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Greece: Keli squat, which was evicted in July, re-squatted in Igoumenitsa

“The Rebels Are Right! Solidarity with All Squats! –Keli squat, against the State, fascists and musclemen”

On September 3, the Keli (Cell of Freedom) squat was reoccupied.* This was our short response to the ongoing state repression against anarchists and squatters.

As we have already said, the fight goes on and will continue.

In addition, three more students occupied the empty dormitory cells at the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Igoumenitsa. The housing project continues, and we invite all students who have financial problems to do the same.

Shame on academics for bringing the cops into the TEI premises. Shame on cowards who choose to keep silent when faced with state repression.

Solidarity with evicted squats—Villa Amalias squat, and Skaramaga squat in Athens; Delta squat, and Orfanotrofio squat in Thessaloniki; Maragopouleio squat, Parartima squat, and the self-managed hangout of TEI in Patras; Valveios squat in Messolonghi—as well as with the Nadir anarchist hangout in Thessaloniki, Draka squat in Corfu, radio98fm, indymedia, and the hangout in Xanthi…

Comradely greetings and solidarity to Apertus squat in Agrinio, which was attacked again by fascists some time ago, to all antifascists in the same town, and much strength to resisters at the local park, where many trees have recently been uprooted.

The rebels are right, not the snitches and kowtowers.

Solidarity to all those who don’t chicken out when faced with state repression, but rather resist and rise up.

anarchist antifascists

Banner by the anarchist group Baruti in the city of Veria, in solidarity with the evicted squats in Patras.

* To sum up the latest anti-squatting crackdown across Greece, during the 2013 summer period alone:

July 2: Eviction operation and arrests at the dormitory building inside the TEI of Igoumenitsa, where the (re-squatted) Keli squat is situated.

July 11: Raid on Nadir squat in Thessaloniki during major antiterrorist operation, which led to two pretrial incarcerations.

August 5: Eviction operation and arrests at three squats in Patras, namely Parartima, Maragopouleio, and the self-managed hangout of TEI; the 5 arrestees from Maragopouleio squat were released, scheduled to appear in court on January 22, 2014.

August 17: Raid at the Thessaloniki university campus, where cops allegedly found bottles that could be used as Molotov cocktails.

August 21: Raid and arrests at the Polytechnic School in downtown Athens, where autonomous hangouts are situated.

August 26: Eviction of the Valveios squat (a former library) in the town of Messolonghi; this squatted space was attacked by fascists in June.

August 29: Eviction of the Antiviosi squat in Ioannina; arrests at nearby buildings.

September 2: Eviction operation and arrests at the Orfanotrofio squat in Thessaloniki; the 7 arrestees were released, brought to court on September 6, and acquitted of all charges.

September 4: Eviction of an occupied house on Lofos Strefi in Exarchia, Athens.

Turkey: Police crackdown and mass detentions in İstanbul

In the early hours of July 16th, 2013 police raided 100 different places in İstanbul.

At around 5.30am, police stormed many houses simultaneously. According to initial reports, 12 members of Öğrenci Kolektifleri (Students’ Collective) and Liseli Genç Umut (Highschool Young Hope) were detained. 26 persons in the district of Sancaktepe were detained, including readers of magazines such as Özgür Gelecek (Free Future) and Devrimci Demokrasi (Revolutionary Democracy), and members of AKA-DER (Anatolian Cultural and Research Foundation) and HKP (People’s Liberation Party). It’s being reported that managers’ and members’ houses of the TGB (Turkey Youth Union) were also searched. Lawyers informed that the State took the decision of house searches and arrest of 60 people for a 72-hour period (including members of Halkevleri, Öğrenci Kolektifleri, Özgür Gelecek, Devrimci Demokrasi, Aka-Der, HKP and TGB). 56 people are accused for encouraging people to revolt and damaging public property. The case file was classified as confidential, so people still in custody (30 so far) are not allowed to speak with their lawyers for 24 hours. Cops also decided to take saliva samples of detainees.

Patras: Message from a group of immigrants

November 10th, 2012

We are a group of immigrants, illegal ones, who managed to avoid arrest during the “Xenios Zeus” operations that took place in Patras on the 1st of October. During this operation many of our friends were arrested and are now being held for no reason whatsoever in concentration camps (prisons). The reason for writing these words is because our wish is that our message will reach everyone who lives in Greece so that we can make certain things clear, because the State has molded a much distorted image of us.

