Greece: Most of the migrants implicated in the Amygdaleza uprising trial have been released from prison

On New Year’s Eve, 24 out of 25 migrants held on remand were finally released from prison. They were among the accused in the Amygdaleza uprising trial that were unanimously acquitted in court of all charges related to the rebellion at the Amygdaleza concentration camp in August 2013. After the repressive apparatus waffled back and forth, a mastermind decided it was no longer necessary to prolong the detention of these people, with the exception of one migrant who is still incarcerated in Koridallos men’s prison, apparently because of a previous criminal case. The rest of them are now ‘free’. However, while some of the migrants had requested asylum and their application was accepted, most of them were served with a document that requires their voluntary departure (deportation) from the country within 30 days.

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Athens, January 7th, 2015