Thessaloniki, Greece: Anarchist “Radio Revolt” broadcasts again

You will be pleased to know that, since the 26th of September 2013, the Radio Revolt in Thessaloniki has been relaunched, available on a new webpage. This anarchist radio project was previously hosted in Delta squat, and was heavily repressed along with other antagonistic infrastructure after the police crackdown of September 12th, 2012, which resulted in the squat’s eviction and several arrests, the extradition of comrade Gustavo Quiroga to Colombia, and the (ongoing) prosecution of anarchists —there is a gathering call in solidarity with the prosecuted comrades of Delta squat for Wednesday the 2nd of October 2013, by 9am, at Thessaloniki courts.

Below is a short announcement by the Radio Revolt collective.
After a year of absence (transmitting only from the studio of the Thessaloniki free radio 1431am), the anarchist self-organized radio station Radio Revolt is back on track. We have resumed our activity standing as one more barricade of resistance to contemporary totalitarianism, promoting our own values and emphasizing the necessity of counter-information.

For us, it makes no sense to describe in detail the repression blows we underwent. We never thought of abandoning the project all this time that we were in limbo. The composition of our assembly has been renewed, the radio equipment has been set up from scratch, and we are now able to return at full strength, open to every collective or individuality that promote anarchist, subversive ideas through their discourse and acts. We wish to broadcast live updates from demonstrations, thematic radio shows and conversations, in order to use the radio station as a means of connection between combatants inside and outside prison walls, as a node for every cell that breaks loose from the existent.

Our assembly works in a non-hierarchical and self-managed manner, breaking with the reasoning of representation and all forms of Power. We are experiencing a wave of repression and silencing; we thus choose to send out a combative response by our own means, and fight until collective and individual liberation.

Our ideas can neither be suppressed nor evicted.
Solidarity with squats.

Radio Revolt