Thessaloniki: Protest march in solidarity with prisoners in struggle

Abolition of antiterrorist laws – DNA legislation – anti-hoodie law – type C prisons ~ Release of Savvas Xiros ~ Solidarity with the hunger strikers (since 2/3)
Your democracy reeks of fascism
Fire to the banks

On Saturday March 21st, the Assembly of Anarchists against the Special Conditions of Detention and the Institution of Incarceration organised a demonstration in areas west of the city of Thessaloniki. Around 150 people marched loud and lively through the streets of Sykies and Neapoli neighbourhoods. During the whole demonstration, texts were handed out to passersby, leaflets were thrown, slogans and stencils were spray-painted while, here and there, bank ATMs had their slots sealed shut.

Joint struggle with the political prisoners who are on hunger strike since 2/3 ~ Against type C prisons, terror-laws, hoodie-law, forcible taking of DNA ~ For the release of Savvas Xiros and the relatives of CCF ~ Continuous anti-state struggle for freedom and anarchy

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