Athens: For the diffusion of action for freedom and the Earth

Merkouri Square, Ano Petralona: “Marius J. Mason out onto the streets! Marius, hold strong until freedom”

Dimosio Sima, Kerameikos: “Freedom for Marco Camenisch”

Old building of the Chemistry Faculty, Charilaou Trikoupi Street, downtown Athens: “Freedom for the Earth, fire to the prison – Call for June 11th”

Polytechnic School, Stournari Street, downtown Athens; neo-Luddite banner reading: “Wildflowers and dry bread; chisel and hammer for every machine”

Exarchia Square: “Hambach Forest stays – Sabotage against the mining and energy industry – Month for the Earth and against the Capital”

Polytechnic School, Patission Street, downtown Athens: “Sabotage is a friend of those who struggle – From Athens to Chiomonte, war against the war of domination – No MUOS – No TAV”

Several banners were placed in central areas of Athens ahead of the anarchist gathering to be held on Thursday evening, June 11th, at Voutie Park in the Athens neighbourhood of Ano Petralona. With slogans in different languages, reference was made to the struggles against the construction of the TAV Lyon-Turin high-speed rail project, in the Susa Valley and the village of Chiomonte, and against the installation of the MUOS military telecommunications system on Sicily; in defense of the Hambach Forest in Germany, threatened by devastation caused by lignite mining (during the gathering of June 11th, comrades will provide updates on this fight); and in solidarity with long-term ecoanarchist prisoner Marco Camenisch, whose request for conditional release was once again rejected by the Swiss authorities, and with Marius Jacob Mason, trans anarchist prisoner in the US.

Anarchist gathering | June 11th, 6.30pm | Voutie park, Ano Petralona | Athens

in Spanish, Greek