Mexico City: Telecommunications infrastructure sabotaged in solidarity with the compas in Greece

April 5th. Mexico City.

Today someone will wake up, and as every other morning before anything else they will check their facebook account or some other virtual media developed to exert a major control over us, over our activities; to turn our forms of interaction into mere algorithms used for continuing to feed their capitalist machinery. Today the vast industry has become essentially financial, and the development of technologies is yet another tool of this big monster to establish greater domination. Today their internet, telephone and television will not emit any signal. This morning will be extended several days, in which the enterprise will try to resolve what was caused by this act of sabotage.

Maybe some will get desperate and start cursing on the monopoly that charges each one of the petty bourgeois, who feed its power, for offering them the possibility to communicate while utilising their dependence to exert control over us. This enterprise is Infinitum-Telmex of the magnate Carlos Slim.

Tonight we decided to carry out an incendiary sabotage against a junction box of this enterprise as a means of rejecting this digitally controlled world, where the majority of people are bound together by cables and their networks in addition to this generalised control that oppresses us.

This attack is a small show of solidarity with the compas in Greece who are on hunger strike since March 2nd, and of course with all anarchic prisoners around the world who lost their freedom for daring to attack the State/Capital. As part of the call for acts of sabotage that the compas in Greece have made since March 2nd, we not only want to show solidarity with their appeal and the political hostages of the State, but also to make a general call to carry out different acts of sabotage against the State, the monopolies and every tentacle that feeds the great machinery of death which they intend to impose upon us. The acts of sabotage can be simple, anonymous and easily reproducible!

Let’s generalise the attacks!

Solidarity and affection to all the comrades involved in the social war.

Fire to the State and all its tentacles.

For freedom and an ardent joy.

Without identity documents, with our lives

For Anarchy

sabotage group “we-hardly-sleep”

in Greek