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Athens: Beatings inflicted on anarchist prisoner Panos Aspiotis for refusing to give DNA sample

Anarchist Panagiotis (Panos) Aspiotis was wanted since March 2013 on firearms possession charges (“violation of the Arms Act”). In October 2015, he appeared voluntarily before the authorities. He was remanded and sent to a prison located far from Athens (his former residence). During these months in prison, he has refused to give the police a DNA sample.

On Saturday, February 6th 2016, Panos Aspiotis was transferred from Nafplion prison to Athens, where he is scheduled to appear before the investigating judge Eftichis Nikopoulos (special appellate judge against terrorism) on Monday the 8th. The comrade was expected to be moved to Koridallos prison, but was brought to the Prisoner Transfer Division instead. He was separated from other prisoners and taken into a cell without surveillance cameras, where he was attacked by hooded cops of the anti-terrorist unit, who tried to take a sample of his DNA by force. He was beaten and kicked repeatedly in the head, ribs and body. The comrade resisted their first attempt by swallowing the DNA swab. The cops continued beating him, even after they forcibly took DNA sample from him.


In Greek
1–Text by DAK: Network of Imprisoned Fighters
2–Announcement by Tameio: Solidarity Fund for Imprisoned and Persecuted Fighters (Athens Assembly)
3–Words from anarchist communist prisoner Tasos Theofilou

Chilean prisons: Subversive prisoners go on hunger strike, in solidarity with anarchist hunger strikers Juan, Nataly and Guillermo

Comrades, we inform:

That as subversives who inhabit the High Security Prison (CAS in Santiago), from 00:00 today, May 18th 2015, we join the hunger strike that Juan Flores, Guillermo Duran and Nataly Casanova have assumed as a form of struggle.

We do this with a deep sense of anti-prison solidarity, and we put forward the same demands as our comrades, who have already completed 34 days on hunger strike:

– The immediate release of Enrique Alfonso Guzmán Amadeo, taking into consideration the ridiculous accusation and delirious evidence presented by the public prosecutor.

– We demand the immediate solution to the situation of our compañera Nataly Antonieta Casanova Muñoz, because since her arrival at the penitentiary of San Miguel she finds herself in a regime of punishment and severe isolation.

– We demand an end to harassment and persecutions that the repressive forces have unleashed against our closest environment.

– That the scientific validity of DNA evidence be established.


Against Every Authority: Social War.

Combatant Youth, Permanent Insurrection
So Long As Misery Exists, There Will Be Rebellion

Marcelo Villarroel
Freddy Fuentevilla
Carlos Gutiérrez
Juan Aliste
Alejandro Astorga
Hans Niemeyer
Alfredo Canales

High Security Prison
Santiago, Chile

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Chile: Hunger Strike Update

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On April 20th 2015, it became known that anarchist prisoner Enrique Guzmán has also been on hunger strike since April 14th.

Anarchists Nataly Casanova (under isolation in San Miguel women’s prison), Juan Flores (in Wing 1 of Santiago 1 prison), Guillermo Duran (in total house arrest) and Enrique Guzmán (in Wing 35 of Santiago 1 prison) are on hunger strike (on liquids only), demanding:

• the determination of the validity of DNA “evidence” submitted against them, taking into consideration all scientific aspects and not only the tendentious arguments of the prosecution;

• an end to harassments, abductions, interrogations of people who stand in solidarity with the incarcerated comrades;

• an end to harassments, assaults, disciplinary sanctions against Juan and Nataly or any other prisoner in struggle;

• the immediate release of Enrique Guzmán, incarcerated for being close to the comrades implicated in this case and for regularly visiting them in prison;

• the immediate transfer of Nataly Casanova from solitary confinement to a wing/tower where she will be able to have contact/relationship with other inmates and more time in the prison yard.

In his hunger strike initiation statement, Enrique Guzmán added one more request:

• an immediate end to the home confinement regime imposed on Guillermo Duran, against whom no evidence whatsoever has been presented during the course of this investigation.

Chile: Anarchists Juan Flores, Nataly Casanova and Guillermo Duran declare hunger strike

Anarchist comrades Juan, Nataly and Guillermo were arrested in Santiago on September 18th 2014.

Juan is held in pretrial detention in the Santiago 1 prison, accused of involvement in two bomb attacks that occurred on July 13th and September 8th 2014, and were claimed by the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (Chile); he’s also charged with participation in a coordinated attack against two police stations on August 11th 2014 that was claimed by C.I.V (International Conspiracy for Revenge).

