Madrid: Incendiary attack on an office of the Spanish national service of (un)employment

On the night of Monday, November 19th, an incendiary device was placed at the entrance of an office of the traditional National Institute of Employment (INEM)* in the Madrid neighbourhood of Prosperidad. This location was chosen because it is considered a factory of daily humiliation, disillusion and routine; because of that thick tedium breathed in that or any other unemployment office. It was chosen because they are killing us, and those left alive are offered the scraps.

Apart from claiming our dignity, this action shows physically our discouragement, our lack of hope, our grudge and our hatred that can be found in our eyes and in those of all the other people who travel with us in the subway in the morning.

Indeed, the action was carried out by the intern who returns home every single day with a feeling of humiliation clouding her eyes, by the worker who spends three times more time with her coworkers than with her partner, by the unemployed who prays for not being called for a job in the whole damn life, by the young mother who does not know how the fuck she will feed her kids if they are kicked off the house where they are living…

The next action can be carried out by you any night.
Fuck them and their jobs.
To spread anger with ink, stones and petrol.

in Spanish

* now renamed Public Service of State Employment (SEPE)

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