From Portugal to Greece, strength to prisoners in struggle

On Wednesday, March 18th 2015, we went out to the streets to express our solidarity with the struggle of hunger strikers in Greek prisons. We placed a banner at the ferryboat quay of Cacilhas area in the city of Almada, reading: “Strength prisoners in Greece. Fire to the prisons! (A)”

Flyers (1, 2) were spread in streets and squares, gardens and walkways in various areas of Almada and Lisbon, calling for solidarity through anarchist struggle: “Fight for total demolition of the State and the Capital / Fight without respite for the abolition of all prisons / Against every government, against every power / Solidarity with the hunger strikers in Greek prisons / Immediate fulfillment of the demands of prisoners in Greece / From Portugal to Greece, strength to the hunger strikers / Anarchist resistance throughout the world / Fire and explosions to all prisons!”

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