Frankfurt, Germany: Smoke signals to Rigaer94; for a Black July

Black July of Rigaer-Street is coming.*

Cops have besieged the R94 project for nearly three weeks. Your message has been heard, and we respond as best we can. And it will go on. Tonight [July 7th 2016] a car of the local energy supplier Mainova was targeted.

Being too expensive already, Mainova plays an important role in suppression of the destitute. Those who can no longer pay their bills, have their power immediately shut off. If they like to regain access to electricity, they must raise an absurdly large amount of money. Perhaps the burnt car gives Mainova something to think about.

We’re pleased about the many big and small actions everywhere – a worthy reaction to the spectacle staged by [Berlin’s Senator of the Interior] Henkel. See this as a small support of the fight in Friedrichshain. Let Berlin plunge into chaos, and let us join in everywhere!

Solidarity greetings to the comrades imprisoned for a sauvage** in Basel, Switzerland.

We also wish lots of strength and nothing but the best to those accused of bank expropriation in Aachen.

Autonomous Energy Giants

* see callout for a Black July, by Rigaer94 & friends, ahead of Saturday’s demonstration in Berlin

** it often means ‘wild’ (i.e. unlicensed) party at an occupied space, where street fighting can sometimes occur; here, the authors refer to a ‘wild’ anti-racist and anti-repressive demonstration in Basel on June 24th 2016, where buildings were attacked, clashes with police forces ensued, and 14 people were arrested

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