Brussels: Solidarity with political prisoners in struggle in Greece

In response to the call from the Network of Imprisoned Fighters, we tagged the headquarters of Deutsche Bank in Brussels in solidarity with political prisoners in Greece and in support of their demands.

Since March 2nd, 22 anarchist prisoners and 8 (type-C) prisoners of DHKP-C have been on hunger strike in Greek prisons. Many of them are imprisoned in Domokos, a special prison dedicated to the detention of political and rebellious prisoners (type-C). In the final days of the previous government, the law on type-C prisons had been passed.

In the first days of March – while Syriza was already in power – the Greek Anti-Terrorist Unit arrested several relatives of the prisoners of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire (SPF).

The demands of the prisoners in struggle are as follows:

– Abolition of the two anti-terrorist laws, enacted following the attacks in New York.
– Abolition of the anti-hoodie law, enacted following the insurrectional demonstrations in December 2008.
– Abolition of the use of DNA as legal evidence.
– The release of Savvas Xiros, a member of the organisation 17N, mutilated, tortured, and in a very serious health condition, locked up for 13 years.
– Abolition of the law on type-C prisons.

Included in these demands is the release of CCF relatives. CCF prisoners are on hunger strike “until death”. Among them, many are in a potentially fatal condition due to the hunger strike.

SYRIZA had promised the abolition of type-C prisons. Instead of this, they throw new “terrorists” into these special prisons.

Freedom for all prisoners!
Honour to Lambros Foundas! Greetings to Nikos Maziotis!
Freedom for Savvas Xiros!

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