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Santiago, Chile: “Javier Recabarren present in Combatant Youth – March 29 and every day…out in the street!”

Javier Recabarren present in Combatant Youth – March 29 and every day …out in the street! (A)

Banner in memory of comrade Javier Recabarren


During the “Day of the Young Combatant” we have made a banner in memory of the anarchist Javier Recabarren who died three years ago, run over by a transantiago bus.

His action mode, relative to street battle and anti-speciesism calls, or anti-prison – in short, his participation on the broad anti-authoritarian struggle – continues present in our memory.  He was a comrade, a affine brother that we bring to the street, by means this minimal propaganda gesture, from somewhere in Santiago.

in Spanish l Portuguese

Athens: Banner action in the city centre

On March 26th 2016, we gathered in the yard of the Athens Polytechnic School, beside the squatted Gini building where migrant families are currently housed, and we made a few banners of anarchist remembrance and internationalist solidarity.

On Stournari Street, we placed a banner in solidarity with migrants reading: “We are migratory birds – Down with barbed wire – Long live freedom – Fire to the borders”.

In Exarchia Square, we dropped a banner in memory of Javier Recabarren also ahead of the 29th March, Day of the Combatant Youth in Chile: “Eleven-year-old dead: 18th March 2015 – Javier Recabarren present in every street battle!!! 29th March out in the street”.

Last year (18-3-2015), the rebellious comrade Javier Recabarren died at age 11 in Santiago, Chile, when he was hit by a bus of Transantiago. At such a young age he was very active in animal liberation struggles, being a member of Colectivo Animalista Alza Tu Voz (Animal-Rights Collective “Raise Your Voice”). He often participated in street riots, but also in activities and events in support of incarcerated comrades.

“With all the subversive love for the rebellious and beautiful little kid Javier Recabarren… Vegan/Anarko/Anti-cages, immensely conscious of his uncontainable desires for freedom… We carry you in the indomitable hearts, little brother!!!” —words of the libertarian comrade (Security case prisoner) Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda in November 2015

On Koletti Street, Exarchia, we hung a banner reading: “Ever since we were children we’ve hated this society – Shit on the State and the police – Chaoten”.

At the old building of the Chemistry Faculty, we left a message of incendiary solidarity: “A bottle filled with petrol at every cop’s head – Solidarity with Andrea and Errol – Antigolders”.

The two anarchist comrades Errol and Andrea, who reside in Thessaloniki, are currently threatened with administrative deportation, accused of participation in clashes with cops that had broken out on August 23rd 2015 during a demonstration against gold mining in Skouries in the Halkidiki Peninsula (northern Greece).

A wall nearby, on Charilaou Trikoupi Street, was tagged with “FIRE TO THE PRISONS (A)” in Farsi.

At the opposite corner, on Solonos Street, we dropped a banner against every terror law: “Out in street is where we break the terror and the law – Breakin’ the Law”.

We placed one last banner on Soultani Street, back in Exarchia, reading: “Fire to the prisons / FTTP”.

Argentina: Train lines sabotaged in Buenos Aires

Everything in the cities is designed to promote and perpetuate the constant flow of merchandize, be it human or not. Millions of pesos are invested in the remodeling of train stations or into the inauguration of new ones, in the construction and maintenance of motorways, in technological mechanisms of control and repression, in resources for the armed lackeys who are at the service of Power.

Having that in our mind, today we wanted to sabotage, if even only for an instant, the normal functioning of the cogs that maintain the structure of the domination, attacking the intersection that connects the Floresta and Villa Luro lines with an incendiary/explosive device.

We will not enter into the debate on whether these actions are only jeopardising workers. Today it is important to break with the asphyxiating normalcy that is being approved by the vast majority of the police society.

In direct solidarity and complicity with our brothers and sister of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, who are on a hunger strike in Greek prisons since March 2nd, demanding the immediate release of their close ones!

It is urgent to act, given the serious health condition of our comrades; a proof more than enough about it is the fact that 6 of them have been transferred to the hospital [actually 8 CCF members are being hospitalised].

Solidarity with Angeliki and the rest of the hunger strikers!

