Brazil: Cumplicidade, new counter-information project against Power and toward Total Liberation



We invite you to visit and share information via the new counter-information blog from the region controlled by the Brazilian State: Cumplicidade (‘Complicity’).

This initiative is emerging in the actual context where social war is intensifying day by day, and the accumulated rage of those who are being oppressed on a daily basis has burst out like a tsunami over the streets of numerous cities, from the north to the south of Brazil. We feel that, amid this storm, the appearance of a counter-information node is of extreme importance, seeking to communicate news from an anti-authoritarian perspective, breaking with any moderate discourse or any neutrality, in order to give voice to the war against Power and toward Total Liberation.

We also think it is highly important that online projects would serve as channels of communication and solidarity amongst the insurgents that have been active in different latitudes and longitudes of this territory, thus we underline the necessity of receiving your reflections, analyses, news, photos, videos, etc. so that we can publish them.

We also emphasize that we absolutely reject the irresponsible use of internet as a communication tool, and consequently we are not interested in any kind of networking for this blog via social media such as Facebook or Twitter. We value the use of virtual tools that respect the anonymity and safety of their users and do not facilitate police surveillance.

We hope you can spread this message, and that this small effort could become one more spark that will breathe life into anarchy!