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[Belarus] Brutal repression against anarchists; Pyotr Ryabov, anarchist philosopher imprisoned for 6 days, declared a hunger strike

Received 10/14/17

[Information provided by anarchist group Pramen]

– To 9 th of October, the police attacked the lecture of Pyotr Ryabov

Around 16.30 it became known that in Grodno, Belarus police broke into a lecture from Pyotr Vladimirovich Ryabov, which was going on in “Tsentr Garadskogo Zhytsia” (Belarusian – “The center of the city life”).

Two lectures of the senior lecturer of the Department of Philosophy of the Moscow State Pedagogical University, candidate of philosophical sciences Pyotr Ryabov (well-known anarchist) were supposed to take place in Grodno today and in Baranoichi tomorrow. The topic of today’s lecture was “Libertarian social thought of the last third of the twentieth and early twenty-first century.”

Cops arrested all those present: around 20 people, including Ryabov himself. Now they are taken to the police department.

This is the 3rd act of a brutal repression against Belarusian anarchists in last 2,5 month. In August local police broke into the lecture of Russian anarchist and ex-political prisoner Alexey Sutuga. In September, 28th, cops searched 2 houses of Minsk anarchists and confiscated printing facilities and electronics.

-To 11th of October, the city court of Baranovichi, Belarus, sentenced Russian anarchist Pyotr Ryabov

Pyotr Ryabov, anarchist philosopher, lecturer of department of Philosophy in Moscow State Pedagogical University was sentenced to 6 days of prison for “small hooliganism” and “distribution of extremist materials (statute 17.1 and 17.11 of codex of misdemeanors of Belarus).

The Court considered Belarusian anarchist journal “Svoboda ili Smert №6”, published in 2007, as extremist material. However these were trumped up charges, real reason of the arrest was lecture on anarchist movement, for which Ryabov came to Baranovichi. Ryabov was arrested on his way back to Moscow in Baranovichi train station, he was supposed to talk in another event in Moscow.

– After sentence, Pyotr Ryabov declared a hunger strike.

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Belarus: Prison addresses of antifascists kidnapped by the State

Both Dzmitry Z. and Dzmitry S. were recently transferred to penal institutions. Here are their new addresses:

Dzmitry Zvan’ko
225295 Brestskaya oblast,
p/b 20, IK-22, Volchi Nory

Dzmitry Steshenko
225875, Brestskaya oblast
Kobrinski r-n, d. Luschiki IUOT № 6

Dzmitry Zvan’ko’s appeal was not granted; the sentence remained the same — 5 years of prison. He will also have to pay about 4,000 euro to the injured neonazi, plus some 500 more legal expenses to the State.

In solidarity,

June 11th, 2014

Paris: Embassy of Belarus paint-bombed in solidarity with Dzmitry Stsyashenka and Dzmitry Zvan’ko

On the night of April 15th to 16th, the embassy of Belarus in Paris was repainted; this was a small gesture of solidarity with the comrades Dzmitry S. and Dzmitry Z., convicted for opposing neo-Nazis in their region. Continue reading Paris: Embassy of Belarus paint-bombed in solidarity with Dzmitry Stsyashenka and Dzmitry Zvan’ko

Barcelona: Arson attack on a vehicle of the Condis supermarket chain

We’ve arrived and we’ll never leave!

Last Saturday, 2nd to 3rd of June, we set fire to a vehicle of the Condis supermarket chain in the district of Sant Martí de Porvençals in Barcelona.

We have had it up to here with the economic crisis that’s generated by the bosses of this world only to make the bosses of this world richer.

We know that a vehicle is nothing, not even arsons on all supermarkets would do something; we know that all actions are only part of a symbol, and to go beyond the symbol is to speak of another social panorama. One in which we are not.

But we cannot sit idly by while these parasites are fattened at our expense, we cannot sit idly by when they’re the first to call the cops when the poor steal something that this society does not give access to, but rather rubs it in their face.

The owners of such companies are the owners of this society, owners of laws, justice, their justice, institutions in the end, owners of the prisons and this prison society.

If we had more strength our blows would be harder, don’t doubt it. But we will not wait to become more… or to gain strength; we’ll get stronger on the way…

This is an open call to everybody, to make us more…!

