Belarus: Prison addresses of antifascists kidnapped by the State

Both Dzmitry Z. and Dzmitry S. were recently transferred to penal institutions. Here are their new addresses:

Dzmitry Zvan’ko
225295 Brestskaya oblast,
p/b 20, IK-22, Volchi Nory

Dzmitry Steshenko
225875, Brestskaya oblast
Kobrinski r-n, d. Luschiki IUOT № 6

Dzmitry Zvan’ko’s appeal was not granted; the sentence remained the same — 5 years of prison. He will also have to pay about 4,000 euro to the injured neonazi, plus some 500 more legal expenses to the State.

In solidarity,

June 11th, 2014