Athens: Police crackdown and arrests after direct action in Exarchia

Today (3/1) the Solidarity Cell ‘In Carcere et Vinculis’ claimed responsibility for attacking — probably with sledgehammers — the building located in Solonos Street, in downtown Athens on January 2nd, 2012. At about 22.30 they smashed the front windows of Goody’s fast food restaurant and IEK Domi, a private institute of professional qualification, in solidarity with the imprisoned anarchist Stella Antoniou. Much to our surprise, the communiqué failed to refer to the arrests and police crackdown after this direct action.

Cops launched a manhunt both in Exarchia Square and the surrounding alleys. The police squads smashed the windows of at least two cafeterias in the area, spreading terror and occupying the streets. A total of five people (17, 20, 22, 29 and 32 year-old) were arrested and detained at police headquarters. Some of them may have been charged with felonies. At midday of Tuesday, January 3rd, it was reported that the five arrestees would appear before the public prosecutor at Evelpidon courts in Athens.

One commentator on Indymedia Athens suggests that the cops’ fury may also be related to the following video, a valuable document from the general strike of June 29th which was widely circulated on the same morning (2/1) —by RealDemocracyGr, also with English subtitles:

The trial is set for January 5th. At least three of the arrestees are still in custody, while the minor has been released.

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Update (5/1): All arrestees have now been released.
Their trial was postponed for 13/1.