Dortmund, Germany: Anti-prison demo on New Year’s Eve

Fire to the prisons – Freedom for all
Long live anarchy

At the early evening of New Year’s Eve, around 20 people gathered in front of the prison in Dortmund for an unauthorized demo. The attention of the prisoners was called by fireworks and slogans like “Freedom for all prisoners”. A short speech was held in reference to the prison society and the situation of prisoners, as well as the increasing repression against political activists, people who organize in prisoner unions, and an overall intensification of the principle of punishment.

Direct eye contact was possible with the prisoners; only a few meters separated those incarcerated from the gathering. Prisoners showed their delight and solidarity with the manifestation through cheering, raised fists and loud noises. Their affirmative shouts were also heard during the speech. The short-time communication between the inside and the outside could not be prevented by the shouting of the prison cops. The demo was held without direct contact with cops, and there were no detentions.

During the action the walls of the prison were beautified with anarchist symbols and painted slogans. At the end the people wished the prisoners a happy new year. We hope to have at least showed a small token of solidarity and enriched the lame prison daily routine.

Against a society that needs prisons – To the prisons on New Year’s Eve – We will come back, no question.

Anarchists from Dortmund