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Bologna: Poster about the proceeding for the events in Piazza Verdi in 2007

I prefer insanity to their normality

On July 15, 2014, the investigation of the proceeding for the facts in Piazza Verdi in Bologna in 2007* was concluded, a trial against five comrades which has not yet reached even a first-instance judgment.

On this occasion the public prosecutor Simone Purgato asked for high sentences ranging from 6 and a half years to 7 and a half years in prison against the five, who at the time were arrested and incarcerated for obstructing a TSO.

These conviction requests are clearly an attempt to create a precedent and to intimidate the comrades. Similarly, accusations were invented against them in a typical frame-up of the State, in order to hold the five back and suppress them.

On October 17, 2014, at 10am, there will be another hearing, which may be the sentencing.

Conscious of the fact that the real lunatics are outside, we do not take a step back.

Maximum solidarity and complicity with Madda, Sirio, Fede, Juan, Fako!


* Translator’s note: On October 13, 2007, at around 4am, a young woman who is sleeping in Piazza Verdi is noticed by cops, who decide that the girl’s behaviour must be “corrected” by compulsory sanitary treatment (TSO). They forcibly keep the girl under their custody and call an ambulance to commit her to a mental hospital against her will. Juan Sorroche Fernandez, Cristian Facchinetti (Fako), Federico Razzoli, Sirio Manfrini and Maddalena Calore, five comrades of the anarchist space Fuoriluogo, witness the incident and try to block the ambulance staff in an attempt to free the girl. The reaction of the police is immediate and brutal. Shortly afterwards, the anarchists are handcuffed, having been severely beaten by cops. The invented accusations against them are quite heavy, including robbery charges (according to the prosecution, the comrades took a pair of handcuffs and a walkie-talkie, and attempted to steal a gun from one of the cops during the scuffle).

Italy: Communiqué of Tomo from ParoleArmate about operation Thor

Federico Buono – editor of Edizioni Cerbero (Cerberus Editions) and among the prosecuted under operation Ardire (Boldness) – announced that he is threatened with further prosecution for ‘subversive association’ under Article 270bis of the Italian Criminal Code since September 1st, 2012, day marked with a new repressive operation called Thor regarding direct actions that took place in the city of Ravenna. Sara from ParoleArmate (Armed Words) has also written a statement on the matter. Here follows Tomo’s communiqué:

My house was searched for the third time (this time by DIGOS political police forces), and I was notified of the second investigation against me under Article 270bis, this time regarding actions that took place in Ravenna and the surroundings of Ravenna, initiated from Bologna by the public shit-prosecutor Mangiapane [Gustapane]. This procedure (Thor: another name of fuck) involves 13 investigated people who are all on the loose – although some of them have not yet been notified of the prosecution [as of September 16th, when this text was released].

In this investigation, I am considered the leader of this subversive association.

In all sincerity – I slam my cock – these ridiculous scraps still try in vain to extinguish the fire that spreads, landing us with articles of their penal code; I have only hate and contempt for these fuckers.

I claim with pride all that I have carried out so far and I have always claimed responsibility for, without receding an inch, without making a single step back: they are grossly mistaken if they think they can stop me.

This is the fourth operation this summer, a figure to which a last one is added, that saw two anarchists arrested and one investigated on the loose, including various house searches, for the events of Genoa and Olga Cell.

They are trying in every way to silence those who want to destroy their society; I think it’s crucial not to leave even the least doubt that they are able to do what they want. Today, more than ever before, we need the amoral dialogue of anarchy in action, which is increasingly expanding in more parts of the world, and which I am proud to disseminate.

I have said it once and I’m going to say it again: I vindicate once again everything I have always claimed, every moment spent by pledging to diffuse the anarchist debate and every affinity, and I have no intention of stopping.

For the destruction of society;
may the fire reduce every tangible and non-tangible trace of it to ashes.

Long live anarchy!

Tomo, September 10th [16th], from my Nothing.

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Greece: CCF – Bullets of words for the bullets of FAI/FRI

It is a wonderful moment, the moment that the enemy kneels and falls from the determination of your brothers and sisters. A few days ago Roberto Adinolfi, CEO-magister of the nuclear energy company Ansaldo Nucleare, was shot by our brothers and sisters of the Olga Cell of the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI)–International Revolutionary Front (FRI).

Roberto Adinolfi is a high priest of the new totalitarianism of science and technology imperatives. Science has become the modern religion of our time, promising an apathetic society the lethargy of a stuffed belly and artificial paradises in exchange for the coldness of an empty heart drowned in compromise.

The empire of scientific totalitarianism is fed by the vanity of an anthropocentric authoritarian civilization. A civilization imposed on our desires, our choices, the nature and animals, turning life into a quantitative scale to fit its miserable statistics. At the same time, contemporary people end up unable to even dare to live authentically, without hypocrisy, and as they sink deeper into their reliance on technological substitutes of real life they create illusions and superficial relationships. Now, with their scientific discoveries, they can ‘offer’ us more time to grow old but deprive us of a way to live authentically. So, science generates the coldest of all monsters of the human folly. It lays the technological fascistization of our lives. It lays genetic testing, electronic monitoring, laboratory animals, research statistics, the dictatorship of machines and numbers.

