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Hamburg, Germany: Solidarity with the worker of AGR-Clarin (Argentina)

After employees of the printing of AGR-Clarin newspaper were layoffed, the workspace is occupied for more than two month and the employees are on strike. The demand is to revoke the layoffs. At the moment the employer tries to break the strike by printing the Sunday edition of the newspaper in Chile. The strike and […]

[Cybrigade] Update following yesterday’s shutdown of espiv server

On July 8th, 2014, members of the Cybrigade admin crew, as well as representatives of the Proledialers (call-centre workers, whose blog is hosted on espiv), went to the Panteion university premises. Their presence was enough to put the server back in operation.

The attempted silencing of hundreds of collectives that use the espiv infrastructure was averted. […]

Athens: News from the bookworkers strike called on the 18th of June

Click image to read the text.

via ESE–Libertarian Syndicalist Union (Athens)

Athens: Intervention in solidarity with migrant worker who was beaten by his boss

‘With class solidarity and organization, we make war on the bosses and the fascists —Base union of waiters, cooks, and other workers in the food services sector’

A migrant was working for 5 months, for more than 12 hours a day, 30 days a month, at the ‘SCHERZO’ bar restaurant, located on 8, […]

Greece: Reportback from protest in downtown Athens against the “White Night” on December 28th, 2013

Liberalization of shop opening hours, work on Sundays; they’ve stretched our whole life to the limit… Workers’ interests come first!

They speak of gains and losses — We speak of human lives

Luxury display windows — Unpaid workers

On Saturday evening, December 28, 2013 the Attica […]

Greece: The deadly effect of work

Walls across Attiki (Athens) and the city of Patras were pasted with 2,000 copies of this poster. The reason that kitchen and home delivery workers at ‘pizza fan’ stores (pizza franchise chain in Greece) made this flyposting was to speak about the death of Bulgarian-born Radka Nikolova at work in the Patras pizza fan store […]

Athens: Workers’ protest against the Eurovision Song Contest

EUROVISION, LET’S GO! This year’s Greek Eurovision Song Contest: Courtesy of the suffering laid-off employees of the Metropolis Stores

Andreas Kouris (owner of MAD Media Group and the Metropolis Stores) claims that he has no money to pay wages and compensations owed to his laid-off employees, nor his debts towards the State; well, he sure seems […]

Athens: Intervention at public transportation stations, and agitation of ‘Never Work on Sunday’ strike

On Saturday, December 29th, people’s assemblies and other groups intervened into metro and tram stations by unfolding banners and sharing informative material for the right to free movement, in public transport and beyond. The participants started from different points of the city until they reached the Syntagma metro station, where they tried to approach passengers […]

$hile: Of Martyrs and Executioners —with English subtitles


In the year 1970; a group of men marching. One youth looks at the camera, raising his fist; others join him lifting a banner that reads ‘VOP’ (Vanguardia Organizada del Pueblo, ‘Organized Vanguard of the People’). We undertake a journey into the events of the past, reconstructing the history of repression in Chile and revisiting […]

[Greece] Announcement of Athens IMC collective, 22.12.2012

On Thursday, December 20th, 2012 Nikos Stavrakakis, president of the POSDEP (the so-called Pan-Hellenic Federation of University Professors–Researchers’ Associations), made sobbing statements about the occurrence of violence inside Greece’s faculties, asking the State to wipe away any occupied space in universities but also to get rid of Indymedia Athens. These statements were made under […]

Barcelona: Testimony of Ester Quintana, protester who lost an eye to police brutality on November 14th, 2012

November 29th —press cc button to enable English subtitles Ester Quintana, 42 years old, lost an eye to the impact of a projectile fired by the Mossos d’Esquadra (the Catalan anti-riot police) during the 14N general strike in the city of Barcelona. Her version frontally contradicts the statements of the Catalan minister for Home […]

Athens–Greece, September 26th: Yellow trade unions, GSEE and ADEDY, finally declare a 24hour general strike

Terrorism is a lifelong installment debt (A)

Greece’s private sector union GSEE called for a 24hour general strike against the upcoming devastating interventions [sic] of the government and the EU/ECB/IMF Troika in labour and social security issues. The public sector union ADEDY will also participate in the strike on Wednesday, September […]

‘Globalize the fight’ by the Iberian Federation of Libertarian Youth (FIJL)

June 16th, 2012

Mining, transport, education… these are just the tip of the iceberg of a latent situation in all labour sectors of Asturias – and Spain. The metal industry, commerce, hotel and catering industry, public services, etc. have all been fragrantly abused by the bosses and the State, who want us as submissive […]

Cyprus: “Would you like to work with us? Then, you have to pay us 25 euros in advance!”

