Paris: Our revolt is not civil

In Paris, the revolt and the Up All Night [known as Nuit Debout] are tough to be channelled by citizenists of all kinds, who are yet to manoeuvre however. People are outraged, and wild demos link together. Yesterday evening [April 9th], CCTV cameras, banks and a cop station were targeted. A demo took off in the middle of the night towards the home of [Prime Minister] Manuel Valls, before being pushed back by cops.

Facing this tough-to-control determination, the “leaders” of Up All Night (it’s a movement said to not have a hierarchy, but not without spokespersons and representatives, nor security personnel) ended up calling the cops, quickly revealing what they really aim for: maintain the dissent within the framework of Power, control the anger to divert it towards electioneering logic, as was the case with Syriza and Podemos. While repression has rarely been so intense to break a social struggle, these kind citizens have chosen their side: work with the police.

On the parliamentary chain, two “representatives” of Up All Night even congratulated the police for their know-how and their calm. And this wasn’t irony… Need we remind that, in Paris, there has already been dozens and dozens of arrests, sometimes buses completely filled with people arrested, and as many people injured…

Long live the fire!

Source: Nantes Indymedia | in German