Nataly is held in pretrial detention in San Miguel prison, accused of participation in the July 13th bomb attack and possession of explosives.

Guillermo is under full house arrest, charged with possession of explosives in relation to the same case.

On April 1st 2015, the three comrades released their first open letter by which they embrace the call for solidarity days with the prisoners of social war in Chile (between the 10th and 20th of April), which was initiated by the rebellious prisoners Tamara Sol Farías Vergara, Alejandro Astorga Valdés, Carlos Gutierrez Quiduleo, Juan Aliste Vega, Freddy Fuentevilla Saa, Hans Niemeyer Salinas, Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda, Alfredo Canales Moreno, and also supported by the recently remanded comrades Natalia Collado and Javier Pino.

On April 6th 2015, Enrique Guzmán – a close friend and comrade of Juan, Nataly and Guillermo – was arrested and a few days later sent to pretrial detention, accused of participation in the aforementioned coordinated attack against two police stations. At the same time, the cops have reportedly harassed several supporters of theirs, going so far as to (literally) abduct another compa in the middle of a street.

Juan, Nataly and Guillermo are currently on hunger strike, demanding:
– the immediate release of compañero Enrique Guzmán;
– an end to assaults and disciplinary sanctions towards prisoners in struggle;
– the immediate transfer of compañera Nataly Casanova from solitary confinement to an “ordinary” prison wing;
– an end to harassment of people who stand in solidarity with incarcerated comrades;
– an end to DNA-based prosecutions.

Below are their hunger strike initiation statements that we originally received in Spanish in the early hours of April 15th 2015.

“this is our clear response repudiating and spitting unhesitatingly at the last repressive blow against our close ones”

This is our response to the harassment of Power and its repressive forces against our solidarian circle, relatives, friends and comrades. They are being subjected daily to persecutions, intimidation, harassment, assaults and kidnappings by the cops; in the face of all this clearly because of our criteria and furthermore our conviction it’s impossible for us to sit idly by.

Thus, as of April 14th 2015, we initiate a mobilisation as a form of protest and in response to the emotional blackmail that we are suffering by Power and its repressive institutions. We turn our discontent into practice in an unsubmissive manner, as is our essence in general, using our body as a barricade and initiating the paralysation of our activities and a hunger strike by taking only liquids on the inside, demanding:

– The immediate release of Enrique Alfonso Guzmán Amadeo, taking into consideration the ridiculous accusation and delirious evidence presented by the public prosecutor.

– That the scientific validity of DNA evidence be established. Is there a real certainty of its use being 100% accurate and precise in order to incriminate? Principally there is no scientific certainty of DNA analysis, especially when there are samples with biological traits of several people, while the prosecutor’s office makes use of this evidence as proof of great weight when in fact it is not, and especially the way they have set the evidence in our case tries to have us believe that the biological record that was left behind after an explosion is extremely valid and accurate, even when geneticists and criminologists have discarded its validity and quality.

– We demand an end to harassment and persecution that the repressive forces have unleashed against our closest environment, wanting to achieve intimidation and criminalisation against those who have not hesitated to manifest their love and active, unconditional solidarity. Clear evidence of this harassment is the incarceration of our comrade Enrique [currently in pretrial detention] – who having nothing to hide or deny decided to assist us regularly, visiting us at the various centres of torture and extermination – as well as the abduction of a friend [now released], whom they grabbed by the neck and put by force in a car on a public street.

We demand this cessation of harassment both outside and inside the penitentiaries, since my compañera Nataly and I are being punished daily by the Chilean gendarmerie [prison guards]; clearly our response has not been submissive, and that has cost us several sanctions and assaults, but we clearly intend to meet each other again within the prison instance.

– We demand an immediate solution to the situation of our compañera Nataly Antonieta Casanova Muñoz, because since her arrival at the prison in San Miguel she finds herself in a disciplinary regime and severe isolation, and the screws ignore the requirement for her transfer to another wing, leaving our compañera in a “prison limbo”. We demand the immediate transfer of our compañera to a wing/tower where she will be able to have contact/relationship with other inmates and more hours in the yard, because since arriving there she has only had an hour of yard time, this being a conduct/protocol completely irregular.