Most of the people that the “Xenios Zeus” operation is targeting are a part of Greek society and have been living in the country since 2008. That means that they have been here before the crisis.

We are asking the Greek State and the police to allow us to eat garbage off the bins in peace, rather than imprisoning us in concentration camps.

We are asking for everyone’s solidarity so that we can put an end to the “Xenios Zeus”; so that we can demand the liberation of our friends who are held in the camps.

The broom was something invented to sweep garbage and not people, and we are sure that in this country people are not happy when others are being treated as garbage.

Money is being spent in herding immigrants in camps, when they could provide us with documents so that we could decide whether to stay or migrate to other countries, the same thing that the Greeks are doing now because of the crisis.

We thank you for your time.


“Xenios Zeus”: The name euphemistically given by the State for propaganda purposes to ongoing police operations targeting immigrants/refugees. According to mythology, Zeus was the patron god of hospitality and any wrongdoing against strangers, travelers, immigrants was a major offence.

“Broom (skupa)”: Massive sweep operation by the police.

Greece: Major crackdown in Thessaloniki

On July 2nd, 2012, an extensive police operation was launched across the city of Thessaloniki, with raids in two squats, house searches and massive preemptive detentions (people were caught even in their private residences, and on several streets, and after few hours were released from police departments), as well as arrests. There are reportedly 25 arrestees, and it is possible that they will be charged with felonies.

Specifically, police forces stormed the anarchist hangout Nadir at approximately 6.30am, detaining people from inside the building. Cops then also stormed the Orfanotrofio squat, also detaining people there.

The Greek media immediately linked this crackdown to a police case file concerning events of recent months in this city of northern Greece.

To hell with the police mercenaries and the ruling media… We are well aware of the fact that the judiciary and the cops will loyally serve any dominant propaganda, in an escalating war against the enemy within.

However, we cannot really refrain from mentioning that these speculated “events of recent months” may indeed imply severe conflicts between individuals and/or collectives in Thessaloniki that are (at least theoretically, or to exterior observers) affiliated to the same political space, but made themselves defend alleged, or consciously, different tendencies and approaches more than often against each other (also with public communiqués in some cases). There are many facts left deliberately untold about a seemingly internal conflict into active spaces of the wider libertarian milieu in the city of Thessaloniki, and this issue might never be analyzed publicly. But we can reflect on the deeper danger that lies behind such discords, now that the repression has hit hard, and apparently the crackdown affects comrades from both “sides” of any kind of strife.

Let us show our nonnegotiable support to the arrestees, before moving on to a factual (self)critique. Solidarity first and always; freedom for all comrades.

Athens: Police crackdown and arrests after direct action in Exarchia

Today (3/1) the Solidarity Cell ‘In Carcere et Vinculis’ claimed responsibility for attacking — probably with sledgehammers — the building located in Solonos Street, in downtown Athens on January 2nd, 2012. At about 22.30 they smashed the front windows of Goody’s fast food restaurant and IEK Domi, a private institute of professional qualification, in solidarity with the imprisoned anarchist Stella Antoniou. Much to our surprise, the communiqué failed to refer to the arrests and police crackdown after this direct action.

Cops launched a manhunt both in Exarchia Square and the surrounding alleys. The police squads smashed the windows of at least two cafeterias in the area, spreading terror and occupying the streets. A total of five people (17, 20, 22, 29 and 32 year-old) were arrested and detained at police headquarters. Some of them may have been charged with felonies. At midday of Tuesday, January 3rd, it was reported that the five arrestees would appear before the public prosecutor at Evelpidon courts in Athens.

One commentator on Indymedia Athens suggests that the cops’ fury may also be related to the following video, a valuable document from the general strike of June 29th which was widely circulated on the same morning (2/1) —by RealDemocracyGr, also with English subtitles:

The trial is set for January 5th. At least three of the arrestees are still in custody, while the minor has been released.

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Update (5/1): All arrestees have now been released.
Their trial was postponed for 13/1.

Athens: One more crackdown in Victoria Square

On Tuesday evening, October 4th, at around 20.30 (the day before the general strike mobilizations across Greece) strong police forces raided Victoria Square hunting and arresting dozens of immigrants —residents in the neighbourhood.

Three police buses, police motorcycles, units of the Group of Crime Prevention and Suppression (OPKE) and a bunch of 15–20 plainclothes cops were involved in this repressive operation which lasted about twenty minutes.

The arrestees are probably more than 100 people, including undocumented immigrants.