Chile: Responding to the Black December call from Greek prisons

– In the framework of the call for a Black December.
– Two years since the death in combat of anarchist Sebastián Oversluij.
– To the subversive, revolutionary, anarchist and antiauthoritarian rebels who fight for the destruction of all forms of Power and Authority in the whole wide world.

«We want to remember the beauty of paralysing the social space-time through smaller or larger social short circuits. We want to remember how dangerous anarchy may become, when anarchy wants to…» For a Black December. Nikos Romanos, Panagiotis Argirou.

From Greek prisons, from everyday resistance in the belly of the beast of the prison society, originates a call for remembering the instability of social peace by constantly threatening to break the normative, which invites us to make this particular remembrance an initiative multiplied within the multiformity of the antagonist and antiauthoritarian attack, which invites us to propagate action that goes beyond theory, leaving no room for excuses or lethargies.

The comrades developed the idea of generating this wide context of coordination beyond languages and borders for the coming month. The anarchist war does not stop at any territory, therefore it’s indispensable to demonstrate internationalism, active/combative solidarity, iconoclastic memory through deeds, as well as our anarchic values and principles that recognise a life dedicated to the destruction of all forms of domination, setting sights on individual and collective liberation.

«They think that those expectations you craved for were buried along with your body, riddled by the mercenary bullets of a miserable pawn of the State/Capital, but they are wrong on a single thing: Our idea of Freedom does not die. We become brothers and sisters with every form of propaganda you used, we value your total and complete devotion, and that is what we vindicate today.» With Tears in the Eyes, With Closed Fists. Late December 2013. Santiago, Chile.

We remember Anarcho-Insurrectionist and Nihilist comrade Sebastián Oversluij Seguel, who fell in combat in an attempt to expropriate a Banco Estado branch in the neighbourhood of Pudahuel, Santiago, Chile, on December 11th 2013. The comrade entered the bank announcing the robbery, and unsheathed a submachine gun; it was at this moment that he was gunned down by the security guard, who had a strong track record in training and military missions; before dying, the comrade fired his gun but unfortunately failed to hit the hired bastard assassin William Vera.

Two years have passed since the fall of our comrade, and his rebellious memory is more alive than ever; activities and accounts of close ones spread like a plague so as to bring a brother to the present. That morning was clearly not the only thing he was about; the comrade contributed with his combative music, participated in squats, social centres, antiauthoritarian activities, and of course, he did not keep himself away from violent action against Power.

This Black December and our contributions from within action, also go out to you…

«(…) at present, when we participate in street battles at neighbourhoods and/or universities, we go out to the streets with a clear discourse-action, keeping ourselves away from armchair criticism, self-complacency and lousy arrogance; we bet on the permanent conflict against the State-Capital, this is our objective, and we move forward with certainty on these difficult paths of anarchic struggle.» Coordinated Anarchist Group – GAC. November 5th 2015. [Santiago, Chile.]

With the passage of time and the experiences that we build, we have realised that it is extremely important to be clear about our discourses-action, staying away from lamentable criticisms that simply become setbacks and do not really contribute to antiauthoritarian struggle; we therefore believe we have to defend our values, our rebellious principles, our insurrect projection to aim at objectives and put them into practice – because we want to – for no other reason; we bet and want the conflict.

Let us make ourselves part of the call for the spread of foci of disruption of capitalist normality, by sabotage in its multiple forms, by constant attack against every symbol of domination, their institutions and those who give their lives for defending them. Let’s form part of this call for the vindication of the combative memory of our dead and imprisoned brothers and sisters in the development of the social war anywhere in the world. Let’s extend tensions towards autonomy and the proliferation of horizontal practices, let’s multiply the networks of support and solidarity between those having affinity with each other, let’s make constant conflict a daily occurrence, with liberating ideas and practices that give no place to the advocates of this society, this society of suffocation, incarceration, torture and death.

Let’s continue, compas, let’s advance towards total liberation, towards anarchy…

Along with our sisters and brothers kidnapped in the prisons of Power and along with our clandestines who evade the cops in Chile, Greece and the world…

Along with our dead sisters and brothers in Chile and Greece: Heriberto Salazar, Christos Kassimis, Christos Tsoutsouvis, Michalis Kaltezas, Norma Vergara, Claudia López, Jhonny Cariqueo, Alexandros Grigoropoulos, Mauricio Morales, Lambros Foundas, Pavlos Fyssas, Sebastián Oversluij, Jorge Saldivia, Javier Recabarren, Spyros Dravilas, and so many others…

To prepare the Black December in all parts of the world

Sebastián ‘Angry’ Oversluij present in insurrectionist memory

It’s time to multiply and strengthen the attack against all forms of Power and Authority

Sebastián Oversluij Incendiary Cell.
Mauricio Morales Organised Gang.
Heriberto Salazar Anarchic Pack of Shock.
Some Anarchists for Revolutionary Solidarity.
Savage Pack of Uncivilised Animals ‘Against Cement’.

Spanish (November 30th 2015)