Juan Alexis Flores Riquelme
1st Wing, Santiago 1 prison


Since Monday, April 13th 2015, I have started a hunger strike through the ingestion of liquids (only drinking water) against the reprisals of state apparatuses to our closest environment (relatives and friends). Fed up with the deliriums of prosecutors in the southern zone and the lies of the prosecutor Raúl Guzmán, in their media, attempting to incriminate Enrique Guzmán in order to incorporate him in the rotten course that has allowed the initiation and continuation of his investigation (spectacle, persecutions, harassments, threats and even abduction of a friend by plainclothes cops).

We put our consciousness, affectionate ties and ideas against this play of Power, rejecting the imposition of their antiterrorist or whatever laws, because their legislation solely defends their order of privileges and parasitic lives.

Here, within their prison walls, we are neither defeated nor alone, as they claim; we continue to be unsubmissive, free and dignified, fighting anew with our body as a weapon against those who wish to cage and bury struggle, dignity, love and solidarity under the concrete.

We demand:

– The immediate release of our brother, friend and compañero Enrique Guzmán, incarcerated for being close to us and for visiting us in prison.

– An end to persecutions, harassments, abductions and interrogations of our family members and friends, for being those who support us in this situation; because Power is seeking to isolate us.

– We also demand the end of harassment by jailers against all prisoners who are facing this place with dignity; every beating and humiliation will always have an answer, none of us is alone. I stress the increasingly violent harassment and cell raids against my compañero Juan Flores, and that I find myself in a similar situation.

– Their DNA evidence have no scientific validity due to the scarcity and quality of the samples, and that goes for the variety of available biological mixtures, too, as these may coincide with many individuals, and such are the proofs presented by prosecutors as their best evidence. We demand the determination of the validity of DNA evidence through an analysis of methods and samples; considering all scientific aspects, not only the tendentious accusation of prosecutors.

– On a personal level, I let everyone close to me and those who are not indifferent to confinement know that, for 7 months that I have been in preventive detention, I am being held in severe isolation with only 1 hour in the yard a day, without any recreational activity, apart from those that I’m providing myself; so, under this regime, I’m being denied any workshop or recreational activity available in the penitentiary with the excuse that we are very few inmates in our wing. I live with only one inmate/prisoner, sometimes with more, but all are rotated, being myself the only one that’s kept in this unstable situation. Due to the above, I demand the immediate change of wing.



Nataly Casanova Muñoz
San Miguel women’s prison


To relatives, friends and comrades. To public knowledge.

On April 14th 2015, at midnight, I begin a hunger strike by taking liquids (only drinking water) for the fulfillment of the demands that I indicate below. This is a means of struggle and solidarity, by which we put our health and life at risk. This decision was motivated by recent occurrences that have struck our close environment; Enrique’s arrest, persecution and harassment of our close and solidarian circle, aggression and punishment exercised by the prison guards towards Nataly and Juan. Finally, a whole tangle of machinations exerted by Power and its apparatuses (the Press, prosecutors, cops, etc.), aiming at halting the effective solidarity with our incarcerated comrades.

I know that situations like this are not new, both in this country and in different parts of the world; we/I take examples of struggle wherever these exist, that’s why today and within my rather limited possibilities, I decide to abstain from solid foods in solidarity with my brothers and sisters. We/I carry out this struggle against those who say they practice law and make decisions for the good of society, trumpeting equality before the law, when their own laws and society have been forged by the inequality that reigns under the domination of capitalism.

I cannot stay inert and passive in the face of this repressive context that today strikes my brothers and sisters, so I stand in solidarity with the indefinite hunger strike until our demands are met:

– the immediate release of our brother and compañero Enrique Guzmán Amadeo, arrested and kidnapped by the State, only thanks to the delirious imagination of prosecutors and their yearning to suppress solidarity towards unsubmissive prisoners.

– no more harassment and aggression against Juan and Nataly by prison guards; and, additionally, the cessation of persecution and intimidation towards family members, friends and solidarian people by the State, its prosecutors and cops.

– a solution to the prison situation of Nataly Casanova, compañera held in severe isolation from the beginning of her preventive detention (September 23rd 2014), having only one hour of yard time, and being denied the possibility of coexistence with other inmates who are not being punished, or access to activities of recreation and apprenticeship (workshops, etc.). We demand her immediate transfer to another wing in which this humiliating situation be remedied.

– the scientific clarification of the validity of DNA evidence. That the validity of the analysis method and the accuracy of its results be taken into account, depending on the quality and composition of the samples. Today these DNA proofs are used as the main incriminating evidence in the case, even though both their origin and quality are far from the purported scientific certainty that the prosecutor’s office intends to give to these “magnificent” proofs.

