alone.

Friday, May 11th: Solidarity gathering at Libertad Square, by 16.00, for the liberation of anarchist comrade David.

source: periódico anarquía

A scab, an enemy.

photos of more solidarity graffiti

Santiago de Chile 1921: ‘Go find yourself a revolver!’

Read the whole small pamphlet by clicking on the photo.

Go find yourself a revolver; the sooner the better. Buy, borrow or rob one. You should be armed, that’s the point. When the working class, conscious and armed, demands their rights to life and freedom, then you will see how the thrones and tyrants fall. As long as you keep screaming like a fool in the streets, begging for bread and justice, you will see how the bullets rain down on your head. I put an end. By finding yourself a revolver and advising others to prepare for the Revolution, you’ll see the revival of a new dawn for the world. Go find yourself a revolver!

—from a text originally published in the periodical El Comunista/The Communist of the bakers of Santiago, under the pen name Juan Levadura/‘Yeast’

sources: i, ii

İstanbul, Turkey: Police attacked three of our comrades who were pasting May Day posters in Maltepe

Three comrades from the Revolutionary Anarchist Action (Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet-DAF) were attacked and detained by cops while they were putting May Day posters on street walls in the Maltepe district of İstanbul. When the comrades resisted the arrest, the cops used tear gas, and then a fight broke out that resulted in injuries.

The cops, who know the Revolutionary Anarchist Action from the workers’ struggles and strikes in Maltepe, also shouted to our comrades that “Here is neither Greece, nor Athens!

We won’t be frustrated or intimidated by police.
We will continue our anarchist struggle.

Hands off our comrades!

sources: anarsihaber, anarsistfaaliyet

Montréal, KKKanada: Call out for an anti-capitalist/anarchist May Day

Three posters for an anti-capitalist/anarchist demo on May 1st, 2012, one calling for a general social strike on May Day, another by anonymous anarchists, and a third by the Convergence of Anti-Capitalist Struggles (CLAC-Montréal).

read also Anarchist contingent, Montréal, May Day 2012

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Greece: What does the Golden Dawn say about women?

Here follows an article of one participant or contributor in the ‘Xekinima–Socialist Internationalist Organization’ with whom translators clearly don’t affiliate ourselves; nevertheless, it summarizes positions of the neo-Nazi party ‘Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn’ regarding the role of women, so we present it as reference of counter-propaganda (in this case leftist) against neo-Nazis who amp up for general elections.

What does the Golden Dawn say about women?
If anyone watches closely the concentrations, demonstrations, actions and public appearances of the Golden Dawn, they will notice that this space is dominated by a huge majority of men. The absence of women from their ranks is not accidental. The procedures inside the Golden Dawn are not at all democratic; there is no such thing as discussion and controversial free speech, but rather those who emerge are all kinds of bullies, henchmen and army fanatics, in activities that ‘concern’ mainly men.

Beyond this, however, the model of woman whom the Golden Dawn envisions is not at all appealing to the female population.

A woman suffers double and triple blows by the Golden Dawn, by fascism and Nazism. When fascists assault workers and stab immigrants and minorities, then the working women, the immigrant women and women from minorities are being attacked all the same. Moreover, the Golden Dawn reserves a special obscurantism for women. Continue reading Greece: What does the Golden Dawn say about women?

Greece: Text by unemployed anarchists from Trikala

Arson and wildfire for the Prefecture and all Municipalities in our regional unit [nomos].

We should not let any polling station open in the regional unit where we live. Let all polling places burn just like they’ve burned our lives.

People of Trikala, you must finally wake up!

How did our regional unit come to be in such a mess?

Where is their so-called development now, where are their construction works, where exactly are their great and fake words?

How is it that the unemployment rate has reached 25% in this regional unit?

How come we have empty refrigerators and empty pockets now?

How did farmers and animal breeders cease to exist?

Where did all the social security stamps [ensima] from public funds go, when these payment stamps are specific when it comes to public projects?

Where the fuck did the social security stamps from the work in construction sites go?!

Where are you, prosecutors, and Pharisees, and secretaries?

Why the hell don’t you conduct inspections inside the Prefecture? What are you waiting for? Do you expect us to torch these buildings first, so that you can talk about provocateurs of your democracy?

Go on; gather your Security Battalions [Germanotsoliades], and first of all look at your own mess.

Be right yourselves first, and then you may have requirements for democracy.

It can no longer be that the entire regional unit is starving and the unemployment is remaining so high.

Fire and blast to the Prefecture.

No polling station in the regional unit.

Better loved from afar; we don’t want you here.

As long as unemployment and hunger reap us in their wake, they turn into fire; and our despair has turned into a river, and the river of despair has risen and drowns everything in its wake.

Whether this is the Jeep of a brigadier general, or of Tamilos (the former mayor of Trikala), or of the police, or of any public entity that absorbs most of the public funds at the expense of the working and farm–livestock sector.

Fire and blast to the Prefecture.

Unemployed anarchists from Trikala

the original communiqué here

Bern, Switzerland: ‘Solidarity with the occupied hospital in Kilkis (Greece)’

As a token of our solidarity with the workers who had occupied the hospital in Kilkis (Greece) and self-administrated it since February 20th, 2012, we placed a banner outside the Greek embassy in Bern. Especially in times when the pressure on wage earners is rising worldwide, the repression is growing, and an increasing number of struggling workers are showing up everywhere, it is important to demonstrate reciprocal solidarity across all borders and to support each other.

Abolish capitalism, smash the State!

