Athens: Supermarket expropriated in the district of Vyronas as a minimum act of resistance

Everything is stolen; everything belongs to us!

We take back a few of the things we produced with hard labour and our bosses have stolen from us…

The establishment of a state of emergency, in conjunction with the predatory raids of the bosses at work and in our lives, imposes the fear of repression as well as destitution on society. Disparities in everyday life have a tragic dimension, when hands reach out begging or overturn trash bins hoping to find food. Unemployment and constant price increases of products on the shelves of supermarkets have made us wonder if we can even meet our basic needs.

We do not tolerate this situation; we will resist.

Today (April 11th, 2014), we covered our faces and expropriated one of these big supermarkets. We have made our face visible with our move, and because it disturbs (mostly) their peace as well as their profitability, they will try to track us down. We do not give ourselves over to them, we defy their terrorism, we plan our ways, and respond collectively in the street. We collectivize our resistances and rebel against our oppressors.

Today, we also made a stop at the manpower employment organization (OAED).

We left some of the items we took from the supermarket at the local unemployment office as a gesture of class solidarity towards other workers and unemployed; a righteous act that we, those from below, do for ourselves, redistributing the pie. In this modern system of human trafficking, in this contemporary galley, workers in public benefit projects, which the Greek manpower employment organization promotes, are forced to live like slaves for five months. They have no right to holiday or sick leave; they get crumbs, and face the threat of removal from the unemployed register in case they refuse the position assigned to them. Every one of us should know that we outnumber them, and if we want to organize ourselves, we can overthrow the exploiters of our lives.

poor but dishonest