Chile: Solidarity action outside the Greek embassy in Santiago

Solidarity with the imprisoned comrades (Greece) who are on hunger strike until death for the liberation of their family members

On Wednesday April 1st, at 13:00, a group of protesters approached the Greek embassy, located in Santiasko’s bourgeoisified district of Las Condes, to disrupt the social peace in response to the call of International Solidarity with the compañerxs incarcerated by the Greek state who are on Hunger Strike until death since the 2nd of March.

For the immediate release of their incarcerated relatives

Against the legal and repressive regime of exception imposed since the year 2000

For the abolition of type C maximum security prisons

For the abolition of anti-terrorist legislation

For the abolition of anti-hoodie law

For a radical change of methodology in genetic material retrieval and identification

For the release of Savvas Xiros, who is gravely ill and incarcerated since 2002

Against the malicious blackmail of the Greek authority and its laws!!!

Victory to the struggle of the imprisoned hunger strikers!!!

For the destruction of the state, the capital and all forms of authority!!!

(The day ended without anyone being detained.)

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