Alongside the high priests of nuclear energy like Adinolfi poison and plunder the nature, animals and people, dressing up their scientific crimes in the guise of evolution. The shootings of Adinolfi are the new poetry of anarchist action. Continue reading Greece: CCF – Bullets of words for the bullets of FAI/FRI

Text by the members of the R.O. CCF Christos Tsakalos and Giorgos Nikolopoulos in relation to the summons they received for the inflammatory parcel that was sent to Berlusconi

‘Through the sadness of endless mediocrity that suffocates us from everywhere, I console myself that somewhere in a closet several stubborn people struggle to counteract the spoilage.’ [Odysseas Elytis]

We are summoned to appear before the Prosecutor’s Office of Bologna, Italy, on June 28th in order to participate in a preliminary investigation in regard to the ‘punishable offense under Articles 110, 280 of the Criminal Code (attempt with terrorist and subversive purposes)’ of the inflammatory parcel’s postage addressed to Silvio Berlusconi. Moreover, according to the official notification of the Prosecutor’s Office that was delivered to us via fax in the prisons in which we are detained, Berlusconi himself is called to attend the process as ‘victim of the punishable offense.’

Furthermore, the Digos (General Investigations and Special Operations Division) is authorized to disclose the present statute. Obviously, we face a transnational upgrade of repression since this manipulative approach offers the probability of extradition of imprisoned urban guerillas to another state. Besides, the cover-up provided by the Greek authorities to the Italian services is not incidental as this specific document of the Prosecutor’s Office of Bologna was concealed and hidden from public display; a move that validates once more the police and judicial authorities’ cooperation between Greece and Italy, in their fight against the anarchist internal enemy. We have witnessed this in the past, through the representatives’ meetings of the Greek, Italian and Spanish police which aimed at the establishment of the anarchist triangle theorem (Greece, Italy, Spain); it was also confirmed through the method of the Italian prosecutor Marini — dozens of Italian insurrectionary anarchists’ arrests on the pretext of the non-existent ‘Revolutionary Organization of Anarchist Insurrectionists’ (ORAI) — and its Greek version copied by the appellate investigating magistrates Baltas and Mokkas, and now through the summons that we received by the Prosecutor’s Office of Bologna. We do not forget the recent case of arrest of an immigrant by the Greek authorities after reports in Italian newspapers which presented him as a ‘chief terrorist’ whilst today his relatives denounce that his tracks are missing.

We are convinced that the move of the Italian police and judicial authorities with the assistance of their Greek compeers against us is the pinnacle of the international counter-revolutionary war conduct, in line with the widespread suppression against the subversive circles.

Faced with the possibility of extradition to the Italian authorities we will never even for a moment fall kneeling in repentance, begging for a favorable treatment before the rival.

We participate consciously in the urban guerrilla warfare and we walk either outside or inside prison walls, having decided to fight until the end. For this reason neither now, nor never will we transform the juridical prosecution against us into cheap mockery about proof of innocence or guilt. What is important is to highlight the counter-revolutionary campaign which the Power has unleashed against the anarchist urban guerrilla warfare and the subversive projects that struggle for the violent overthrow of the financial dictatorship and the culture of submission and exploitation.

We do not have anything to say to our persecutors neither in Greece, nor in Italy but three words: REVOLUTION, REVOLUTION, REVOLUTION

After all, we are aware of the Italian fascist public prosecutions and police services. In our minds and hearts the comrades murdered by the Italian State, Edoardo Massari, Sole (Maria Soledad Rosas), Carlo Giuliani, Horst Fantazzini, are forever alive and free; while our solidarity as a fist that breaks prison bars stands next to Silvia, Billy and Costa who are imprisoned in Switzerland — with the Italian State’s taking part in the investigations — and Anna Maria Pistolesi, Martino Trevisan, Stefania Carolei, Nicusor Roman and Maddalena Calore in the Fuoriluogo case.

Finally, we send our friendship and strength to our brothers and sisters in the Italian FAI and to all groups of the International Revolutionary Front–Informal Anarchist Federation, as well as to the Revolutionary Groups for the Spreading of Terror of New CCF; to all those whom revolution is a permanent home, where no other life is possible. Because comrades, when a battle ends it is time to begin the next one.

PS. We stress that we refuse to present before the Italian Prosecutor’s Office; as anarchist urban guerrillas, we do not recognize any authority competent to judge us. We disclose in all directions that abettors of any transfer attempt to Italy via our unexpected ‘abduction’ from the prisons in which we are detained, will be the Greek anti-terrorism agency, juridical officials and the Greek State which cooperates with the Italian authorities.

Christos Tsakalos, Giorgos Nikolopoulos
Members of the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire
Thursday, June 23th, 2011

source: athens.indymedia.org