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Prague: Victory of SRB in fight against Řízkárna restaurant

The fight of the Network of revolutionary cells (SRB) against Prague restaurant Řízkárna lasted over a year. The owner of the restaurant Vladimir Krulec didn’t pay wages to his employees. He finally admitted defeat. After pressure of SRB he paid owed wages to some of the employees who worked there.

SRB organized different sabotages of the […]


Ten bread rolls four red apples a green apple a banana dozens of sandwiches rolled in aluminum foil

We try to save what can be saved from this crooked world scavenging your garbage cans scavenging your tourist life

Do you need any towels? Do you need any toilet paper? we ask while diving deep into consumers’ leftovers

My […]

Athens: Intervention in solidarity with migrant worker who was beaten by his boss

‘With class solidarity and organization, we make war on the bosses and the fascists —Base union of waiters, cooks, and other workers in the food services sector’

A migrant was working for 5 months, for more than 12 hours a day, 30 days a month, at the ‘SCHERZO’ bar restaurant, located on 8, […]

Greece: Reportback from protest in downtown Athens against the “White Night” on December 28th, 2013

Liberalization of shop opening hours, work on Sundays; they’ve stretched our whole life to the limit… Workers’ interests come first!

They speak of gains and losses — We speak of human lives

Luxury display windows — Unpaid workers

On Saturday evening, December 28, 2013 the Attica […]

Setúbal, Portugal: Reportback from MayDay

Nearly 120 persons participated in the anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist demonstration in the city of Setúbal. This was the 4th year in a row that comrades from various libertarian tendencies marched in the streets of Setúbal, in order to vindicate MayDay and promote the fight against the State/Capital.

In 2011, comrades actively resisted the detention of a […]

UK: Self-Organised London buzzing with activity

The Self-Organised London (SOL) squatted social centre continues to resist eviction at Elephant and Castle despite a court of their Order awarding its corrupt owners a possession order three weeks ago.

In truth, the current occupiers never held any hope in the current State-Capital system to yield any justice to the local […]

Madrid: Incendiary attack on an office of the Spanish national service of (un)employment

On the night of Monday, November 19th, an incendiary device was placed at the entrance of an office of the traditional National Institute of Employment (INEM)* in the Madrid neighbourhood of Prosperidad. This location was chosen because it is considered a factory of daily humiliation, disillusion and routine; because of that […]

Thessaloniki: Update on the trial of anarchist Babis Tsilianidis

Comrade Babis Tsilianidis, imprisoned now in the 1st wing of Koridallos prisons, stated that he will not attend this court, in the same way he did not attend previous court proceedings, thus ‘refusing to apologize to my judges, to prosecutors of the multiform liberation struggle,’ as he explains in his text, which can be found […]

Children of the King Ludd

The children of the King Ludd will pick up handmade hammers and swing them down again and again with fury until they smash Machine for good and neither gear nor pinion remains intact so every little thing each and every event will stop coming out in copies we cease counting in numbers and One becomes […]

Athens, May 17th: Strengthening reciprocal solidarity


On Thursday, May 17th, members of the translation counter-information network Contra Info, continuing an effort to strengthen international and reciprocal solidarity, raised banners on five different locations in the area of Exarchia, downtown Athens.

Beat the scabs up – Solidarity with comrade David Lamarte in Uruguay


Thessaloniki: Supermarket expropriation as a token of solidarity with imprisoned anarchist Rami Syrianos, who is on hunger strike since May 15th

Text that was shared out during the supermarket expropriation: We won’t beg for a pittance from no boss. We live in a reality full of inequalities. Others wonder what to throw out from their filled fridge, and others look for food in the garbage bins. Others are looking after a career with high salaries, and […]

Lavrion, Attica: Anarchist intervention about the economic crisis

On the morning of Thursday, September 1st, in Lavrion’s open-air market, anarchists made an intervention on the economic crisis that was met with a warm response from most of the people. Here is the text that was distributed:


A few thoughts on […]