Ilion, Athens: Agros squat came under fascist arson attack

On Wednesday night, January 7th, 2015, Agros, the self-managed occupied zone in Tritsis Park, suffered a fascist arson attack. Immediately after the attack, comrades went to the squat alongside people in solidarity. The material damage is limited.

Agros squat has been operating for five years, carrying out interventions in the areas of Ilion, Aghioi Anargyroi and Kamatero in a self-organized, anti-hierarchical and anti-commercial manner, away from any kind of powers and mediators. These are the characteristics that motivated the dastard fascists to confirm their discomfort caused by projects that put disobedience against the world of Power into practice.

We continue unyieldingly…

Source: Eleftherosagros

Translators’ note:
Agros, an occupied shelter and piece of land within the commercialized ‘Environmental Awareness Park Antonis Tritsis’ in the area of Ilion, Athens, came into existence in May 2009. The project carries out collective land cultivation, weekly assemblies and collective kitchens, among others. It had come under fascist arson attack also in the past.