Note [May 2012]:

Kilkis hospital’s occupation has been practically terminated. To our knowledge, there is no formal announcement about the suspension of the hospital’s occupation by the workers themselves, but according to an article from March 9th, 2012 (on a Greek blog which we don’t affiliate ourselves with), the occupation has been ‘suspended’. But the struggle goes on. You may send your enquires at the Union of the Hospital Doctors in Kilkis, enosi.kilkis[at]yahoo.gr, to find out more about latest developments there. Also, the hospital’s standard phone numbers should be operating as before. So, here they are: +30 23410 38400, +30 23410 25998, +30 23410 20400. Also, there is a recent video about the ongoing struggle at Kilkis hospital by diakoptes (in Greek only), where it is explained that by April 2012 the workers have suspended their working hours and now only serve hospital emergency incidents, until they are all fully repaid the salaries that the State owes them.

Kilkis, Northern Greece: Message from a member of the workers’ general assembly, from the occupied city’s hospital

Hello all,

Thank you so much for your interest and support.

The occupation of our hospital in Kilkis by its workers started on Monday, February 20th, at 8:30 local time. This occupation is not only about us, the physicians and the workers at the Kilkis Hospital. Neither is it only about the Greek National Health System (ESY), which is collapsing, indeed. We are in this fight because what are in real danger now are the human rights. And this threat is not against just a nation, or against a few countries, or a few social groups, but against the low and middle classes in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, in the whole world. Today’s Greece, is tomorrow’s picture of Portugal, Spain, Italy and the rest of the countries worldwide.

The workers at the Kilkis Hospital and at most of the hospitals and health centers in Greece are not paid on time and some of them see their salaries being cut down to practically zero. A fellow-worker of mine was transferred to our cardiologic clinic in shock, when he realized that instead of receiving the usual check of 800 euros (yes; that is his monthly salary) from the state, he received a note saying that not only he will be paid nothing for this month, but he is also to return 170 euros. Other workers were paid only 9 (nine) euros for this month. Those of us who still receive some kind of a salary will support them in any way we can.

This is a war against the people, against the whole community. Those who say that the public debt of Greece is the debt of the Greek people are lying. It is not the people’s debt. It was created by the governments in collaboration with the bankers in order to enslave people. The loans to Greece are not used for salaries, pensions and public care. It is exactly the opposite: salaries, pensions and care are used to pay the bankers. They are lying. Contrary to what they declare, they do not want a debt-free society. They create the debts themselves (with the help of corrupt governments and politicians) for their own benefit. They gave Greece a banker as prime minister to ensure that the “job” will be done properly. Our Prime Minister Lucas Papademos was not elected at all. He was appointed by the ECB and the bankers with the help of European and Greek corrupt politicians. This is their interpretation of the term “democracy”.

The debts are created by bankers who create money out of thin air and collect interest, just because our governments gave them the right to do so. And they keep saying that for those debts it is you and me and our children and grandchildren that will have to pay with our personal and national assets, with our lives. We do not owe them anything. On the contrary, they owe the people a great part of the fortunes they made thanks to the political corruption.

If we do not open our eyes to this truth, we will soon all become slaves, working for 200 or less a month. That is those of us who will be able to find a job. No medical care, no pensions, homeless and starving, as now is the case with my fellow citizens in Greece. Thousands of them live outdoors and starve.

We have no intention to paint the reality with dark colors, but this is the truth. This situation is not due to a financial or monetary accident or mistake. It is the start of the ugly phase of a long process following a carefully designed plan, a process that has started decades ago.

We have to fight together against this neoliberal plan. And this is what we, in Kilkis and in so many cities around the world, do now.

For the time being, we are not considering the opening of a donations account. We might, however need to do this in a few months or even weeks, if the situation worsens. What we currently need most of all is moral support and publicity. Local struggles all around the world have to spread and gain massive support if we are to win the war against the corrupt system. If you can think of any additional ways to spread our news and ideas, it would be great.

You can contact us at enosi.kilkis@yahoo.gr

Again, we can’t thank you enough for your kind thoughts and words.

Leta Zotaki, director of the radiology department, Kilkis Hospital
member of the workers’ general assembly
president of the Union of the Hospital Doctors in Kilkis (ENIK)

Aspropyrgos, Attica: Neo-Nazis ‘support’ the Greek Steelworks strikers, and workers’ spokesmen and several other strikers welcome the scum warmly, instead of kicking their ass

From left to right on the screenshot: Ilias Kasidiaris (Golden Dawn’s henchman), another spokesman of the workers’ union, Ilias Panagiotaros (Golden Dawn’s henchman) and Giorgos Sifonios (president of the workers’ union, completely friendly as it seems with both the Stalinists and the neo-Nazis)

An official article on the webpage of the neo-Nazis reads ‘The Golden Dawn [Chrissi Avgi] on the side of the Greece Steelworks strikers’! The neo-Nazis did pay a visit to the factory and shared out staple goods where they had put stickers with their name and the national flag, reading their racist motto ‘… to cleanse the place for good ’. And what did the strikers do? They accepted their ‘bid’ and even allowed them to speak out their vomiting propaganda. We’ve seen the related video; we know it is in fact true; we don’t care to show this filth to you. What we need to say is that this is a complete disgrace of any notion of a labour struggle. Not only did the steelworkers in Aspropyrgos not abolish their ties with the Stalinists of KKE and PAME so far, but now some of them even had the nerve to applaud the killers of the Golden Dawn. Even if these strikers could regain any dignity left on them and denounce publicly the visit of the neo-fascists in the factory (17/2), we are making clear that we will not tolerate any other neo-Nazis speaking in behalf of workers’ struggles. It is not only absurd but fucking infuriating. The strong wave of solidarity itself, shown to the steelworkers by people across the country and the world all these past 108 days of their ongoing strike, demands that they don’t make matters worse.

‘For risks and side effects of Nazi parades, read a history book or ask your grandparents’

Fuck the neo-Nazis. Don’t buy their shit.
Social civil war!