A flame of solidarity from the R.O. CCF to the brothers and sisters in $hile

When the prison bars stop our hands from throwing the fire of anarchy into the world of power, our words become the sharp rasp of our escape.

We arm them with thoughts, desires, secret plans, new conspiracies, and we turn them into our warmest embrace in our imaginary meeting with the comrades of praxis across the world.

Now we want our voice to reach our brothers and sister in distant Chile; Luciano (Tortuga) who will be prosecuted on November 22nd, and Monica, Felipe, Francisco, Omar, Carlos who will stand trial on November 28th because they are anarchists and enemies of Power.

Of course we do not forget Marcelo, Freddy and Juan, as their trial started on the 11th of this month.*

Comrades, you are so far away and yet you feel so close.

It is the same rage we feel when we hit the State, the same contempt that we show for the silence of the compromised crowd, the same passion with which we are fighting for anarchy, the same hatred of the prisons where they want to keep us captives.

The Chilean State and the authorities of the States of the world must know that not one comrade will be left alone.

We exist everywhere, anarchists of praxis, for whom anarchy is not a cheap ideology to chatter about but the only authentic way of life.

So, one thing is certain. We have not yet said our last word. We begin an infinite insurrectionary journey, with the new nihilism and direct action as our compass for the realization of anarchy. Our name is our soul named FAI/IRF. The Informal Anarchist Federation–International Revolutionary Front is the new Black International of Anarchists of Praxis.

We know that sometime we will meet in Athens, Santiago, in the here, now and always.

Until then, as our brothers and sisters from the Russian cell of the CCF have written, ‘As we read the letters and communiqués of imprisoned comrades, we feel with all our hearts their hatred towards the status quo, their impatience to create another world by destroying this one. Each letter of these texts flows through your veins like a river. It gets right to the core and stays forever in your soul. [. . .]

And while our activity puts us in grave danger, all the same we dream of a day when we will gather again in a small rural house. We will be drinking tea that we’ve gathered with our own hands and sharing our plans with smiles…

We will exchange tales of our exploits.

And that day is not far off…’

Monica, Felipe, Francisco, Omar, Carlos, Luciano, Marcelo, Freddy, Juan, we raise our fist alongside you, shouting ‘SOLIDARITY’ in the international language of anarchy. At the same time our other hand firmly holds the knife of nihilism to thrust it deep into the bowels of this world of Power and subjugation.

Forever free
Forever anarchists

The imprisoned members of the CCF
and revolutionary anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos

PS. Not long ago in Chilean prisons comrade Cristóbal Bravo Franke was attacked by the cowardly bullying prison guards. The humanguards wanted to take revenge because he didn’t obey their orders and quipped in their faces with contempt. These cowards that lock our comrades in the prison cells must be sure they will get the response they deserve. For each insult, for each punishment against the anarchists of praxis who are prisoners of the State, any screw and his/her property will become a target; they are doomed to encounter our rage.

Translated by sysiphus/Actforfreedomnow!

* The trial of Marcelo, Freddy and Juan will take place on December 19th.