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Lille, France: Profanation of new administrative court

Whilst a certain urvoas*, the new minister of justice, today [April 19th] inaugurated the new administrative court, we came and profaned it by spraying used oil and graffiting it.

These last days, several dozens of people have been beaten up, mutilated and injured by the police, and others sentenced, imprisoned by the judicial system for being definitively opposed to the labour law and the world that generates it. With this action, we support them, by whatever means they use to defend themselves against the state. We will continue to attack all the places of power, as long as the repression rages on and this labour law isn’t repealed.

Big kisses!

*Note: Reference to Jean-Jacques Urvoas

Source: Lille Indymedia

Lille, France: Beginning of revenge against a police station

Today [April 21st], a new mobilisation against the El Khomri law took place in Lille. Following this demonstration, a small block, wanting to get together for the general meeting of struggle at L’Insoumise [Autonmous Space], were charged by BAC [Anti-Crime Brigade] cops. Several people successfully took refuge in the CNT premises located close by. Around a hundred cops then blocked the entrance of the Moulins neighbourhood, then entered by breaking the door of the CNT, ransacking the interior, and arbitrarily arrested two people, not forgetting to gas people of the neighbourhood.

We note and outline an initial response to the repression that we suffered and the police violence. The front of the police station in Lille was redecorated with used oil and a few explicit messages were written.

Support to the accused!

PS: and by the way, we still don’t like the police.

Source: Lille Indymedia | in German

Lille, France: Symbolic attack against two Socialist Party offices

Yesterday evening, while [President] Hollande was vomiting his speech on TV, the Lille PS [Socialist Party] office, as well as PS elected Bernard Roman’s parliamentary surgery, were daubed and gratified in support of the struggle against the “Labour” law.

With this act, we attack the Socialist Party in its entirety, whether its their majority or their left-wing, represented in part by [Martine] Aubry. The PS, like all politicians, are just the managers of our misery.

They can all clear off!

Let’s continue the beginning!

Source: Lille Indymedia | in German

Everyone hates the PS

Lille, France: Support action to the blocking of Nantes’ ring-road

Against the Ayrault-port of Notre Dame Des Landes. Vinci, out of our lives.
[Jean-Marc] Ayrault was the former Mayor of Nantes and subsequently Prime Minister

Saturday 9th January:

At this very moment in Lille a day/evening is being held of support to the ZAD of Notre Dame des Landes and the inhabitants that face trial this Wednesday 13th January. More than 100 people gathered in the General Assembly decided to show their support to Nantes protesters that are currently blocking Cheviré bridge.

We therefore left in procession upto the motorway where we unfurled a banner. This symbolic and spontaneous action also testifies our determination in organising ourselves, to prevent by all means the evictions on the ZAD.

Vinci clear off, resistance and sabotage!

Note from Contra Info:  400 tractors, 1,000 cyclists and 20,000 marchers turned up on the ring road on the periphery of Nantes to protest the Notre-Dame-Des-Landes (NDDL) proposed airport, and to support the ongoing ZAD occupation.

Italian | German

Lille: Afternoon/evening of support to the ZAD of Notre-Dame-Des-Landes

Afternoon/evening of support to the ZAD of Notre-Dame-Des-Landes
Film, snacks, literature, discussion, pizza, bar, concert. Notre Dame of struggles
15 Rue Abélard, Lille, Metro: Porte d’Arras

January 9th 2016 from 3pm at La Ferblanterie

Excerpt: For a few months the government has announced its wish, to resume airport works involving the eviction of its inhabitants; destruction of the grove, its cultures and protected species. This is why, following a ZAD call-out to re-establish support committees throughout France, around forty people gathered in Lille on November 25th 2015 to sketch out a new committee.

Program of festivity:

3pm: Film screening of “The battle of black water”.
A film tracing a struggle against a dam project in Couvin, Belgium, notably posing the question of political violence, the compositions during a fight, and finding inventiveness.

4:30pm: Snacks

5:30pm: “Building the ZAD” short film to introduce the discussion after.
It was made by people from the ZAD that in particular shows the different experiences of food and political autonomy.

6pm: Discussion with the presence of people from the ZAD of NDDL

7:30-8pm: Pizza party! / Bar
Read interviews of people struggling on the ZAD or at Notav made ​​by the “Bad Troops” collective.

9pm: Concert:
Comète Normale, Free Jazz

Liberated price except the bar beer

Lille, France: EDF & BNP attacked

In the night of December 16th 2015, we cheerfully repainted EDF’s Lille premises. We affixed the following message: “neither nuclear, nor CO2!”. The BNP premises in Madeleine were also attacked. Their windows were broken and the following message tagged: “collaborator of ecological disaster”.

EDF for their exploitation and export of nuclear power plants, as much as for being placed no°2 of French CO2 emitters.

BNP for its financial support to the carbon industry.

Both of them for their greening washing operation in sponsoring the COP21.

This COP21 is simply an extension of the preceding twenty: 60% increase in CO2 emissions over the last twenty years are not the result of a lack of will power or mismanagement, but the necessary function of a system based on profit.

We artistically expressed ourselves at the end of the disastrous COP21, and the regional elections, to reveal the petty politicking that play out behind closed doors. And their propaganda that is only oxymoronic.

Like half the electorate we abstained. We abstain because we take politics seriously. Don’t ask us to vote to save the republic, when their police gas, bludgeon, blind, mutilate or kill a protester like at the Sivens dam; when Air France employees, who’ve nevertheless accepted all wage cuts, are criminalised by the entire political class over a torn shirt. Finally, a state of emergency or not, the goal is always to silence those who’re worried about their survival.

Civil rights, social justice and environment are just hollow words in the mouths of politicians; the governing parties as well as the National Front don’t give a damn.

Despite their promises of “change”, they order themselves, and will always order themselves, behind the interests of capitalist destruction of land, workers, and our health.

Don’t be surprised by our abstention, because we’re not surprised by their deceptions.

Jackson Pollock Committee

in Italian