Bologna: Poster about the proceeding for the events in Piazza Verdi in 2007

I prefer insanity to their normality

On July 15, 2014, the investigation of the proceeding for the facts in Piazza Verdi in Bologna in 2007* was concluded, a trial against five comrades which has not yet reached even a first-instance judgment.

On this occasion the public prosecutor Simone Purgato asked for high sentences ranging from 6 and a half years to 7 and a half years in prison against the five, who at the time were arrested and incarcerated for obstructing a TSO.

These conviction requests are clearly an attempt to create a precedent and to intimidate the comrades. Similarly, accusations were invented against them in a typical frame-up of the State, in order to hold the five back and suppress them.

On October 17, 2014, at 10am, there will be another hearing, which may be the sentencing.

Conscious of the fact that the real lunatics are outside, we do not take a step back.

Maximum solidarity and complicity with Madda, Sirio, Fede, Juan, Fako!


* Translator’s note: On October 13, 2007, at around 4am, a young woman who is sleeping in Piazza Verdi is noticed by cops, who decide that the girl’s behaviour must be “corrected” by compulsory sanitary treatment (TSO). They forcibly keep the girl under their custody and call an ambulance to commit her to a mental hospital against her will. Juan Sorroche Fernandez, Cristian Facchinetti (Fako), Federico Razzoli, Sirio Manfrini and Maddalena Calore, five comrades of the anarchist space Fuoriluogo, witness the incident and try to block the ambulance staff in an attempt to free the girl. The reaction of the police is immediate and brutal. Shortly afterwards, the anarchists are handcuffed, having been severely beaten by cops. The invented accusations against them are quite heavy, including robbery charges (according to the prosecution, the comrades took a pair of handcuffs and a walkie-talkie, and attempted to steal a gun from one of the cops during the scuffle).