Only struggle and solidarity deliver what is negated by the State; it’s only in this way that we can confront this world con$tructed by and for them.

Guillermo Duran Méndez
In total house arrest

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Hunger strikes in Greek prisons

A brief chronicle of the past few days:

While the Greek society is watching the post-election fables of the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government in an almost dormant state, incarcerated anarchists and combative prisoners in the galleys of democracy have once again decided to clash with the Power and its laws, using hunger strike and abstention from prison food as weapons of their struggle.

On February 27, 2015, Giorgos Sofianidis, social prisoner in the E1 wing of Domokos maximum security prison, begins a hunger strike demanding to be transferred back to Koridallos prison, where he was held until New Year’s Eve, so he can continue his studies at the Technological Education Institute of Piraeus and the Institute of Professional Training of Koridallos prison. At the same time, along with his fellow inmates, he claims the definite abolition of type C prisons. On the same day, all other prisoners in the E1 special wing of Domokos – anarchists Nikos Maziotis, Kostas Gournas, Yannis Naxakis, communist Dimitris Koufontinas, and social prisoners Alexandros Meletis, Konstantinos Meletis, Vasilis Varelas, Mohamed Said Elchibah, Alexandros Makadasidis – declare prison food abstention, stating they will continue their mobilisations. Besides, in early February, a joint protest was carried out by inmates in Domokos prison in response to yet another death of a prisoner because of medical negligence.

On March 2, prisoners that share a common political context of demands launch a hunger strike, mostly aiming at abolishing the 2001 and 2004 antiterrorism laws, articles 187 and 187A of the penal code, the ‘hoodie law’, the legal framework for type C prisons, the prosecutorial provision of forcible taking of DNA samples, and demanding that the convicted 17N member Savvas Xiros be released from prison on health grounds. Those who announce their participation in the collective mobilisation are Kostas Gournas and Dimitris Koufontinas with a joint statement, Nikos Maziotis (type C prison of Domokos), and five comrades from the Network of Imprisoned Fighters (DAK); namely, Antonis Stamboulos (Larissa prison), Tasos Theofilou (Domokos prison), Fivos Harisis, Argyris Ntalios and Giorgos Karagiannidis (Koridallos prison). The rest of the participants in the Network of Imprisoned Fighters will join the hunger strike later on. On March 2, Mohamed-Said Elchibah also initiates hunger strike in the type C prison of Domokos. A day later, two women incarcerated in the female section of Neapoli men’s prison in Lasithi, Crete, declare their abstention from prison food in solidarity with political prisoners on hunger strike.

Meanwhile, since February 28, police have arrested several people in relation to the case of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire attempted escape from Koridallos prison: Christos Rodopoulos, anarchist fugitive Angeliki Spyropoulou, Athena Tsakalou (mother of the Tsakalos brothers) and a friend of hers, a friend of the brother of Giorgos Polidoros, as well as the wife of Gerasimos Tsakalos. Therefore, on March 2, CCF imprisoned members Olga Ekonomidou, Michalis Nikolopoulos, Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Haris Hadjimihelakis, Gerasimos Tsakalos, Christos Tsakalos, Giorgos Polidoros, Panagiotis Argirou, Damiano Bolano and Theofilos Mavropoulos announce a hunger strike until death or until their family members and the friends of their relatives are immediately released. Angeliki Spyropoulou, from the holding cells at police headquarters, also goes on hunger strike with the same demand. On March 4, anarchist Panos Michalakoglou, held in pretrial detention in the prison of Nigrita in Serres, initiates abstention from prison food in solidarity with CCF hunger strikers. Both friends of relatives of CCF members are released, however the bastards Nikopoulos and Asprogerakas, special appellate judges in charge of the investigation, order that the mother and the wife of Gerasimos Tsakalos be remanded to prison. Additionally, two more arrestees are sent to pretrial detention; namely, hunger striker Angeliki Spyropoulou (Koridallos prison) and Christos Rodopoulos (Domokos prison). Furthermore, on March 6, Christos Polidoros (brother of CCF member Giorgos) is also arrested and held by the antiterrorist unit.

Giorgos Polidoros and Christos Tsakalos have explained that the ten political prisoners of CCF support the other collective hunger strike that’s currently underway in Greek prisons, emphasising that the latest machinations of the antiterrorism agency against their family members are an extreme consequence of antiterrorism legislation. Revolutionary Struggle member Nikos Maziotis has also stated that, regardless of the different context of the hunger strikes’ demands, he supports the struggle of CCF prisoners.

