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Bloomington, Indiana: Noise demonstration

On the night of July 4th, a small group of individuals had a noise demonstration at the local jail. We shouted to those held captive, lit off fireworks and smoke bombs, and scattered hundreds of leaflets.

There is no point in waiting until there are enough people, until the time is right: you will be waiting forever. Small, modest actions are the necessary groundwork for revolt. You do not need great numbers to do meaningful things.

Text from the leaflet:


Solidarity with those in revolt behind prison walls.
Solidarity with anarchist prisoner Eric King.
Prisons cannot stop anarchy.
War against power.

in Greek, German

Bloomington, Indiana, USA: Reportback from New Year’s Eve Noise Demo

Received January 3rd along with the image:

“Combative memory defines us as individuals taking a stand in our negation of the existent, forces us to push the memory of our fallen comrades beyond reflecting on how they were snatched from us, bringing them into our everyday lives in many forms and individual initiatives without giving in to resignation in the face of death or to oblivion. To bring new life to their insurgent lives, through actions, also to remind those who took their lives that the comrades live in each one of us and that we will always despise the role of those who chose to become defenders of the present system of dominion.”
– Nataly Casanova

On New Year’s Eve, about 20 individuals gathered in Bloomington, Indiana for a noise demonstration at the county jail. After brief discussion and preparation, as well as side-eyed glances and giggles from stumbling young people, the black-clad crowd walked a few blocks to the jail to show our solidarity with those held inside its walls. Banners were unfurled, black flags flew, and words of solidarity were shouted. The response from those inside came almost immediately: pounding on the walls and windows of the building. Dozens of smoke bombs and fireworks were set off, their sound echoing through the streets and colors lighting up the night. Approaching midnight, a dumpster was rolled into the street and set on fire. Sparks and whistles from several fireworks joined the flames in the dumpster, noise from the prisoners, and cheers from us.

Seeing the lights of police cars, the group scattered. Police gave chase, threatening with tasers those running away. Unfortunately, one comrade was tackled and arrested. Facing a few misdemeanors, they were bailed out early the following morning and are recovering with help from their friends.

We see this as a slight escalation of street activity in Bloomington, and an interrogation of how we relate to the BPD, who we often assume will remain relatively hands-off during demonstrations, but who nonetheless keep us largely passive.

Solidarity to all prison rebels and anarchist prisoners around the world. From Bloomington to Barcelona, from Montreal to Melbourne, from Santiago to São Paulo, from Montevideo to Minneapolis, from Alabama to Athens: struggle continues until all prisons and precincts are rubble at our feet!

With the fires of anarchy in our eyes!

For a Black December!

For a Black New Year!

Dortmund, Germany: Anti-prison demo on New Year’s Eve

Fire to the prisons – Freedom for all
Long live anarchy

At the early evening of New Year’s Eve, around 20 people gathered in front of the prison in Dortmund for an unauthorized demo. The attention of the prisoners was called by fireworks and slogans like “Freedom for all prisoners”. A short speech was held in reference to the prison society and the situation of prisoners, as well as the increasing repression against political activists, people who organize in prisoner unions, and an overall intensification of the principle of punishment.

Direct eye contact was possible with the prisoners; only a few meters separated those incarcerated from the gathering. Prisoners showed their delight and solidarity with the manifestation through cheering, raised fists and loud noises. Their affirmative shouts were also heard during the speech. The short-time communication between the inside and the outside could not be prevented by the shouting of the prison cops. The demo was held without direct contact with cops, and there were no detentions.

During the action the walls of the prison were beautified with anarchist symbols and painted slogans. At the end the people wished the prisoners a happy new year. We hope to have at least showed a small token of solidarity and enriched the lame prison daily routine.

Against a society that needs prisons – To the prisons on New Year’s Eve – We will come back, no question.

Anarchists from Dortmund

Attica: Noise demo at Amygdaleza detention centre, 30/11/2014

On Sunday, November 30th, 2014, nearly 70 comrades gathered outside the barbed wires of the Amygdaleza concentration camp. Detained migrants, outside the containers, stood on the other side. We saw them and they saw us, we shouted and they shouted back, at some moments we joined our voices: “FREEDOM”. Then we were able to return to the city; they remained there.

We found ourselves there because we owed it. We owed it to the imprisoned migrants who, though they’re pushed toward their physical and psychological limits due to the “hospitality” conditions, though they count dead, continue to struggle by all means at their disposal (uprisings, hunger strikes, escapes, or self-injury). We owed it to our enemies (the racist State and its employees, the bosses and their fascists, the racists everywhere) as yet another reminder that they don’t play without an opponent. We owed it to ourselves, because we neither want nor bear a life in a place where there are concentration camps.

