Athens: Responsibility claim for two incendiary actions

Originally published February 7th 2016:

An incendiary contribution by FAI to the proposal for an informal anarchist platform

“One day, all will have to be risked at once, Western style, Main Street shootout style: them or us.
Faced with this solitude, one’s own city creates its sympathies, tepid dams made of toothpicks that occasionally resist the spate of the flood.”
(Paco Taibo)

We have decided to sharpen anarchy’s wild beauty with praxis. Attacks against symbols of domination and representatives of Power are part of anarchist insurgency that strikes the Power’s mechanisms in the here and now, causing unrest in the well-tuned social machine.

Our anger travels through the grey streets of the metropolis; it crosses the geographical boundaries that divide us; it shakes off the veil of repression that shrouds our imprisoned brothers and sisters; it keeps alive the subversive memory of those missing from our side at the barricades.

Communication among us is the cornerstone of our chaotic trajectories. It is the way to evolve ourselves; discover new places of encounter; become more dangerous to the State, Capital and their society. This is also why we perceive solidarity as a process of manifesting complicity with those held hostage by Power; a vibrant relationship, which seeks common ground of resistance against the authoritarian edifice.

Having this conviction, we support the proposal of anarchist comrade Nikos Romanos* for the creation of an informal anarchist platform that will connect all tools of struggle into a front of attack based on the principles of autonomy, multiformity and coordination, and thus able to conduct combative campaigns that will set in motion the wager of qualitative upgrading of hostilities.

By annulling the artificial divisions between “legal” and “illegal” we bring back to the fore the strategic necessity of a frontal clash with the existent through the passageway to multiform anarchist struggle.

We ourselves have passed from theory to practice, and now claim responsibility for incendiary attacks against the Hellenic Post (ELTA) branch in the district of Zografou and a diplomatic vehicle in the district of Pefki.

Comradely greetings to all cells of FAI, the CCF–Metropolitan Violence Cell, and armed groups of comrades that afflict the structures of domination either anonymously or by using a name.

Solidarity with the comrades of Squat 111 [in Thessaloniki], which is threatened with eviction, and all squatted spaces that have come under fascist attacks.

Strength to the unrepentant imprisoned comrades of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, anarchist Angeliki Spyropoulou, and their relatives and friends, who will stand trial concerning the comrades’ prison escape plan.

Strength to anarchist comrades who stand trial in the terror-courts of Koridallos prisons, as well as Grigoris Tsironis and Tasos Theofilou, whose trials [of the first instance and appeal, respectively] begin in the coming period.


Incendiary Foci of Deregulation / Informal Anarchist Federation

* Note of Contra Info: In the aftermath of Black December, anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos published a text (“I attack therefore I am”; January 21st 2016) in which he proposes the creation of an informal anarchist platform, based on autonomy, multiformity of means of struggle and theoretical approaches, as well as coordination — making clear that this new open call is not directed at comrades who support a specific anarchist tendency, but rather to all comrades who do not condemn any form of struggle, and believe in the flexibility and advantages of informal organising.