Germany: New Year’s Eve at the prison of Münster

On December 31st, 2014 as in recent years, a demo took place at the prison building in Münster. From around 23:30, over 40 people demonstrated against one of the most brutal form of repression, imprisonment, by making use of banners, music and fireworks. During the demo many bangers and skyrockets were thrown or fired over the prison wall to express solidarity with the inmates who reacted with loud shouting and jeering.

We do not want a society that deals with problems by punishing and locking up people. A large share of criminalised actions is in all likelihood caused by the capitalist conditions that force people to commit these “crimes”. Hardly anyone would steal food or rob a bank if they were “better off” economically. Prison does not serve to “reintegrate people back into society” (as if persons turned into offenders were no longer part of society in the first place). The only purpose of prison is to uphold the social order, punish people and break them. For us, it is clear that this as any other kind of state repression is to be fully rejected.

After the demo paint-bombs were thrown at the building and the slogan “Fight the State” was painted on the prison wall. We also blocked the road in front of the prison with materials from construction sites.

For a liberated society, free of prison, repression and capitalism!

Let us be the cracks in the wall!