Washington DC: Solidarity Action at Greek Embassy


Hundreds of our brothers and sisters in Greece are currently imprisoned. The reasons why range from dissenting against the oppressive regimes, to simply being a relative of a targeted anarchist.

We speak out not only for their unequivocal release, but also for the dismantling of the state structure which oppresses all people, everywhere.

As anarchists in the occupied territory known as the United States of America, we know that electoral politics will never represent the dreams of the people. The decisions of Syriza have made this abundantly clear. Those in power will never protect the people.

We support not the firing of prison wardens, but of setting fire to the prisons themselves. We do not support the stairs being swept clean from the top to bottom, but for there to be no stairs.

The struggle in Greece is real. It is a struggle that needs to spread across the planet. Our action tonight is a small show of solidarity to our comrades. We hope to awaken our brothers and sisters as you have awoken yours. The only solution is revolution.

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