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Lille, France: EDF & BNP attacked

In the night of December 16th 2015, we cheerfully repainted EDF’s Lille premises. We affixed the following message: “neither nuclear, nor CO2!”. The BNP premises in Madeleine were also attacked. Their windows were broken and the following message tagged: “collaborator of ecological disaster”.

EDF for their exploitation and export of nuclear power plants, as much as […]

Essen, Germany: Attack against RWE energy company headquarters in the context of the COP21

In the night of Saturday 12th to Sunday 13th December 2015, we beautified the headquarters of the RWE energy company in Essen with paint-bombs and pieces of bitumen, to insist that RWE is responsible for climate change. RWE is the largest European CO2 emitter at the top, in addition to several coal power plants, opencast […]

Nantes, France: Against the airport and the Cop21 – Resistance and colour!

While the multinational Vinci is an official partner of the “COP21 Solutions: Come live the climate experience” exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris, providing two conferences there (one of which is co-presented by an executive director of Veolia), to explain to the public at which point their approach is “green”, sustainable and eco-responsible; its […]

Toulouse, France: Incendiary attack against EDF and the COP21

In the night of December 6th, north of Toulouse, we burnt five EDF vehicles.

EDF is one of the COP21 partners. It’s also a state company seeking to introduce nuclear as a solution to the problem of climate change.

Nuclear is death, let’s destroy it’s sponsors!

We believe it’s important to attack the cop21 where it is: that […]

Paris: Callout for medics during COP21

A few people in Paris are working on making sure there will be a medic space during the COP21, and on facilitating communication amongst medic teams and with the groups who will be present at the different actions.

The general idea is to be able to coordinate as well as possible between different teams present according […]

Paris: International Call out against COP21

Against the COP21: Everyone in Paris!

From November 28 to December 12 we will fight against the COP21 held in Paris.

195 governments and countless business leaders will gather to decide useless measures in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In fact , all they will discuss is the reasonable amount of pollution industries […]