Santiago, Chile: Four arrests in La Victoria on March 29th, 2014

On March 29th, in the context of the commemorations of the “Day of the Combatant Youth”, four comrades were arrested by police thugs in the historical neighborhood of La Victoria, in Santiago. During their arrest, they were brutally beaten by men of the Carabiniers, who broke the teeth of a female compa and caused a deep cut on the head of another male compa.

The day after, around 2pm, a judge of the 10th Guarantee Court ordered a two months’ pre-trial detention for the comrades. Since March 30th at 11pm, Javier and Miguel are being held in the prison-enterprise of Santiago 1, while Paz and Chrystal were sent to the jail of San Miguel.

The charges for which they’ll be under investigation these two next months are: arson attempt (of a Transantiago bus) that placed people in danger, attempted murder (against a cop of the Carabiniers), possession of incendiary devices (Molotov cocktail), trespassing private property (regarding the house they entered to find shelter from the cops) and violation of the antiterrorist law. All this means that the comrades risk prison sentences of 5 years and a day to 10 years.

In these kind of situations it is essential to run solidarity initiatives with the arrested comrades, from spreading the word on their current situation, preparing and sending packages into prison or supporting their families, to the direct attack against those that keep them locked up.

By any means necessary, and beyond any technical difficulties, we should now break with reality, its defenders and its false critics!

Immediate solidarity with Javier, Paz, Miguel[*] and Chrystal!

Hold on mates, we shall not leave you alone!

Until every cell is empty! For total liberation!

Let solidarity transcend the walls of every prison!

* Update: On the 5th of April one the four arrestees, Miguel, released an open letter which is very embarrassing, to say the least; see related note of Refractario, in Spanish, here.