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[Greece, 2012] ‘Burnt Brain’ by The Miasma

I turn the page…

Burnt brain made up of burnt cells I heard that tomorrow will come more violent than today Everything around me gets narrow Shackles and circles, compromises, friends and individuals every day

I work like a dog in the mornings and I get crumbs My mom always told me not to be anxious about […]

Lesvos Island, Greece: The hot spot facilities at Moria detention centre

Click image to read/download English PDF by Musaferat – Collective against detention centres (Mytilini, Lesvos Island)

In Greek | More photos

Berlin: Better angry than sad… Jobcenter attacked

be resistive

In the night of May 6th, 2014, we attacked the ‘Jobcenter’ in Müllerstraße in Berlin’s district of Wedding (with hammers, paint and slogans) because we consider the ‘Jobcenter’ institution a central instrument for the maintenance of capitalist conditions, which deprive people of their freedom and self-determination on a daily basis.

We […]

Paris: Never enough hate for the JCDecaux!

[photo-edit dedicated to all the saboteurs out there]

On the night of May 19th to 20th, 453 Vélib’ bikes had their tires punctured in several districts of Paris; same thing with 5 utility vehicles and 3 trucks of the municipality. This attack is just a drop of water in an average […]

Greece: Reportback from protest in downtown Athens against the “White Night” on December 28th, 2013

Liberalization of shop opening hours, work on Sundays; they’ve stretched our whole life to the limit… Workers’ interests come first!

They speak of gains and losses — We speak of human lives

Luxury display windows — Unpaid workers

On Saturday evening, December 28, 2013 the Attica […]

Internacionalističtí proletáři: Solidarity with class struggle in Turkey

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in Czech

Turkey: This is just the beginning; fight on

This is a revolt

Urban transformation projects have long been threatening living spaces of Istanbul residents. First slum demolitions, and then 63 million square meters of forests to be pillaged for the third bridge, shopping malls built one after another, luxury hotels, and while the pedestrianization project continued, next was Gezi Park. Istanbul residents continued […]

Greece: The deadly effect of work

Walls across Attiki (Athens) and the city of Patras were pasted with 2,000 copies of this poster. The reason that kitchen and home delivery workers at ‘pizza fan’ stores (pizza franchise chain in Greece) made this flyposting was to speak about the death of Bulgarian-born Radka Nikolova at work in the Patras pizza fan store […]

[Worldwide] Decentralized action days for the immediate liberation of anarchist Marco Camenisch – Marco himself on hunger strike again

“From the 18th to the 25th of January 2013 I take the initiative—always weak but still an initiative—to conduct a hunger strike so as to break once again the lengthy silences imposed by repression and inaction, to raise yet another voice, a weak voice but at least one of solidarity, appreciation and participation in the […]

Berlin: Incendiary attack on Deutsche Telekom vehicle in Friedrichshain

The Deutsche Telekom has more skeletons in the closet than anyone we could talk about. Many of us have already brought to light some of its dirt. Tonight (3/1) we paid a visit to Telekom on Hausburgstraße (a street in the district of Friedrichshain), notably in the context of the […]

Amsterdam: New Year’s Eve anti-prison demo at Schiphol deportation camp

(a picture from last year’s solidarity demo)

Last night a group of people went to make noise at the new location of the Schiphol deportation prison (Amsterdam). It is an international tradition on New Year’s Eve to go to the prisons to break the silence and isolation.

In the new Schiphol prison ‘De Poort’ […]

Exarchia, Athens: ALF activists claim responsibility for direct action against a butcher shop

In the early morning hours of Sunday, December 30th, 2012 we smashed the front window and trashed the van of a butcher shop, located on Kallidromiou street in the neighbourhood of Exarchia. We also threw paint on the facade and sprayed it with the slogan “Meat is murder”.

Against all kinds of exploitation and oppression; towards […]

Athens: Anarchist-antispeciesist demonstration was fiercely attacked by cops

On Saturday, December 8th, by 12pm anarchists and antispeciesists held a gathering at Syntagma square against the fur industry and the animal exploitation machinery. At 13.30pm they began a protest march downtown.

A relatively small demonstrator bloc, with some 150 participants, chanted slogans walking on Mitropoleos street with momentum. They then took to Pandrosou […]

Madrid: Incendiary attack on an office of the Spanish national service of (un)employment

On the night of Monday, November 19th, an incendiary device was placed at the entrance of an office of the traditional National Institute of Employment (INEM)* in the Madrid neighbourhood of Prosperidad. This location was chosen because it is considered a factory of daily humiliation, disillusion and routine; because of that […]

Berlin: Responsibility claim for arson attack on vehicle of the Youth Welfare Project of the German Catholic Youth Federation (BDKJ)

As a small preheating before the international day of action on November 14th, we burned down the Jobmobil of the ‘German Catholic Youth’ on the night to Wednesday, October 31st, in Kreuzberg, Berlin. The German Catholic Youth were traveling daily with this Jobmobil vehicle in order, by their own account, to […]

Igoumenitsa, Greece: Direct attack on gold-buying store

During the 1941–44 Nazi occupation in Greece, mavragorites or black marketeers—fascists’ minions, snitches and kowtowers—were taking advantage of the people amid an artificial crisis of food shortage, and they sold cooking oil, rice, etc. in small quantities to whomever was wretched from hunger, taking away everything that the latter had, a […]

Greece: Antifascist intervention/demonstration in downtown Athens


Antifascist actions have been held in numerous Greek cities ever since the massive police crackdown against immigrants/refugees started, in early August, and especially after a man was stabbed to death by apparent nationalists in the centre of Athens (12/8).

On Tuesday, August 21st, at […]

‘Globalize the fight’ by the Iberian Federation of Libertarian Youth (FIJL)

June 16th, 2012

Mining, transport, education… these are just the tip of the iceberg of a latent situation in all labour sectors of Asturias – and Spain. The metal industry, commerce, hotel and catering industry, public services, etc. have all been fragrantly abused by the bosses and the State, who want us as submissive […]

Cyprus: “Would you like to work with us? Then, you have to pay us 25 euros in advance!”

We learn from the commercial website of Cyta Hellas that, “Cyprus Telecommunications Authority, otherwise known as Cyta, was founded in 2007 in Greece as a subsidiary of the National Telecommunications Organization of Cyprus, with the aim of implementing its strategy for the expansion of its activities abroad.”

And how, indeed, could the well-known company not expand […]

Athens: “Ink stains”, communiqué by SMED, base union of workers in the field of translation, editing, proofreading and subtitling in Greece

Note: Contra Info translation network is neither a collective of “certified specialists”, nor affiliated to the SMED itself, therefore only disseminates the following communiqué to make a very typical case of employer’s immunity in Greece wider known. Truism No.1 Melani (“Ink”) Editions delegated the translation of a book to a colleague, after having approved sample […]