Essen, Germany: Attack against RWE energy company headquarters in the context of the COP21

In the night of Saturday 12th to Sunday 13th December 2015, we beautified the headquarters of the RWE energy company in Essen with paint-bombs and pieces of bitumen, to insist that RWE is responsible for climate change. RWE is the largest European CO2 emitter at the top, in addition to several coal power plants, opencast mines and coal plants in the Rhine region. Therefore, RWE has its share of responsibility for the thousands of people who now die every year as a result of climate change throughout the world.

The decisions of the UN climate conference in Paris, which ended this weekend, are celebrated by the media and NGOs as a success. But it lacks the required steps of the objective set out of 1.5°C to be achieved. That’s why it’s obvious to us: climate protection continues to be done by hand! We can’t wait on government actions, instead we must take our future into our own hands, and directly confront environmentally detrimental technologies, as well as the economic system that it needs. That’s why we welcome blockading coal excavators in Lausitz and near Leipzig, the occupation of loading cranes in Lausitz, blockading the entrance to the power plant in Niederaußem and two loading excavators in the pit of the coal mine of Hambach, as well as many other actions that happened during the climate conference in the context of the “Climate Games”. Warm greetings and solidarity go also to the comrades of the woods and meadow occupation in the Hambach forest, especially to the two comrades who are still in prison.

With our action, we want to complement these actions and remind those responsible from RWE in Essen that those who destroy the climate must expect our resistance!

in French via Nantes Indymedia