Marseille, France: Solidarity for imprisoned transpeople

In solidarity with trans prisoners throughout the world, a day of solidarity has been organised on January 23rd from 2pm at Le Kiosque [Marseille] with film-screening, letter-writing workshop and vegan snacks!

January 22nd is the international day of solidarity with imprisoned transpeople. This day was initiated by Marius Mason, a vegan and transperson imprisoned in the US for 22 years, one of the longest sentences for a Green Scare prisoner.

We all know that the prison destroys beings and bodies, wanting to crush revolts and stifle the initiatives, letters and actions of prisoners. Trans prisoners suffer twice the prison penalty and the physical and emotional stress of a real cage. Historically the struggle against prisons and incarceration has always involved transpeople, as a fight led by trans prisoners and their supporters.

Like all precarious persons, transpeople are extensively likely to be incarcerated for their very survival and existence. Too often, imprisoned individuals are forgotten, yet the overwhelming majority of transwomen are still incarcerated in mens prisons, and the entirety of trans prisoners experience violence, rape and humiliation daily, associated with their trans-identity.

Incareration is there to scare us as an attempt to prevent us from fighting. Our best response is to pursue our struggles, display solidarity and continue to fight against all forms of imprisonment and oppression!

Meet Saturday 23rd January at Le Kiosque (38 rue Clovis Hugues) at 2pm!

Against all forms of incarceration!

Solidarity with imprisoned transpeople!

Freedom for all!

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