Faced with this rapidly developing situation while waiting for further updates, it’s up to those of us on the outside who fight to abolish the prison society in all of its aspects and crush all Power, to support each and every prisoner in struggle for the immediate fulfillment of their demands, and try to bring about the complete destabilisation of the system of domination. Let us not forget that what we fight for is the total destruction of the State/Capital, and that struggles for partial demands are used as a means of destabilisation to this end, not as an end in itself; otherwise, there’s always the danger of being assimilated into reformism. Let us multiply the actions of agitation and attack against institutions, persons and symbols of Greek democracy inside and outside the borders. Let us make solidarity into praxis.

in Greek (6/3/2015), Spanish, French,
Portuguese, Serbo-Croatian, German

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Arcadia, Greece: Stella Antoniou tortured at the hands of police

On October 23rd, 2014, anarchist Stella Antoniou was arrested in the village of Dimitsana in Arcadia, Peloponnese, for allegedly violating a restrictive condition related to permanent residence in Athens. Antiterrorist cops pounced on her, throwing her to the ground. She was taken to the local police station, where she firmly refused to give a DNA sample and suffered beatings from the cops. Under the eyes of the Dimitsana police director, Papazafeiropoulos, five thugs of the antiterrorist squad repeatedly attempted but failed to obtain her genetic sample. Initially she was choked and had her nose blocked so that she would forcibly open the mouth and have her DNA sample taken with a cotton swab. Then police violently pulled her hair and threw her to the ground once again. Blood vessels under her eye were broken, resulting in bleeding (recall that Stella experiences serious health problems with her eye).

On October 24th, the comrade was moved to the courthouse in a nearby town, Tripoli, to undergo proceeding for alleged violation of her restrictive conditions, even though she is not banned from exiting Attica. Besides, she has already been acquitted by a court on a similar occasion in Thessaloniki. Cops did not allow comrades to enter the courthouse of Tripoli, so people in solidarity remained outside the building (in the rain) awaiting the outcome of the hearing.

Stella stays strong despite what she suffered by officers of the anti-terrorist squad. According to her personal physician, who visited her along with her relatives and lawyer while the comrade was still in temporary custody, she sustained not only retinal hemorrhage but also mandibular, cervical spine and right shoulder injuries. Because of her pre-existing health condition, the doctor requested her emergency evacuation to a general hospital for examination.

Later the same day, solidarians reported that Stella Antoniou was finally released after the court hearing was postponed to the 6th of November 2014.

Koridallos prison, Athens: Sentences in the Velventos double robbery case

On Wednesday, October 1st, 2014, the Koridallos prison court in Athens found anarchist prisoners Yannis Michailidis, Nikos Romanos, Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos and Dimitris Politis (who have claimed political responsibility for the double armed robbery in Velventos, Kozani) as well as Fivos Harisis and Argyris Ntalios (who have denied all charges) guilty of:
– committing robbery while masked or disguised (except Dimitris Politis, who was convicted as an accessory),
– aggravated possession of firearms (for the guns used in the double expropriation),
– aggravated vehicle theft (for the car of the dentist-hostage used as getaway vehicle).

The final prison sentences against the six comrades are:
Yannis Michailidis: 16 years, 4 months and 10 days.
Nikos Romanos: 15 years and 10 months.
Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos, Fivos Harisis, Argyris Ntalios: 15 years and 11 months.
Dimitris Politis: 11 years and 5 months.

Finally, as proposed earlier by the prosecutor, the court acquitted all of the accused of alleged involvement in the CCF urban guerrilla group. However, there are other trial court cases underway that include the exact same accusation against the anarchist comrades.

Thessaloniki, Greece: Anarchist revolutionary Babis Tsilianidis acquitted in appeals hearing!

On the 6th of June 2014, nearly 40 comrades attended the second day of appeals hearing in the courthouse of Thessaloniki. Meanwhile, comrade Babis Tsilianidis —who has always refused to attend court proceedings— was in Koridallos prison (Athens) waiting for the outcome.

To cut a long story short, the prosecutor asked for the comrade’s acquittal, stating that the scarf(/handkerchief) was found too far from the scene of the robbery, and a DNA sample alone (in this case a mixture) is not sufficient evidence to convict anybody.

Finally the court acquitted Babis Tsilianidis ‘because of doubts’. After almost 3.5 years of captivity, the comrade is able to walk out to the street again.

