Barcelona: Arson attack on a vehicle of the Condis supermarket chain

We’ve arrived and we’ll never leave!

Last Saturday, 2nd to 3rd of June, we set fire to a vehicle of the Condis supermarket chain in the district of Sant Martí de Porvençals in Barcelona.

We have had it up to here with the economic crisis that’s generated by the bosses of this world only to make the bosses of this world richer.

We know that a vehicle is nothing, not even arsons on all supermarkets would do something; we know that all actions are only part of a symbol, and to go beyond the symbol is to speak of another social panorama. One in which we are not.

But we cannot sit idly by while these parasites are fattened at our expense, we cannot sit idly by when they’re the first to call the cops when the poor steal something that this society does not give access to, but rather rubs it in their face.

The owners of such companies are the owners of this society, owners of laws, justice, their justice, institutions in the end, owners of the prisons and this prison society.

If we had more strength our blows would be harder, don’t doubt it. But we will not wait to become more… or to gain strength; we’ll get stronger on the way…

This is an open call to everybody, to make us more…!

Active solidarity with those imprisoned for the 29M strike!

Solidarity with the resistance in Asturias!

Active solidarity with anarchist comrades detained in Oaxaca, Bolivia, Turkey and Belarus!

One world, one struggle, endless resistance, endless attacks!

Insurrectionist Nihilists
Lobos Negros | Black Wolves

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