We learn from the commercial website of Cyta Hellas that, “Cyprus Telecommunications Authority, otherwise known as Cyta, was founded in 2007 in Greece as a subsidiary of the National Telecommunications Organization of Cyprus, with the aim of implementing its strategy for the expansion of its activities abroad.”

And how, indeed, could the well-known company not expand […]

Athens: “Ink stains”, communiqué by SMED, base union of workers in the field of translation, editing, proofreading and subtitling in Greece

Note: Contra Info translation network is neither a collective of “certified specialists”, nor affiliated to the SMED itself, therefore only disseminates the following communiqué to make a very typical case of employer’s immunity in Greece wider known. Truism No.1 Melani (“Ink”) Editions delegated the translation of a book to a colleague, after having approved sample […]

Athens: Thuggish prosecution against a leftist antifascist who helped an immigrant escape arrest in Kallithea

Public denouncement by an initiative of builder workers in Kallithea

Hands off our fellow worker Nikos Katsifis

Our initiative of builder and construction workers denounces the arrest of the builder worker Nikos Katsifis that was made on Sunday, May 13th, 2012, outside his home by plainclothes cops. This followed a massive rally of Greek and immigrant workers, […]

Montevideo, Uruguay: Anarchist comrade arrested for clashes with scabs on May Day

Freedom to comrades prosecuted for fighting

They touch one, they touch us all! Solidarity with the fighters!

On Wednesday, May 9th, police detained two comrades, one of them at his working place and the other one at his house. They were both transferred to the Department of Special Operations, and in […]

Santiago de Chile 1921: ‘Go find yourself a revolver!’

Read the whole small pamphlet by clicking on the photo.

‘Go find yourself a revolver; the sooner the better. Buy, borrow or rob one. You should be armed, that’s the point. When the working class, conscious and armed, demands their rights to life and freedom, then you will see how the thrones and […]

İstanbul, Turkey: Police attacked three of our comrades who were pasting May Day posters in Maltepe

Three comrades from the Revolutionary Anarchist Action (Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet-DAF) were attacked and detained by cops while they were putting May Day posters on street walls in the Maltepe district of İstanbul. When the comrades resisted the arrest, the cops used tear gas, and then a fight broke out that resulted in injuries.

The cops, who know […]

Montréal, KKKanada: Call out for an anti-capitalist/anarchist May Day

Three posters for an anti-capitalist/anarchist demo on May 1st, 2012, one calling for a general social strike on May Day, another by anonymous anarchists, and a third by the Convergence of Anti-Capitalist Struggles (CLAC-Montréal).

read also Anarchist contingent, Montréal, May Day 2012


Greece: What does the Golden Dawn say about women?

Here follows an article of one participant or contributor in the ‘Xekinima–Socialist Internationalist Organization’ with whom translators clearly don’t affiliate ourselves; nevertheless, it summarizes positions of the neo-Nazi party ‘Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn’ regarding the role of women, so we present it as reference of counter-propaganda (in this case leftist) against neo-Nazis who amp up for […]

Greece: Text by unemployed anarchists from Trikala

Arson and wildfire for the Prefecture and all Municipalities in our regional unit [nomos].

We should not let any polling station open in the regional unit where we live. Let all polling places burn just like they’ve burned our lives.

People of Trikala, you must finally wake up!

How did our regional unit come to be in such […]

Bern, Switzerland: ‘Solidarity with the occupied hospital in Kilkis (Greece)’

As a token of our solidarity with the workers who had occupied the hospital in Kilkis (Greece) and self-administrated it since February 20th, 2012, we placed a banner outside the Greek embassy in Bern. Especially in times when the pressure on wage earners is rising worldwide, the repression is growing, and an increasing […]

Kilkis, Northern Greece: Message from a member of the workers’ general assembly, from the occupied city’s hospital

Hello all,

Thank you so much for your interest and support.

The occupation of our hospital in Kilkis by its workers started on Monday, February 20th, at 8:30 local time. This occupation is not only about us, the physicians and the workers at the Kilkis Hospital. Neither is it only about the Greek National Health […]

Aspropyrgos, Attica: Neo-Nazis ‘support’ the Greek Steelworks strikers, and workers’ spokesmen and several other strikers welcome the scum warmly, instead of kicking their ass

From left to right on the screenshot: Ilias Kasidiaris (Golden Dawn’s henchman), another spokesman of the workers’ union, Ilias Panagiotaros (Golden Dawn’s henchman) and Giorgos Sifonios (president of the workers’ union, completely friendly as it seems with both the Stalinists and the neo-Nazis)

An official article on the webpage of the neo-Nazis reads ‘The […]