There are still many anarchists behind prison walls. Freedom for all!

source: athens indymedia (1, 2)

Athens, Greece: Conviction of anarchist communist Tasos Theofilou

On February 7th, 2014 anarchist communist Tasos Theofilou was sentenced to 25 years in prison, although he has denied all charges from the start. A three-member bench reached a majority opinion (instead of a unanimous verdict) at the trial court in Athens.

Tasos Theofilou was acquitted of severe charges in relation to “formation of and membership in a terrorist organization” (i.e. his alleged involvement in the urban guerrilla group Conspiracy of Cells of Fire), as well as possession of explosives and ordnance (these charges were also dropped, since the judges ruled that he was never a member of the CCF), forgery of five identification cards, use of a firearm, and two attempted homicides.

However he was found guilty of two felony charges: participating in a robbery with his physical characteristics covered, and being an abettor in manslaughter committed in a calm mental state. He was also convicted of three misdemeanors: carrying a firearm, repeatedly forging (accusation relating to vehicles of the robbers), and accepting proceeds of crime (the getaway car of the robbers).

In other words, the court decided that supposedly Theofilou (without being a member of the CCF or another organization) participated in the bank robbery on Paros Island in August 2012, but he was not the one who killed Dimitris Michas (the citizen who attempted to prevent the robbers’ escape). According to one of his defense lawyers, this is a decision taken on the basis of one and only indication (a controversial DNA sample on a hat which one of the robbers allegedly dropped). At least the imposition of life imprisonment was prevented, as he was not convicted of intentional manslaughter…

Many facts of the case and evidence presented to the court argued in favor of his acquittal (e.g. none of the eyewitnesses recognized Theofilou during the trial). Nevertheless, as had happened in the case of anarchist prisoner Babis Tsilianidis, also in this proceeding the defendant was adjudged to be guilty solely on the basis of DNA, which was allegedly found on a mobile object.

The court of first instance imposed: 16 years for abetting manslaughter, 15 years for committing robbery, 3 years for committing forgery, 2 years for carrying a firearm (plus a fine of 5,000 euros), and 2 years for accepting proceeds of crime; total: 38 years. The aggregate sentence is 25 years in prison. The comrade has the right to appeal against his conviction, but the appeal has no suspensive effect; that is, he must remain in prison until his next trial in the court of appeals (but in the meantime he can request that his prison sentence be suspended).


Thessaloniki, Greece: Stand with anarchist prisoner Babis Tsilianidis

Solidarity with anarchist Babis Tsilianidis! The war rages on…

Below is a text in solidarity with Babis Tsilianidis that was spread in early September 2013, by the Anarchists assembly for the connection of struggles within the prison-society (“Sasta”) in Thessaloniki, Greece:

“Those who live are those who fight; those whose soul and forehead are possessed of a firm design; those who ascend the sharp peak towards a high destiny; those who walk pensive, engrossed by a goal sublime.” (Victor Hugo)

Anarchist Babis Tsilianidis has had a date set for the hearing of his motion for an interruption of serving sentence on September 18th in the court of Thessaloniki, in the case concerning an armed burglary at the accounting department of AHEPA hospital.

Already imprisoned since January 2011 (on charges that he is no longer accused of), the comrade “received” an extra, third, pretrial incarceration. In this case, the only incriminating evidence presented against Babis was a handkerchief on which, as the cops claim, a DNA sample was found that allegedly matched his genetic profile.

During his entire incarceration, he has refused to cooperate in any way with authorities, he has never given fingerprints or DNA samples with his consent, he has never made statements of apologia to his interrogators, and has always refused to attend court proceedings.

In the trial, on January 22nd, 2013 the prosecutor proposed 10 years and 4 months imprisonment.

We should not get used to fear

It is our understanding that these days DNA, apart from being another chapter in Biology books, may also constitute a sufficient means for setting up a conviction on the basis of assumed scientific authority. Beyond asserting that the State, technology and science give each other a firm handshake once again, DNA profiling is just one additional tool next to thermal imaging cameras and CCTVs, security alarms, database systems, fingerprint storage, and patrols of cops and private security guards in the streets. DNA profiling is yet another tool in the arsenal of authoritarians, part of the overall strategic upgrade of repression, which is enforced, additionally, to draw a picture of the complete establishment of surveillance and control.