Active solidarity with those imprisoned for the 29M strike!

Solidarity with the resistance in Asturias!

Active solidarity with anarchist comrades detained in Oaxaca, Bolivia, Turkey and Belarus!

One world, one struggle, endless resistance, endless attacks!

Insurrectionist Nihilists
Lobos Negros | Black Wolves

source ~ in greek

International call for solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners, 30/6–2/7

2011 short documentaries with English subtitles

Comrades in Belarus are now trying to get their mates out of prison. One of the ideas was to put pressure on the EU, in relation to political prisoners. So, they put out the following call for soli actions. Would be great if you can help them spread the word.

It has been a long time since the last call for solidarity with the Belarusian anarchists appeared. Today we have to admit that a new wave of solidarity is needed urgently to help them get out of prison. That’s why we call you to participate in days of action in solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners from June 30th to July 2nd, 2012. Continue reading International call for solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners, 30/6–2/7

Belarus: Detentions and prosecutions against the initiative ‘Food Not Bombs’ in Minsk

From the first months of the initiative ‘Food Not Bombs’ in Minsk, the participants were faced with police attention. Initially, these ‘encounters’ were irregular and probably coincidental. But since the end of 2009 the police was deliberately attending food distribution. ABC Belarus collected references to these situations from open sources, describing only part of all the events, in order to give some idea about the development and escalation of the conflict.
The first food distribution of Food Not Bombs in Minsk was held in the summer of 2005. The cops attended the place of the action a month later, when some people from the neighbourhood called the police patrol. Soon, the participants were forced to relocate because of the fights between two men who came to eat, which provoked the police to stop the distribution. After the change of the meeting place, the police often appeared, but without any consequences. The rank and file police officers have not been interested in the initiative; they usually spoke a couple of standard phrases, or copied the IDs of the people, and then left. The movement evolved, with a new group. In early 2009 members of the groups began to distribute food in Mikhailovsky Park, near the train station.

The interior ministry as well as the KGB have repeatedly obstructed the free food distribution to the homeless of Minsk and Brest. More precisely, from late 2009 the authorities’ attention was drawn to the spot in Mikhailovsky Park, where the initiative shared free vegan meals as a protest to army expenditures and poverty. The Belarusian Interior Minister Anatoly Kuleshov, somehow passing through the square, witnessed one of the actions and soon gave an investigation order. Vitaly Kozlov of the Oktyabrsky police department was appointed head of the investigations. The policemen tried to influence the initiative using different methods each time: activists’ IDs were copied and sent for verification to police departments; cops dispersed the crowd and stopped the food distribution, or completely blocked the square, but also persuaded the participants to change their meeting place, and so on. The police then disappeared, but then re-appeared in Food Not Bombs events. All this went on until the end of 2010. During this period, the main police efforts were directed on stopping the free meals in Minsk.

By early 2011 the KGB intervened in the conflict. First they came alone, but the next time they brought special forces with them. They did not interfere with most of the initiative’s distributions, but attempted to verify the personal details of all attendants. In late 2011 the police were regularly showing up at the gathering point near the Vostok metro station. More verification of participants was carried out. Soon the ‘verified’ people were attended by the KGB agents at their place of work or studies. Some were invited to ‘talk’. Security officers have been trying to understand the structure of the movement and to clarify the roles of all participants. They were especially interested in the initiative’s communication with the anarchists. They have been monitoring the Russian social network service vk.com and FNB blog that posted a concert poster calling for support of the Food Not Bombs international campaign on March 24th, 2012, when nearly 120 people were reportedly detained and confronted with police brutality during the evening benefit gig, which took place in Minsk MTZ Palace of Culture. Nearly 16 people have been held in custody and sentenced to fines.

To be continued

Documentaries about Belarusian anarchists —with English subtitles

Disregarding the Law

Short documentary about repression against anarchists in Belarus (2010-2011).

Anarchy. Direct action. Impartial part 1 / part 2

A documentary by ABC Belarus which covers the repression against the anarchist movement in Belarus from September 2010 to February 2011, and includes comments from anarchists, Russian and Belarusian officials, human right activists.

More information: www.autistici.org

ABC Belarus have translated in Russian the list of anarchist and other political prisoner comrades in Greece (August 2011 update), here.