Strength to comrades in Chile ahead of a new anniversary of the Day of the Combatant Youth. Let’s extend the riots everywhere!

Let’s avenge our dead and those imprisoned and tortured because of their struggle against the rotten Argentinean state…

Circle of Fire

in Greek

Santiago, Chile: Four arrests in La Victoria on March 29th, 2014

On March 29th, in the context of the commemorations of the “Day of the Combatant Youth”, four comrades were arrested by police thugs in the historical neighborhood of La Victoria, in Santiago. During their arrest, they were brutally beaten by men of the Carabiniers, who broke the teeth of a female compa and caused a deep cut on the head of another male compa.

The day after, around 2pm, a judge of the 10th Guarantee Court ordered a two months’ pre-trial detention for the comrades. Since March 30th at 11pm, Javier and Miguel are being held in the prison-enterprise of Santiago 1, while Paz and Chrystal were sent to the jail of San Miguel.

The charges for which they’ll be under investigation these two next months are: arson attempt (of a Transantiago bus) that placed people in danger, attempted murder (against a cop of the Carabiniers), possession of incendiary devices (Molotov cocktail), trespassing private property (regarding the house they entered to find shelter from the cops) and violation of the antiterrorist law. All this means that the comrades risk prison sentences of 5 years and a day to 10 years.

In these kind of situations it is essential to run solidarity initiatives with the arrested comrades, from spreading the word on their current situation, preparing and sending packages into prison or supporting their families, to the direct attack against those that keep them locked up.

By any means necessary, and beyond any technical difficulties, we should now break with reality, its defenders and its false critics!

Immediate solidarity with Javier, Paz, Miguel[*] and Chrystal!

Hold on mates, we shall not leave you alone!

Until every cell is empty! For total liberation!

Let solidarity transcend the walls of every prison!

* Update: On the 5th of April one the four arrestees, Miguel, released an open letter which is very embarrassing, to say the least; see related note of Refractario, in Spanish, here.

Santiago, Chile: Everyday a young combatant is born!

Responsibility claim for the action which was carried out on Monday the 17th of March 2014 outside the ex-Pedagogical School in Santiago, in commemoration of the “Week of the Combatant Youth”

In relation to conditions pre-established by the security forces, we felt the obligation to generate a combative instance that goes far beyond the very “day of the combatant youth”, understanding our struggle as something that transcends emblematic and focal dates, towards the destruction of social norms and the prevailing model.

Hunger, misery, poverty, injustice, police harassment, exploitation and all elements of domination and oppression against the most unprotected classes—of which we are also a part—are realities of everyday living, apart from the emblematic dates of street fighting, so this is a call to generate this struggle in every place, on every corner of this society, 365 days a year.

Regarding the details of the action itself, we would love to give you more; however we believe that on this occasion the images speak for themselves.

Everyday a young combatant is born!
In memory of Eduardo and Rafael.

Photos kindly donated by Héctor Antonio Cerda Burgos, ID number 17.459.433-3*

source: hommodolars

* ironic reference to another cop who had infiltrated in the campus on the same day; when he was spotted by students, in his rush to escape he left his bag and police ID card behind

Chile: About the arrest of Tamara Sol Farías Vergara

On January 21st, 2014, anarchist comrade Tamara Sol Farías Vergara was arrested in Santiago of Chile, accused of having carried out an armed attack against a security guard of BancoEstado that took place the same day in the bank branch located at the junction of Alameda avenue with Las Rejas street.

On January 22nd, the comrade appeared in court and was put in pretrial detention, charged with stealing the gun of said security guard and causing him grievous bodily harm. The investigation will be completed within 60 days, and she faces from 10 years and 1 day, to lifetime in prison.

Given the seriousness of the situation and the media hysteria launched against Sol but also her family, members of which have been assassinated by dogs of the Pinochet regime, we are calling for active solidarity with the comrade, and also draw attention to the necessity of avoiding to reproduce the enemy’s propaganda, meaning the Press, coppers, and judges.

Getting shot with a revolver to wise up; that’s just right for you!

Anarchist cell of propaganda for international incendiary solidarity