New repressive methods in technological modernization of the Greek State can only be introduced with a pilot implementation phase. Thus we can see how new practices are tested against more radical elements, and then extended out, to cover wider communities in struggle. Recent examples of this (after the comrade’s conviction) are the ongoing investigation against villagers resisting gold mining in Halkidiki, who have been forced to give samples of their genetic material, while some of them are held on remand,* as well as the use of the EKAM antiterrorist force, and not only, for transferring comrades accused for armed action but also for suppressing demonstrations, squatting projects, and labour strikes. Continue reading Thessaloniki, Greece: Stand with anarchist prisoner Babis Tsilianidis

Greek prisons: New hearing in the case of anarchist Babis Tsilianidis

On Friday, October 4, 2013 the defense lawyer of Babis Tsilianidis was informed, completely by chance, that the comrade’s request for an interruption of serving sentence will be examined on October 16 at Thessaloniki courts.

We will take anarchist captives back where they belong: to the streets!

Solidarity to anarchist Babis Tsilianidis
Solidarity to all imprisoned anarchists
Rage and consciousness

Greek prisons: Update on the case of anarchist Babis Tsilianidis

Imprisoned comrade Babis Tsilianidis had requested an interruption of serving sentence. On September 18, the hearing was postponed to January 15, 2014 due to a strike of judicial personnel. However the application for probation was resubmitted, so a new hearing was scheduled for this year.

A judicial council will examine the comrade’s request for an interruption of serving sentence on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 in Thessaloniki.


Greek prisons: Anarchist Babis Tsilianidis has requested an interruption of serving sentence

Anarchist revolutionary Babis Tsilianidis is imprisoned since January 2011, and currently held in Koridallos prison, Athens. He has faced a series of court proceedings, in all of which he has refused to attend. The comrade received suspended sentences at those trials, and this fact would have sufficed for his immediate release from prison if it weren’t for a last trial pending against him in relation to an armed burglary at the accounting department of the AHEPA hospital in Thessaloniki. The police “evidence”, that brought his third consecutive pretrial incarceration, was solely DNA-based.

This trial finally took place on January 22, 2013. Babis Tsilianidis was found guilty of all charges, and sentenced to 10 years and 4 months without parole. This specific case brought the first conviction of a political prisoner in Greece on the basis of one piece of circumstantial evidence alone—that is, the only incriminating evidence presented by the prosecution was that a trace of the defendant’s genetic profile “matched” a DNA sample taken from a handkerchief which was found somewhere near the burglary scene.

On September 18, 2013 a judicial council in Thessaloniki will examine the comrade’s request for an interruption of serving sentence.

Support captive anarchists and revolutionaries by any means necessary. Never surrender even an inch of our living spaces to repression. Always organize our lives and struggles in an anarchic manner, and towards anarchy, to dismantle the social machine.

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Berlin: Demo in solidarity with comrades raided by police on August 14th

According to first reports, there were huge police raids on eight house projects and apartments in Berlin, including the Rigaer 94, this morning (14/8). The cops are supposedly looking for people responsible for attacks on various job centers (‘welfare offices’) as well as a recent molotov attack against police, who were conducting a drug raid in Köttbusser Tor during a solidarity demonstration for the revolt in Turkey. More news as it comes…

Below is a call for spontaneous demonstration in response to the raids:

This morning, August 14th, 2013, cops raided several apartments in the Mitte, Kreuzberg and Neukölln neighbourhoods of Berlin.

In Friedrichshain the police deployed a riot squad, along with special task force troops to invade the house project Rigaer Straße 94 [whose front building was already stormed by cops on August 2nd].

The pretext for these raids were actions against several branches of the Job Center that took place in Berlin on May 2nd, as well as a solidarity action with the people revolting in Turkey after the eviction of Gezi Park in Istanbul.

Meanwhile everyone is asked to gather today, 14/8, at 20.00 for an unregistered demonstration, at Spreewaldplatz in Kreuzberg.

Our passion for freedom is stronger than any authority!

The following is a communiqué by Rigaer 94, one of the raided houses:

Today, just after 6am, several police units (13th unit of riot cops, technical units, LKA and the special forces unit) stormed our house and carried out a raid, and served two search warrants. The cops used an angle grinder to break down our doors, all the rooms of the house were entered and all occupants were detained for 6 hours.

Astoundingly, this time around they restrained themselves from completely ransacking the house. One room was searched in relation to an act of solidarity with the uprisings in Turkey (an attempted murder charge) and a further room was searched in relation to attacks against exploitation, wage slavery and the craze for work (a charge for arson of a job center).

