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Nantes, France: Court repainted red – justice reveals it’s true face

nantescourtAt dawn of a historic day of struggle [1st May], we wanted to make the daily violence of the justice system towards those dominated obvious; whether undocumented, residents of lower-class neighbourhoods, Roma or anti-capitalist activists.

Last April, the Nantes prosecutor Brigitte Lamy chooses not to prosecute the police officers who blinded the anti-airport demonstrators on February 22nd 2014.

Once again, justice endorses the police with the license to kill and mutilate, with full impunity.

The police and justice system have blood on their hands. Today, the court reveals it’s true face.

Revenge for Freddie, Wissam, Zyed, Bouna, Malik, Rémi, Daranka, Quentin, Damien, Emmanuel, and all the others.

From Nantes to Baltimore, never forgive never forget!


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