Freedom to all incarcerated migrants

Solidarity with those tried this period for the Amygdaleza rebellion in August ’13

No concentration camp, never and nowhere

Solidarity gathering at the courthouse of Athens, entrance from 4, Degleri Street
Monday, December 22nd, at 9am
Day of the court’s ruling on the case of migrants prosecuted for participation in 2013 Amygdaleza detention centre riot

No Lager Assembly

Freiburg, Germany: Reportback from New Year’s Eve demo from both sides of the prison walls

For a society without prisons

In the early evening of December 31st, 2013, around 50 people gathered in front of the local prison in Freiburg to express their solidarity with the political prisoner Thomas Meyer-Falk and the social captives. Initially, a rally was held close to the preventative detention section of the prison. A salute to Thomas was first read out. A longer contribution followed, which examined the background of this type of ‘security detention’ after completion of one’s sentence (Sicherungsverwahrung).

Later demonstrators moved to the main entrance of the prison, with fireworks and slogans like “Freedom for all prisoners” and “We are not all, the prisoners are missing”. The police escorted the demonstration with some officers at a reasonable distance.

An intermediate gathering took place at the square in front of the main entrance. The Freiburg Anarchist Group read out a collective critique of prisons as well as greetings in different languages to those imprisoned. The prison staff provoked the demo by filming and photographing through the windows of the keeper’s house and from its roof. The prisoners reacted to the noise outside by shouting and whistling.

The demo continued towards the train station and dissolved at the Wilhelmstraße entrance. The prisoners could follow each speech via live broadcast on the free radio station of Freiburg Radio Dreyeckland.

In the late evening hours, several people attacked the keeper’s house with pyrotechnics. The prisoners welcomed this action with loud jeering.

Below is an excerpt from a text of Thomas Meyer-Falk about the noise demo at Freiburg prison:

From 6pm, four of us followed the live transmission of the anti-prison demo by the Radio Dreyeckland (a local non-commercial radio station). Six collectives from Freiburg called out for this event. Best regards and thanks to the organizers, activists, the people of Radio Dreyeckland, and all those who share the claim for a society without prisons, or at least are open to listen to the arguments in favor.

A strong signal was sent through combative contributions and slogans on this December 31st. In the following days, the demo was mentioned and discussed among preventatively detainees and penal captives. Even among the prison guards the demo became a central topic of discussion, since such attention to both the penal captives and the inmates under security detention hardly ever appears.

Due to the construction of the preventative detention section, it was impossible to feel or hear ‘live’ what was happening outside, because the sound died away in the backyard and did not penetrate the prison cells. So, it was really nice that we could listen to the Radio Dreyeckland.

In the penal custody wing, things were different. The prisoners were able to see the demonstrators from the upper floors.

sources: linksunten, freedomforthomas

Helsinki, Finland: New Year’s Eve solidarity demo at Metsälä migrant prison

On New Year’s Eve, a group of 40 visited the Metsälä detention unit in Helsinki. We wanted to let the migrants, imprisoned because of their descent, know that we have not forgotten them in the midst of New Year’s celebration.

We sent greetings from behind a fence with shouts of encouragement, drumming, rockets and a banner reading: “No Borders – Solidarity with prisoners!” The prisoners were able to rush into the cage that vaguely resembled a balcony to hear our message, but after a while the guards of the detention unit forced them back indoors. After that, we continued making noise under their windows.

Coppers joined the demonstration at a local train station and followed our route through the side alleys to the prison. On site the police awaited us in riot gear, torturing their dogs by forcing them near the squad, the noise and the rockets, but failed to block access to the fence surrounding the prison. From the beginning the cops behaved aggressively, threatening us with violence, dogs and pepper gas and pushing people to the ground. When the time came to retreat from the fence the cops attacked the crowd and managed to take two protesters with them, while another two managed to get away. The arrested protesters were set free the next day.

The detention unit is a closed facility for up to 40 migrants, persons detained by the police or border control under the Finnish aliens act — not because of any offence.

The imprisonment generally lasts for weeks, at worst up to six months or longer. Metsälä migrant prison is currently the only one in Finland, and it is constantly full of “customers” ageing from children to adults. Typically, the migrants imprisoned in Metsälä are waiting for the police to deport them in cooperation with immigration authorities and, for example, the airlines companies.

By showing our solidarity we are also criticizing the nation-states and their border policies that generate racism and economic inequality. By destroying the freedom of movement, borders allow exploitation of cheap labor and drive people to compete against one another. The borders are a business that kills people just like the Lampedusa “incident” on the 3rd of October 2013 showed us, when 363 migrants drowned on the Italian coast, on the borders of the European union.

This deadly business doesn’t stop at national borders: it is cross-cutting control politics, aiming to monitor, identify and govern everyone in the name of security threats.

Solidarity with the imprisoned migrants!

We will attack
the reasons of our sorrows
there will be
no borders tomorrow!

Source: Takku

Volos, Greece: New Year’s Eve at the local juvenile prison

Comrades gathered in front of the local juvenile prison in the city of Volos and spent New Year’s Eve close to the prisoners. Demonstrators shouted slogans amid fireworks; “The passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons”; “Fire and blast at this brothel”, and more.

Solidarity is our weapon!

