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Toulouse, France: Incendiary attack against EDF and the COP21

In the night of December 6th, north of Toulouse, we burnt five EDF vehicles.

EDF is one of the COP21 partners. It’s also a state company seeking to introduce nuclear as a solution to the problem of climate change.

Nuclear is death, let’s destroy it’s sponsors!

We believe it’s important to attack the cop21 where it is: that is to say wherever there is profit and power.

We prefer the qualitative, complicity and surprise to the media and spectacle appointments with the state and its hordes of police.

With some fire lighters, a petrol canister and satisfied smiles, we humbly respond to the surveillance, fear and resignation that alienates us daily.

All Cops 21 Are Targets!
Always more petrol against the state (of emergency)!

Some torched ones

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