Athens: About Skaramaga squat (evicted by police on January 9th)

A total of 8 arrestees from the Skaramaga squat raid (of whom four declared they were residents of the squat, while one is a minor) were released on January 10th. Below is a text of the Assembly for the Antispeciesist Action (a group of participants in the squatting project) as well as an update by the collective of Skaramaga squat.

‘NOTHING IS FINISHED; EVERYTHING BEGINS NOW… SOLIDARITY WITH VILLA AMALIAS – Antispeciesist Action’ (banner raised at the front gate of the Polytechnic School of Athens, on Patission street, in January 2013)

Announcement about the raid in Skaramaga squat and the arrest of our comrades

January 10th, 03.36am

On Wednesday (9/1) afternoon the State attacked the Patission 61 & Skaramaga squat, in yet another exhibition of power from the gloomy figures of repression and their bosses, after a lawsuit which was filed on the same morning by Christos Fotiou, president of the NAT (Merchant Seamen’s Pension Fund, self-proclaimed owner of the building).

Seven of our comrades were inside the building during the invasion, and several hours later they were transferred to the police headquarters. Another comrade who was just outside the building was detained as well, he was taken to the Omonia police department and then to the police headquarters.

We know, from our communication with a lawyer who was at the police headquarters, that they are still held on the 11th floor. Earlier, we tried to bring vegan food staples to our comrades, but the cops refused to accept these staples before 02.30am, even though all of them were detained without food for about 12 hours, since the raid had began.

Seven out of these detentions were turned into arrests, and they now face misdemeanor charges on domestic peace disturbance, arms act violation and fireworks act violation. They will undergo a proceeding at Evelpidon courthouse in the morning.

Immediate release of the arrestees from Skaramaga squat
Immediate release of the arrestees from Villa Amalias squat
Solidarity with all squats


Assembly for the Antispeciesist Action/Athens

‘VILLA AMALIAS SQUAT FOREVER – SOLIDARITY WITH THE ARRESTEES’ (banner placed at Skaramaga squat after the police raid in Villa Amalias on the 20th of December 2012)

Update from Evelpidon courthouse

January 10th, 19.59pm

Those arrested in yesterday’s re-occupation of Villa Amalias were transferred back to the police headquarters (thus, a total of 92 comrades are still in temporary custody; the 93rd detainee, who was a minor, has been released).

Those arrested after yesterday’s eviction of Skaramaga squat were released. Six among them (all adults) await trial on the 24th of January 2013. Our seventh comrade (a minor) will probably undergo a proceeding tomorrow, 11/1 (we will provide updates).

The eighth comrade, who was caught yesterday on the street, was finally released in the morning without any charges.

Today, the defense lawyers requested a postponement demanding that Christos Fotiou (president of the NAT) attends the trial, since he is the one who filed a lawsuit against the squatters. The judges will call him to testify in the next court hearing.