Athens, Greece: New Year’s Eve solidarity demo at Koridallos prisons, where many anarchists are held captive

31.12.2013 – 1.1.2014


At this year’s demo, solidarity was powerfully expressed both from the inside and the outside of Koridallos prisons. Nearly a thousand people in solidarity turned up to the gathering before midnight, and started to chant loud slogans. Several comrades set off fireworks while prisoners were making noise and throwing flaming objects out of cell windows. Shortly after the crowd moved from the park across the men’s prison to a parking lot opposite the women’s prison, anti-riot cops used tear gas to quell the large demonstration, and chased protesters into nearby streets. Four detentions were reported.

Fire to the prisons!

Video/Photos: Social-Revolution

Angers, France: Anti-prison action on New Year’s Eve


On the 31st of December, three explosive and bright charges were cracked at the three corners of the Angevin prison… but failed to bring down its old walls.

Nevertheless, we shared the feeling of a breach of normality in this society which isolates, along with some shouts, which were exchanged over the walls. A bit of light, a bit of noise, a bit of smoke, and a lot of rage…

Brick by brick, wall by wall, we will destroy all prisons!
In 2013, let’s turn prisons to ashes!


Helsinki: A visit to Metsälä detention center on New Year’s Eve

When the year was coming to its end a group of around 20 people went to visit the Metsälä detention center. We showed our support to the people inside – imprisoned because of their origins – by making noise outside the fences.

We communicated our message with drums, vuvuzelas, fireworks and our voices. We managed to exchange contact information with a few imprisoned. One of them told that he has been kept in detention already for six months without any contact with the outside.

When the year was changing, the cops came to interrupt the communication between people inside and outside the detention center walls. The cops checked the identity of all demonstrators and detained one comrade who refused to cooperate. He was released after a couple of hours.

We left the center wishing a happy New Year to the imprisoned. Our wishes were answered from behind the barbed-wire fences, windows and the balcony of the detention center.

Protests against prisons and detention centers are arranged on New Year’s Eve around the world.

Solidarity with migrants! No borders! No nations!

in Finnish

Montréal: New Year’s Eve anti-prison demo at Tanguay and Bordeaux prisons


Over 50 people gathered in Montréal to carry on the tradition of anti-prison noise demos at prisons on the New Year. The demo assembled at the designated meeting place and took to the streets behind a banner reading “Pour un monde sans patrons, ni flics, ni prisons” (for a world without bosses, nor cops, nor prisons) with a heavy police escort trying in vain to control traffic.

Some of the crowd distributed flyers explaining the action and detailing the recent legislative changes the government has designed to fill up the 22 new prisons they are building. Continue reading Montréal: New Year’s Eve anti-prison demo at Tanguay and Bordeaux prisons

Amsterdam: New Year’s Eve anti-prison demo at Schiphol deportation camp

(a picture from last year’s solidarity demo)
(a picture from last year’s solidarity demo)

Last night a group of people went to make noise at the new location of the Schiphol deportation prison (Amsterdam). It is an international tradition on New Year’s Eve to go to the prisons to break the silence and isolation.

In the new Schiphol prison ‘De Poort’ over 1,000 people will be locked up. Even more cells for a murderous system. Last night, recorded messages from the RefugeeChurch —a squatted church inhabited by illegal (undocumented) people in Amsterdam— were broadcasted for the people inside.

In the Netherlands there are thousands of people locked up because they don’t have (the right) papers, in even worse conditions than the normal prisons. People are being kept for months and then either deported or kicked out on to the street for being ‘practically not deportable,’ and a couple of months later the circus starts again. The ones deciding on these ‘measurements’ are the few inventing laws everybody should bend for; they’re the ones making money from repression.

The whole prison system is based on their need for regulating and controlling ‘society’. People are being locked up just because they don’t fit into that society, don’t contribute enough in economical terms, or just to scare people. For the State it’s about protecting the rich and the order, to maintain exploitation and suppression.

(few pictures from this year’s noise demo here)

That’s why we will keep coming back to make our solidarity with the prisoners heard.

Until everybody is free, until borders and prison walls don’t exist any longer.

For a rebellious New Year!

Cardiff, Wales: Anti-prison demo on New Year’s Eve

free them all

Last night, as part of the international call out for noise demonstrations outside of prisons and detention centers, a group of anarchists and anti-authoritarians assembled at Cardiff prison, where some people set off fireworks and scattered hundreds of fliers from the top of the multi-storey car park opposite the jail (which is visible from many of the cells in the prison) whilst others sounded a siren, banged drums, threw fireworks over the wall of the prison and participated in anti-prison and anti-police chants with the prisoners, who did everything they could to communicate back to the crowd gathered outside.

The fliers read “Solidarity is our weapon – Freedom now!” on one side and “Fire to the prisons, fire to the borders, and fire to those who protect the system that’s killing us all. A.C.A.B.” on the other.

The initial group made a speedy and tactical retreat after noticing the approaching filth accompanied by a fire engine heading towards the prison. Roughly an hour later a small group returned to set off the last firework and shout some more in support of those inside.

—some anarchists.