One of the accused was forced to give his DNA. The cops were sniffing around a lot, on their own, but also putting to work dogs trained to sniff out explosives and flammable materials. Additionally, they occupied our roof with a helicopter and special forces unit (SEK).

At the same time as the raid on our house, they were attacking and searching other projects, living communities, and the apartments of comrades. Around 12.30pm the cops disappeared from our house again, but not before repairing our doors with an astounding amount of effort (and not in the most clever or efficient of ways). Before they left our house they took a bunch of old rubbish from our attic along with the house’s x-box (which we demand back) — perhaps they were trying to prevent us from, on countless nights, destroying the city in Grand Theft Auto.

Jokes aside, we are fucking pissed off, we hate you, and none of you are welcome! We see this not as an attack on our projects only, and not due solely to our refusal of this whole rotten piece of shit of a system, but also as an attack on all autonomous, self-managed and collective life that is the antithesis to the alienation and isolation of capitalism.

At 8pm there will be a spontaneous demonstration from Spreewaldplatz through X-berg.

This demo will not be legalized!
We will be there 14.8.2013 – you will remember! A.C.A.B!

Athens: Latest update on the case of arrested comrades in Nea Filadelfeia

Solidarians confirmed that four anarchists have been remanded in Koridallos prison after the arrests in the district of Nea Filadelfeia on April 30th, 2013: Argyris Ntalios and Fivos Harisis (wanted after the double robbery in Velventos, near Kozani) as well as Yannis Naxakis and Grigoris Sarafoudis. All four were formally indicted on ‘terrorist organization’ charges based on DNA samples for separate bank robbery cases.

Paris: Report back from the anti-terrorism trial against six comrades

Here is the transcript of the trial against six comrades which was held in May 2012— the verdict was issued on Monday, June 25th, at 13.30.

For a more detailed reminder of the case, in French, visit mauvaises intentions

Franck was found not guilty, acquitted of all charges; he is entitled to seek reparation for the six months of pretrial detention which he already completed.

Ivan was acquitted for DNA identification refusal; found guilty of the rest of charges; sentenced to 12 months in prison (out of which 6 months of suspended sentence); his motion for non-criminal record was dismissed.

Bruno was acquitted for DNA identification refusal; found guilty of the rest of charges; sentenced to 12 months in prison (out of which 6 months of suspended sentence).

Damien was acquitted for DNA identification refusal; found guilty of the rest of charges; sentenced to 24 months in prison (out of which 12 months of suspended sentence).

Inès was found guilty of all charges; sentenced to 30 months in prison (out of which 18 months of suspended sentence); her motion for non-criminal record was dismissed.

Javier was found guilty of all charges; sentenced to 36 months in prison (out of which 24 months of suspended sentence); his motion for non-criminal record was dismissed.

In addition, all sealed items (seized by the police and/or used in court) were confiscated.

Note that the pretrial detention which the comrades have already done covers almost the entire prison time (the “firm prison sentence”), so there is little chance that any of them will return to prison. Those, for whom remain a few weeks or months to be served in prison, will have to appear also before a special judicial council (the “J.A.P.”), who will rule upon the execution of their convictions.

Also, the terrorist character of the case has been maintained.

All convictions are either identical to the prosecution’s initial demands, or slightly lighter (in the case of Inès and Javier) —with the exception of Frank, of course, who was acquitted of all charges.

The prosecutors as well as the defendants have had 10 days to file an appeal. (Updates will be added here.)


Solidarity actions across Greece ahead of the trial of the anarchist Aris Seirinidis on June 8th

Aris Seirinidis is an anarchist who was arrested on the evening of May 3rd, 2010, in central Athens, at a police check-point set up for an irrelevant to him case. Initially he faced a misdemeanor charge but in the end the anti-terrorist unit pulled out a forgotten case related to the shooting of a police riot van in the area of Exarcheia in the summer of 2009, which became known by the media as ‘the case of the pistolero with the sombrero and flip flops’ (due to the attire worn by the person that carried out the shooting).

The main ‘evidence’ against Aris was the matching of DNA taken from his wallet after his arrest with DNA found on one of the many surgical mask strewn around Exarcheia (due to a demo and rioting that had taken place in the summer of 2009, exactly the previous to the incident day) that was collected on the day of the shooting.

Aris’ trial will commence tomorrow, June 8th – and today has seen a series of actions across Greece in his support. Continue reading Solidarity actions across Greece ahead of the trial of the anarchist Aris Seirinidis on June 8th