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Mexico: Gesture in solidarity with the hunger strikers in Greece

Their struggle is our struggle – FREEDOM for the hostages in prison – SOLIDARITY from Mexico to Greece

The only thing that the state uses as its last strategic resource is to bring poverty and repression against those who rebel. It tries to save its existence by using control over human relations and the economy. Just as the state and capitalism exist, also their enemies continue to exist.

We live for the moment in time when many sparks anywhere in the world will be transformed into fire that will burn them despite their control and surveillance strategies.

We become involved in the global call of active solidarity and attacks for the political prisoners that are on hunger strike in Greek prisons since the 2nd of March. We experience our solidarity to vindicate the demands of the anarchists held hostage by the Greek state.

War on the bosses’ war

So long as prisons exist, no one will be free.

Anarchists in Mexico

in Spanish, Greek

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