Berlin: Better angry than sad… Jobcenter attacked

be resistive

In the night of May 6th, 2014, we attacked the ‘Jobcenter’ in Müllerstraße in Berlin’s district of Wedding (with hammers, paint and slogans) because we consider the ‘Jobcenter’ institution a central instrument for the maintenance of capitalist conditions, which deprive people of their freedom and self-determination on a daily basis.

We get angry when we see how people have to strive, hustle and beg to find a job, and rush through their everyday life in the hope that this or that skill-training program,* counseling or guidance cobbled together at the last minute could be their future.

We consistently reject this future, marked by the struggle for one’s survival, and the fear of losing one’s livelihood, by disciplining and sanctioning, leading through to deprivation of one’s living space with forced evictions.

We dream of and fight for a future of love, respect, solidarity and self-determination of everyone, and at this point we declare our particular solidarity with all people from the EU without a German passport who will have the subsistence allowance** withdrawn and thus be deprived of their means of existence.

For a life without domination in freedom.

source: linksunten

* mandatory ‘training courses’, temporary forced work, ‘one-euro jobs’, ‘voluntary’ programs in companies without pay, etc.
** a lower unemployment benefit, known as Arbeitslosengeld II, for registered unemployed in Germoney who are still considered ‘fit to work’