Uruguay: International week of action in solidarity with La Solidaria squat in Montevideo, from 22nd to 28th February

La Solidaria is an autonomous social centre that opened its doors in 2012. The building was squatted to serve as yet another tool for practicing our own autonomy and developing the social struggle.

In late October 2015, we received an eviction notice urging us to abandon the building. Just as in 2013, it will be difficult for them to beat us…

We have defended and we shall defend this space not just as an edifice, but as a place where we promote codes and values opposed to the relationships set by the State and Capital, in order to strengthen another type of relationships based on solidarity, self-management, horizontality and direct action. We consider ourselves part of the social conflict, part of broader projects for transforming the current reality; for ending this world based on money, and create a world based on solidarity and freedom.

The Press already runs errands for the State and the speculators who’ve bought the house, preparing the ground for the eviction. These are crucial moments for us; during the last week of February, the final decision will be made concerning the eviction. It is for this reason that we call for a week of actions in solidarity with the space, a week of agitation against the eviction of the autonomous social centre La Solidaria.

Every blow reaffirms our way and makes us stronger. In the face of eviction threats: more resistance and more action! Solidarity knows no boundaries. Hands off our social centres!

Assembly of the autonomous social centre La Solidaria

Demonstration against the eviction of La Solidaria squat
February 24th 2016 at 18:00 from Libertad Square, Montevideo